What Type of a Blog Will Make You the Most Money?

Today marks the beginning of the week that will mark the end of yet another month, and it is sad if you haven’t yet realized your dream of making money from the internet. A lot of internet marketers will tell you that making money online is hard, but I refuse to subscribe to this particular mentality.

Making money online is as simple as taking action.

There are particularly two ways that you can use to make money that are super-dependent on your willingness to take action.

The first one is Kindle Publishing, and the second one, which I will actually talk about today, is blogging.

What Type of Blog Will Make You The Most Money?

So, what type of a blog will earn you the most money? Will running a blog such as the Kenyanpridespot make you enough cash?

Unfortunately, no.

If you want to make more money from your Kenyan blog, you will have to start a blog that digs into more than what you enjoy writing about. I for instance enjoy writing about online jobs, but the online money niche is so much oversaturated and highly competitive. The chances of making money from such a blog/niche are very minimal.

However, take a moment to consider my other blog “Best Weight Bench Reviews“*. This is one of my many niche websites that I launched a few days ago. It has already made me a cool $100 for the past one month and I expect it to make me even more as long as I have it is part of my Online Real Estate Property.

That is a Niche Website

how to choose a niche website topicSuch type of a blog is called a niche website. Basically, a niche site is a blog/website that is focussed on one subject matter. It is like having a boutique and then choosing that you want to only stock women lingerie. You may further narrow down your target market and decide that you want to focus only on women panties. You could even narrow down the panty-line and decide that you will deal primarily with G-strings.

In the example above, the focus of my website is primarily weight benches. I narrowed it down from sports and exercises, got down to strength training exercises, strength training equipment until I got down to weight benches.

But how did I decide to settle on weight benches and not any other strength training equipment? The answer to this one is a little complicated. This is where I advise you to sign up for my paid lessons, but I am feeling quite philanthropic today, so I will steal you into a few tips from the paid lessons.

How Do You Come Up With a Niche Website Topic?

The foundation of every successful niche website lies in a profitable keyword. A profitable keyword is a phrase that a lot of users on the internet are using to research products that they wish to buy. I for instance found that the keyphrase “weight bench” is used about 22,000 times per month in the US. This data is readily available in the Google Keyword Planner Tool. The keyword also has a lot of variations, which is actually a good thing.

After I have found such a keyword, I will Google Search it to measure the amount of competition that I will face from other bloggers. In measuring up the competition, I am usually checking for the number of backlinks every result page on the first page of Google SERPs has. I also check on the Page and Domain Authority of the results returned by Google. There is a very cool browser extension called SEO Moz that gives you all this data after you search for a phrase in Google. Simply install it on your web browser and you are ready to rock and roll.

measuring how competitive a blog keyword is

Seo Moz Extension showing competitiveness of a keyword phrase

If I find that the page and domain authority for some of the results on the first page of Google are less than 30, and there are pages that have less than 10 backlinks, I automatically know that I have hit jackpot! Results like those translates to a very good keyword that you can manage to rank on the first page of Google. The first position in Google means that you will receive more traffic which means that you will get more bucks streaming in.

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After I have ascertained that they keyword will be easy to rank in Google, I will go to a domain registrar to get an Exact Match Domain before someone else beats me to it. An exact match domain is a domain that uses your keyword phrase exactly as it is. So for instance say you found out that the keyword ‘best mascara’ is a hot piece of cake, you will need to register your domain as bestmascara.com. That is what we call Exact Match Domain name or EMD, and it is good for SEO purposes.

A lot of bloggers in the Western World recommend that you register your domains with such registrars like Namecheap or Name.com. I however recommend domain registration and hosting through Bluehost. This is especially important if you are not that tech savvy. It takes the hassle of changing your nameservers.

How Do You Get a Keyword Phrase to Research in the First Place?

I trust that you now know what type of a blog will make you more money. There is a little bit that I haven’t touched on as yet. How do you in the first place come up with a keyword phrase to research?

There are many ways of doing this. I personally prefer to use article directories such as hubpages and Squidoo. These article directories are mostly used for SEO purposes and the articles posted there are a good indicator of which topics/keywords are presently being thought of to be hot. Hubpages especially has an awesome topics tree that you can use to drill down to a specific keyword.[sociallocker id=”36″][/sociallocker]

There is always a first step to everything, and the first step to launching a successful niche website is desire. Do you desire to make money from niche websites? If you do, get out there and Google everything you will ever need to know about this ‘thing’. That is what I did, and it worked for me.

When you make Google your friend in the pursuit for online riches, you learn a lot of things. I have learned most of what I know from constant reading. I once bought a book about blogging from one of the ‘reknown’ Kenyan internet marketers and it was the biggest waste of 1,000 shillings I have had. Before you go the route of premium services and products, use Google first.

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