How to Start a Successful Blog That Brings You Money and Fame


What constitutes successful blogging is a matter of much debate and indubitable relativity among the blogging community.

To some bloggers, a successful blog is all about achieving impressionable number of Pageviews/page visits. Others measure their blogging success according to the number of backlinks or reader comments that their content receives from other bloggers and websites.

Pagerank in search engines result pages (SERPS) has also been used by some bloggers as an SI unit for successful blogging.

Yet, to a majority others, successful blogging is all about being able to make money from their blogs and earn money from their content.

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Suffice it to say that many of these bloggers start a blog with the sole aim of making money online while they rest on their favorite couch watching Desperate Housewives or doing whatever else that tickles their fancy.

Whatever definition of successful blogging you subscribe to however, running a successful blog (one that attracts Pageviews, favorable Pagerank, user comments or money) is no child play. It requires a lot of sacrifice-in terms of time, money, passion and commitment.

Yet we all must agree that there is evidence of successful bloggers scattered all over the cyberspace- bloggers who are literally blogging themselves all the way to the bank. So what is the secret behind these bloggers who brag about how they made hundreds of dollars from their successful blogs?

How to Make a Blog Successful

  1. Get A Top Level Domain Name For Your Blog

Most of the blogging platforms out there offer free hosting and a sub-domain name on which to run your blog, which is quite enticing to a newbie web publisher. Yet this is one of the greatest obstacles towards monetizing your blog.

Sub-domains (something like are an automatic turnoff not only to the many well paying affiliate programs but also to the more technologically savvy readers.

Running your blog on a sub-domain tells your readers and possible advertisers that you are not committed to what you are doing.A sub-domain also makes your web address a little bit long and thus hard for many of your blog visitors to recall not to mention the disadvantage that this does to your blog’s SEO.

While it is true that some websites and blogs which use sub-domains are doing well in terms of Google Adsense and other affiliate programs, most of them are one year old or more, and have regular updates and posts.

If you want to make the best of your blog and join this class of successful bloggers, maybe it is time you considered purchasing a custom domain for your blog.

2.      Consistently And Regularly Post New Articles In Your Blog

How much regular posting is regular remains a matter of great debate to many bloggers and around the online blog forums. However I have seen blogs that run at least two posts per day start earning from their hardwork much faster than maybe say blogs that rely on one post per day. In addition to constant and consistent posting, updating of information as it changes will also place you on the path to successful blogging.

 3.     Improve The Quality And Quantity Of Your Blog Posts

When it comes to blogging, minding the quality and quantity/length of your blog posts is a definite plus towards being a successful blogger.

There are some definite no-no’s when it comes to the quality of your post. Search engines for example take it seriously when it comes to issues of plagiarism and they may disqualify your site from their indexes when they discover cases of plagiarism. Quality blog posts also have a length of above 500 words.

4.      Avoid spamming your content with keywords/use your keywords sparingly.

There were times when bloggers would just fill their content with keywords and Google would Naively look the other way. Those days are gone. Use keywords wisely and sparingly in your content. Make use of Latent Semantics Indexing Keywords to avoid getting any of the Google Penalties.

5.       Choose A Familiar Blog Niche And Stick to It

A quick survey of the most successful blogs in the cyberspace will reveal one thing; most successful bloggers choose and stick to a particular blog niche.

An area where you have vast background knowledge in is preferable while thinking of starting a blog. However as in any other business there are certain blog niches that are more rewarding than others. Exercising caution and wisdom when choosing a blog niche will go along way in placing you among the top bloggers.

6.       Adequately Utilize The Available Social Networking Platforms

The power of social networking platforms remains indisputable when it comes to sharing your blog content. In addition to manually sharing your links in social networks, you may want to place social bookmarking and sharing icons on your blog so that other users may also easily share your content. Spamming the social sites with your links is however a no-no-no go zone.

7.        Thoroughly Research your keywords and built your content around them

Use the available webmaster tools to research the popularity of your keyword and its level of competition and build your content around them. Keywords should however be used sparingly as the overuse maybe interpreted by the search engines as keyword stuffing or what they call keyword spamming.

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