The Most Convenient Ways to Withdraw Money from Paypal In Kenya

How do you withdraw all the money you have earned from freelance writing or other online jobs from Paypal to your Mpesa or bank account?

There used to be a time when withdrawing online money from Paypal in Kenya used to be a real hustle. There were only a few  inconvenient and expensive ways through which you could withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya.

I am surprised that we survived through the stone age period and emerged into the twenty-first century way of doing things.

If you forgot what used to happen during those old days, or you hadn’t started working online by then, here is a quick primer for you:


The Old Ways of Withdrawing Money From Paypal in Kenya

Using third party withdrawal individuals

There were two main drawbacks with using third-party individuals to withdraw your money from Paypal. One, 90% of these individuals were/are crooks not to mention that Paypal does not take such individuals lightly. It is illegal to use a third-party individual to withdraw money from Paypal.  Just a few days ago, I heard a lady complaining in Business Ideas 101 about how she had sent a certain fellow some online dollars but the guy decided to go AWOL on her!

If the third party individuals happened to be faithful (like Walter Akolo was), they presented you with another drawback. Withdrawing money from Paypal using third party individuals is darn expensive! Be prepared to part with a staggering 10% or more of the amount you have worked so hard to earn.

Using e-pay Kenya

The Epay-Kenya platform used to work  {or still works, if it is still in business} like the third-party individuals. The only difference was that Epay-Kenya was/is quite reliable. You can withdraw your cash from Paypal through epay-kenya and rest assured that you will get your cash safely in your Mpesa account.

The downside of withdrawing your money from Paypal using Caesar Waganagwa’s platform is the exorbitant withdrawal rates (8.5%-10%) and a dollar rate that is obviously not the best.

However, if you need your money fast, say in the next 30 minutes, Epay-Kenya is the platform for you.

Using the Payoneer Mastercard

The Payoneer Mastercard is an  electronic funds transfer card that lets you withdraw money from Paypal at an ATM that is Mastercard-branded.  I still include Payoneer among the old ways of withdrawing Money from Paypal in Kenya, although I will soon tell you why Papayoneer mastercard used to withdraw money from Paypal in Kenyayoneer still rocks as a way of withdrawing your dollars from Paypal and why I believe it is actually here to stay.

Payoneer offers a fast, secure and convenient way of withdrawing money from Paypal. Click on the button below to sign up for your card today.

Click here to get your payoneer MasterCard and now.

The New Ways of Withdrawing Money From Paypal in Kenya

There are two ways through which you can withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya that are presently kicking dust.

  • Withdrawing Money From Paypal Using Equity Bank

I mentioned in passing that you could withdraw money from Paypal through Equity Bank sometime last year. Nothing much has changed since then.

If you own an Equity Bank accoEquity_PayPal_Withdrawal_Serviceunt, all you need to do is walk into the branch where you opened your account and request them to add your Paypal email to your account details. Next, scroll to this Equity-Paypal Withdraw Page, and follow the instructions there.

If everything goes well, and I don’t see why it shouldn’t, you should receive a confirmation message that your money will hit the bank in 5-8 working days. Weekends and holidays (in US and Kenya) are not counted as workdays, the money may therefore get delayed if you withdrew at such times.

The withdraw rates using the Paypal-Equity Withdraw Portal is only 1.5% and their dollar conversions is among the best in Kenya.

  • Using Skrill-iT to Withdraw Money from Paypal

A few weeks ago, Skrill (previously known as Moneybookers) came up withskrill.  The transaction only takes a few minutes and the dollar conversion rate is excellent! This is my new prefered way of withdrawing money from my online accounts and directly into my M-pesa line. I do not have to wait for Equity’s 5-8 business days!

There is only one deal breaker in the Skrill to Mpesa withdrawal services. Hypothetically, it is not possible to send money from Skrill to Paypal. So, what do you do if you have that clientusing skrill it to withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya who indignantly insists on paying you only through Paypal?

You can decide to withdraw your money through Equity Bank, like we have all been doing or figure out a way to get your dollars into Skrill.

How to Transfer Money From Paypal to Skrill

We will be using Freelancer to transfer our cash from Paypal to Skrill. Among all the freelancing websites, only Freelancer allows you to directly deposit cash into your account.

  1. Link your skrill account to your Freelancer accountThe activation is instant
  2. Deposit money from Paypal into your Freelancer account- Again, this transaction is instant
  3. Withdraw your money from Freelancer to Skrill- Regarding on the day when you make the withdrawal request, the transaction can take anywhere from 2-3 days. Withdrawal requests from Freelancer are finalized on Tuesday and Friday of every week.
  4. Withdraw Your Money from Skrill to Mpesa- This transaction is instant

skrill or click on the  button below to sign up for a freelancer account.

[button style=”btn-success” url=”” size=”large” block=”false”] Join Freelancer.Com [/button]

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and the above paypal withdrawal methods proves it. The ball is now in your park, where will you play it towards?


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  1. Thank you for your review on ePay-Kenya Patrick. Indeed ePay is very much in business and doing what we do best: moving funds safely and timely. We have diversified our portfolio by offering Payoneer to Mpesa and also doing Mpesa bulk payments on behalf of our customers. For more on our services, visit our new look

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