You Don’t need to Compete with Anyone but Yourself to Blog Better

“I am competitive with myself. I always try to push past my own borders…”

What a marvelous sentence quoted by Tyra Banks that defines the whole crux of the title!

If we relate this to the highly competitive field of blogging, the same can be said:  the only person that you need to compete against if you want to blog better, is you.

Nowadays, blogging has become so common that everyone strives to make big money through it.  It has become a cutthroat competition and every blogger wants to excel in this field.

This severe competition has created an unhealthy atmosphere of envy in the minds of bloggers.

The main purpose of blogging should be to educate the customers and people around the world about different things and that can only be done if someone is creative and broad-minded.  You can’t do that if your judgment is always clouded by envy.

When competition becomes fierce to become a better blogger, you don’t need to compete with others, but only you.

Here’s two reasons why you should compete only with yourself:

First, when you compete with other bloggers, you only push yourself to match their level of content.  Sometimes, you’ll have much more potential to rise above and to improve your writing skills, but because you’re only focusing on competing, you only end up doing just enough to get by.   Potential is wasted because you could have done so much more.

Secondly, the emotions of jealousy and envy distract your mind and prevent you from producing better content.

There are a lot of bloggers all around the world.  You cannot always figure out what your competitors are doing or what can you do to beat them.

In this situation, what you need to do is to compete with yourself.

Analyze your previous writings in your mind and set your own targets to exceed the quality of content you produced previously.

Set your own milestones. For this purpose, bloggers should study various books and exchange ideas with experts to enhance their knowledge and creativity for coming up with something extraordinary.

Bloggers should realize their inner capabilities and set their own standards against them. They should have faith in themselves and should feel a sense of independence and individuality to come up with content that exceeds the quality of what they’ve previously written.

Competing with yourself in blogging brings success to you in two ways:

  • Your regular readers get a feel that they are getting something better than before and they feel more inclined to visit your blog frequently.
  • The continuous improvement in your content and blogging style attracts even more readers to your blog.

Therefore, if you want to blog better and become successful, then stopping competing with everyone else – focus on yourself.

How do you feel about this?  Do you constantly find yourself comparing your progress to others?  Are you secretly competing with other bloggers?  Are you satisfied with the results?

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