Facebook Pages-Customize, Optimize, Get More Likes and Conversions!

Facebook has become an essential piece of a business’ marketing strategy.

When creating a Facebook business page, most do not realize they do not fully understand how to properly manage their page. There are five changes you can make to customize a Facebook business page and see better marketing results.

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  • You Don’t Have Enough Facebook Followers!

 Having a large following on Facebook, better known as Likes on your page, is the key to a successful marketing scheme. It is harder to get the first 100 Likes than to 500 since your page gets little exposure with less than 100 Likes. To change this, you can:

  • Place “Like” call to actions on your blog posts
    Businesses often have the social media icons on their sidebar, including a link to their Facebook page. However, you need to put this message at the end of every blog post, “Like what you see? Follow us on Facebook for more great content like this.” Include a link to your page in the anchor text, “Follow us.” You could also offer bonus content that is only available on Facebook, forcing your blog readers to Like your page to get the content. 
  • Share Facebook posts on Twitter
    Copy the link from a new Facebook post and shorten the URL to put on Twitter. There are many helpful URL shorteners, such as Bitly and Tiny URL. Make sure to copy the link to the particular Facebook, not the page overall. If you copy the page link, in the future people will not be able to find the post they want to read and become frustrated with your brand. 
  • Tell Twitter followers to Like your page
    Not only will posting links to your posts on Twitter increase the visibility of your posts, but you also need to tell your Twitter followers to Like your page. This is when it is okay to shorten the link to the actual page to share. 
  • Write an article about Facebook
    On your blog, write a post about why your audience needs to get on Facebook, little known Facebook facts, or how average Facebook users benefit businesses when they Like their pages. Put a link at the end to your page to help promote it. This specific article topic will reach a wider audience than your blog followers, leading to more likes.


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  • People Are Not Talking About Your Facebook Page

    There will be a count of how many people are talking about your page under the title. If it is low, you need to start prompting your page. This number is the people who have interacted with your page in the last week. Likes, comments, and shares are considered interaction. If your page has a thousand likes but low interaction, something needs to change.

    • Update the page more often, like three or four times a week often.
    • Interact with people on your page by replying to and Liking their comments.
    • Make your content diverse, using pictures, video, text, quotes, links, and more.
    • Put a call to action in your posts, such as, “Like this if you agree” or “Tell me your thoughts.”


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  • You Only Care About Clicks

     This means your Facebook page is filled with links to your blog or website in order to get more hits to those platforms. The page should not be used for promotion only. While links are sometimes good, they do not produce a whole lot of emotional attachment.

    Stories need to make an immediate connection with the user. This is why images are so popular on Facebook. They can transmit the perfect message while instilling some sort of emotion in the viewer. 


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  • You Are not Present on Your Facebook Fanpage

     There are a few things you need to do to become more present on your page:

    • Ask questions and reply
      There needs to be back and forth communication on your page, just as you would speak in real life. You need to be active on your page and monitor comments in case one of your followers asks a question. Make sure all of your communication thoughtful and constructive.
    • Use descriptions
      Not only are descriptions a great call to action, but they also allow you to write a summary and present your perspective. If you share a link that is not from your brand, talk about how it affected you that caused you to share it.


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  • You are too Present on Your Fanpage

     Even if you follow all of these rules and post great content, you should not overdo it to the point where your fans are un-Liking your page or turning off notifications. Posting a dozen things a day overwhelms your fans’ news feeds. At most, post four times a day, but even that is bordering on too much.



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