Beware: YouthDollar.Com is More of a Youth Scammer

I have written about these online scams till my fingers have gotten blistered but I won’t stop spreading the message. I won’t simply watch as you enter into the devil’s lair, get scammed and start shouting to anyone who cares to listen how you cannot make money online.

FYI: I make all my money online. I do not have a daytime job and I do not do these get-rich quick scams. You can join my mentorship program to learn of the genuine ways that I use to make money online.


Back to Youth Dollar and related scams:

All these opportunities that promise to pay you $5-$10 for sharing a link on your Facebook, Twitter and other social network channels are nothing but scams.

The ones that I have already written about are and PayFunda.Biz. The last one to join my list of shame is YouthDollar.Com.

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What is

If you choose to trust the information  on their website, YouthDollar is a revolutionary work-at-home opportunity that will pay you thousands of dollars simply for copying and pasting a dubious affiliate link on your Facebook and Instagram wall.

How Do I know that Youth Dollar is a Scam?

  1. For the past few weeks that I have been monitoring the Youth Dollar scam David Bekham, CaralBoxer and some few other individuals have been paid the same constant amount everyday. This is despite the website claiming that payments are made between the 24th and 30th of every month. How comes David Bekham is being paid everyday?
  2. I am made to understand that I will be paid via Western Union, cheque or money order. Great! But where will Youth Dollar send these paper payments? I was not asked for my post office or other relevant details that would enable ‘the company’ to process my payments. And there is no place to edit my account to include these details. Right. Lets assume that you will still be paid but only in your imaginary online account. Congratulations on becoming the next internet millionaire and good luck with withdrawing your earnings from!
  3. How can I contact in case I have problems with my account? Surprise! You will never get your hands on the contacts details of Youth Dollar, simply because ‘the company’ does not exist. Hint: Every genuine company provides its web visitors with a contact us page.
  4. The bad grammar on the website is a complete turn off. Have you noticed how Earn4Youth, Monthly Youth, PayFunda and YouthDollar can never seem to get the placement of the dollar symbol right? Have you also noticed how poor the grammar on these websites is? This is a common characteristic of all online scams. The next time someone tries to lure you into one of these scams, tell them to invest in a good English Dictionary with the money they would have used to pay you.
  5. No advertiser is going to pay $5 or $10 for just visiting their website. Seriously, even Google Adsense, which charges more expensively for advertisements does not pay out this much to bloggers. I will repeat it for the umpteenth time. There is no easy way yo make money online. If you are looking for one, try gambling.
  6. What do I do if I had already joined Youth Dollar? You need to thoroughly scan your computer for malwares that the website might have planted on your computer. To scan and clean your computer, download this anti-malware software.

What is the Aim of the Scam?

I hope we have established beyond any reasonable doubt that is a scam. I will now explain to you how these online scams play on you.

First of All, scams in the league of YouthDollar are often after your email address. They use the email address to send you other offers of how you have can make money online just by doing some simple tasks. They lure you into more and more scams with a goal of three major things.

  • Increase traffic to their websites and earn more from the advertisements displayed
  • Lure you into buying ‘products’ that promise you to make an internet millionaire.
  • Harvest thousands of emails and sell them to third-party scammers.

Do you have any thoughts on the scam? Leave your comment below.

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Patrick Mahinge

Patrick Mahinge is a prolific digital marketer and "serial webpreneur". He runs multiple profitable niche websites and blogs monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising. Patrick generously shares his expertise in affiliate marketing, blogging, and online business through his Facebook group of over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. thanks to google one of my facebook friends sent me an invitation website for this youthDollar and have been trying to join luckily enough it has failed so av tried to search for their contacts and have not seen them wont repeat it again thanks to google

  2. hi,i now have hope.i have been trying this with no glad you will help me out.ok am nt in nairobi,how will make to train me?

  3. boy oh boy I have already joined.

    • Make sure that you change the password of your email account and install an antimalware software in your computer to clean any malware/Trojans that the adverts on DollarYouth might have planted on your computer

    • Any luck or is it a full scam?

      • YouthDollar,, Earn4Youth, and other scams in the family are all full-blown scams. There is no luck. They do not provide you with a place to fill in your payment details. So, how would you be paid if they don’t even know where they should send the payments?

  4. Thanks for the info! you don’t know just how much you’ve helped some of us!

    • You are welcome. Make sure you share this info using the social media buttons on the left with your friends. It is the only way we will manage to keep other people from falling prey into the scam.

  5. Good Lord i registered today n I don’t want to can I do this

  6. I joined youth dollar and my balance is 619.756 $ So all this work was for nothing?

  7. What if I complete the survey’s?

    Will will that not change anything?

    Ever if i put everything correct?

    I’m trying all day today to complete the surveys Idk So all that work every thing i’v done was for nothing? 🙁
    I’v begged people to click my link, I’m crying this is so sadistic!

    That site should be banned or something i’v put in alot of effort in it..

    And i needed that 300$ 🙁

    I need to know if I complete those surveys will i still get the info i need to get my money?

    • I am afraid they won’t pay you even after you have done a thousand surveys. They already took advantage of you once and lied to you, they are going to do it again.

      Have a look at this link… is a part of 16 other websites that are perpetrating this scam online.

      You need to forget about this and move on.

      • Thank you so much Patrick you’re a saint, I’m so glad You’re online you’ve teached me not to be so gullible,

        You’re a good person Patrick, We need alot of people like you. The one’s that go out of their time to tell other’s

        I’m so glad I asked you. everyone else is 7 year’s old comment’s and that on other site’s But you. I got a reply less than a hour when I commented

        Thank you Patrick

  8. Thank God! was jas abt to sign up. fire go burn them down. nktst

  9. I already join.what will happen after i join?do i need to changed my password?
    thank u for your information.

  10. This might be the other MONTHLY I saw earlier

  11. OMG I joined a day can I get out of this and the way I was excited..
    Jesus lord help me

  12. i have completed the minimum payable money but it is difficult to download the form

  13. that certainly makes sense! was totally trying to figure out why the money was so easy, total waste of my time!

  14. Hahahahahahaha. Jeeeez. So how do you retreat?

  15. so if you have registered how can you protect yourself from them using your email address? Thanks for your article!!

  16. wololo…av already joined and almost getting to 300usd……..i have googled it and came across this after i realised there was no withdrawal request anywea. thnx for the headsup.

  17. Comment… This is really annoying.I joined and was hoping to make get some money.thanks for the information

  18. heheheheheh…..have wasted my time for nothing then they are telling me nonsense that survey is not available in my my region….to hell with them

  19. thanks man i had such clues but kept my faith on. l really invested some time there but now i’m smart thanks to you. l can never fall to their crap again

  20. Thanks for your concern man. I thought I already earned 300 bucks just by referring the link… Just wasting my time there. Thanks again.

  21. already got the minimum payout but haven’t tried to withdraw

  22. Oh no, i’ve already joined. What things gonna happen on my account later or sooner?

  23. Thanks you have really help most of us.

  24. Thank you have really help most of us.

  25. I just struggled to make 300 $ dollars and here comes another story that its a scam….I fear for those guys who joined the scam….

  26. i just joined that scam today but found you thanks how can i contact you for training

  27. i have been fooled

  28. i made 350$ in a day.. i clicked to download a payment form.funny funny funny

  29. Goood lesson learnt! I would advice those who had already joined to move on after this lesson and spend their time on other productive stuff.

  30. shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I coudnt even eat sometimes in order to get the 300USD, feel likr crying.

  32. as soon as i made $300 i was unable to log in and was asked to register. and what a surprise. the amount started from scratch! what a big f***ing scam

  33. I did everything they asked and they blocked my account find away to close it

  34. You are correct in your assessment of youthdollar.i joint the business of promoting the link,after hitting the target,i was refused to log into the site.IT IS A PURE SCAM.Although it is painful because i have alreadt told many about the site.

  35. Hi, Patrick Kihara
    Your information is very helpful for me, so now I know about
    thank you very much and wishing you always be lucky

  36. I keep getting popups on your page about making $34.000 blogging… Is that a scam too? If so why support it by using this web page… Seems contradicting. Warning someone about a scam but also having bad pop ups and ads on the same page.

    Leave a reply