Payfunda.Biz is a Scam- You Can’t Withdraw Your Money

I wish I could do some kind of magic to undo the hours you have wasted sharing your PayFunda.Biz affiliate link. The truth is that PayFunda is fake. It is not real. It is a scam and there is no way you will ever manage to withdraw your money from the account. You will only watch it accumulate to hundreds of dollars but any attempt to make a withdrawal will be met by a thousand number of excuses.

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. So, let us go through this step-by-step. I hope that by the time you are through reading this article, you will have learned to differentiate the real work from home opportunities from the fake ones.

What is PayFunda.Biz?

According to the definition on the website, PayFunda.Biz is a revolutionary online job site that pays you for completing different online tasks. The website claims to make you earn 1500$ (the placement of the dollar symbol is theirs not mine) working from home.

Additionally, PayFunda promises to reward you with a cool 25$ (their dollar symbol placement. Again) just for signing up. How cool!

Don’t fool yourself. Neither of the above is true and I will show you why. Payfunda is a scam akin to the Earn4Youth Scam that I wrote about a few days ago.

Let us Create an Account in PayFunda.Biz

For this part, I used imaginary account details. I put in a fake username that I can’t even remember. I entered [email protected] as my email address, my name is Sttuuuput and the country of origin is Nicaragua. 🙂

At this point, any genuine work from home opportunity would have sent me an email address with an activation link. This is the protocol, and you should be very wary of opportunities that do not send you an email to activate your account.

In normal cases, I wouldn’t have been able to login to the account until I had verified my email address…. but PayFunda.Biz can’t wait to let me in. I am redirected to my dashboard where I have already been credited with $25 (they got the symbol right) for signing up.

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Getting to Work, Like a Mule

My first task in PayFunda.Biz is to click a Facebook Share button for which I will be paid a handsome 5$! {::Who said that making money online is hard!?::}

There is also a constant task that requires me to share a referral link for which I will get paid 5-10$. This is getting easier. Except that it is not. You are being taken for a ride.

But how do you know that PayFunda is a scam without having tested it. Shouldn’t you give it the benefit of doubt.

No. You shouldn’t. Like we always say, the writing is on the wall. Here are a few clear indicators that should send you scampering from the website.

1.  The numerous grammatical mistakes

I would expect that a company that is ready to pay me like a CEO, should have enough cash to hire a copywriter who doesn’t make careless grammatical errors on every sentence s/he writes.

I didn’t care to count the number of errors on the website, but they are too many to go unnoticed. This is usually the first sign that things are fishy. If a website that claims to make you rich has a lot of grammatical errors, kindly tell them to first invest in a good Oxford English Dictionary before they pay you.

And what is with all those dollar signs placed wrongly. Seriously? Maybe that is why you do not get paid since their is no money that is called 1500$!

2. You Can’t edit your profile

I have already mentioned that every genuine work from home opportunity should only allow you in once you have verified your email address. Once in, you should be able to edit your details. Probably choose where your payments will be sent and the like.

Before you begin working on any of these online job sites, you should be sure of where your payment will be made. Fullstop.

3. What is the minimum payout on

Almost every work at home opportunity that I know of has a low payout requirement- sometimes as low as $10 or $25.

Very few opportunities require you to accumulate earning in the hundreds of dollars to pay you. Please be wary of such opportunities.

What raises a redder red flag with PayFunda.Biz is the fact that they are not even sure how much the minimum payout should be. At one time, it is $300 at another instance it is $200… Which is which?

$300 minimum payout for minimum payout4. There is no easy money online

Last but not least. No one is going to pay you $25 just by signing up to their website. What value are you adding to their operations to deserve that.

Can the business afford to pay millions of eager money makers who flock to join the site daily?

Be wise and learn to analyze opportunities before you rush to commit your time and money in them.

5.  Frequently Asked Questions about

  • How do I get my money from Payfunda

You cannot withdraw money from Payfunda. Their system has not been designed to allow you to make withdrawals. Remember you didn’t supply any solid payment details on registration and you cannot edit your profile. Just accept that you have been scammed and move on.

  • How do I cancel my registration with Payfunda

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your Payfunda registration. The best thing is to forget that such a thing ever existed and pray hard that they do not hack into your email account to steal important info about you.

  • What can I do to make money online

There is a lot of money to be made online. And there are thousands of things you can do to make money online.

  1. You can work as a freelance writer/designer/transcriptionist etc
  2. You can do online surveys that will make pay you some change to use in campus
  3. You can start a blog and learn how to monetize it

Unfortunately, without investing in training, you will only stumble, fall and waste a lot of money chasing an illusion. You can either pay for my premium training or you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Program, which is absolutely free until you decide to invest in their premium training.



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