5 SEO Keyword Strategies That Will Get Your Blog Noticed

In this lesson, you will learn about keywords and how to place them in strategic places on your blog for easier ranking of your website.

Knowing how to effectively use SEO keywords and where to place them in your blog or website goes a long way in helping your blog climb a few steps up the ladder of search engine results pages (SERPs).

In fact the proper use of keywords is one of the must-know SEO strategies for every blogger and web publisher.

Luckily, in our continued Profitable Blogging Series we share a few tips and tricks for effective use of keywords in your blog.

  1. Have at least one of the keywords in your page title- The page title is one of the first parts of your blog page that the search engine crawlers encounter when they start indexing your site. Placing your keyword in your page title will help search engines determine what the page is all about. Avoid using such abstract names in your page titles such as ‘untitled page’ new page one and the like.
  2. Place at least two keywords in the first paragraph of your content – Same thing with placing the keyword in your page title; it increases the visibility of your keywords to the search engine bots.
  3. Emphasize your keywords in the content –There are several ways that you can use to emphasize keywords in your page content. The common ones include bolding your keywords, italicizing them or simply putting them in a color that is different from the rest of the page content. Putting your keywords in various heading tags around the page also increases their visibility to search engine crawlers.
  4. Optimize your image and anchor ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags –One of the few places where you can unobtrusively place your keywords is in the image and anchor title and alt tags. Unfortunately, many Kenyan bloggers and other web publishers are unaware of this rare and golden trick to search-engine-optimize their blogs and web pages and ignorantly let the chance pass underutilized. Next time you think of optimizing your blog pages, start with your images and anchor alt and title tags and see how far it takes you.
  5. Place your keywords in backlinks anchor-text (both internal and external) -The power of having both external and internal backlinks to your page is only comparable to a healthy man on steroids, I mean is there any other search engine optimization strategy with the capability and power of backlinks? Now think about the power of having your keywords as the anchor-text in those over-precious backlinks and you have got yourself soaring to the top of the search engine results pages, cool isn’t it? So why don’t you find all those bloggers linking back to you and request them to use your keyword as their anchor-text, and watch where this gets you. And by the way here is a full tutorial on the proper use of keywords in the anchor-text.

All said and done, and having put your first foot on the first step of search engine optimizing your page, is there really anything that could go wrong or boomerang on you and your keywords.  Beware when using your keywords and read on the don’t-do’s of using keywords.

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Patrick Mahinge is a prolific digital marketer and "serial webpreneur". He runs multiple profitable niche websites and blogs monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising. Patrick generously shares his expertise in affiliate marketing, blogging, and online business through his Facebook group of over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

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