Disadvantages of Global Internet Fortunes (GIF)

Update: SBC has moved to recruiting members through another company- Internet Marketing Africa. Please, beware in case you receive online job offers from Internet Marketing Africa.

Update: SocialBizConnect aka Internet Marketing Africa changed name to Global Internet Fortunes

What do you think of a company that keeps changing its name? SocialBizConnect changed its name to Global Internet Fortunes. So, in this review, you may find the name Social Biz Connect and Global Internet Fortunes being used interchangeably. They both refer to the same company whose CEO is Mr. Kimathi Kamunde. Let’s dive in to find whether Global Internet Fortunes is legit, as well as discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

I have openly spoken about SocialBizConnect Global Internet Fortunes in other forums and have been called a ‘hater’ for my criticism.

But are my assertions that SocialBizConnect Global Internet Fortunes is a scam baseless?


I have tangible evidence to prove that SocialBizConnect and its sister-in-scam Internet Marketing Africa will soon crumble and leave many Kenyans more financially desperate than they initially were.

Here are some of the key pointers that SocialBizConnect is headed for damnation even before it gets to its ‘official launch date’ on 30th April. Read them and don’t forget to leave your comments at the end of the post about what you really think about SocialBizConnect.

Kimathi Kamunde and My Fortunes Builder (MFB)

Kimathi Kamundeh SocialBizConnect and Internet Marketing Africa

A few months ago, Kimathi Kamundeh a.k.a. Lloyd Kim (pictured above) the CEO of Global Internet Fortunes Kenya was the mastermind behind another Kenyan scam by the name of My Fortunes Builder.

Like Global Internet Fortunes, My Fortunes Builder Stole from Kenyans by inviting them to attend seminars for a business that was never going to launch.

The company was to launch on 7th January 2013. The problem is that it never launched as this banner (which is a screenshot of the now abandoned MFB website) indicates.

The ‘launch’ of My Fortunes Builder was preceded by the same hype that SocialBizConnect Kenya is experiencing and the same paid for seminars…

Then? What happened?

Only Kimathi Kamunde can answer this question.

However, a very inquisitive person can see how this works out. You are being invited for seminars in Nairobi. Seminars that teach you nothing you do not already know. Seminars that are the only thing you will ever get from SBC since the company will never launch.

Lloyd Kim is making money from you and your friends as you attend his prelaunch seminars. Good luck to you and your invitees if SBC ever launches.

The striking similarities between My Fortune Builder and SBC are simply undeniable. In fact, one could argue that the two websites are Siamese twins albeit with some idiotic twists like the Power of 4 becoming the Power of 5 in SBC.

And is it a coincidence that the two companies are launching at the beginning of the year when there are a lot of desperate Form Four leavers looking for online money?

Mr. Kimathi does not even deny that he was the architect behind My Fortunes Builder. But the scornful look you get when you probe into this not-too-distance past is enough to cow even the bravest of hearts.

I particularly sought to know what led to the failure of My Fortunes Builder and what measures have been taken to ensure that SocialBizConnect does not go the way of MFB but my questions were met with insults and sneers.

Of course a lot of Kenyans who are running to join SocialBizConnect do not even know there was such a company like MFB that stole money from Kenyans and went under.

Until Lloyd Kim provides answers to explain what he intends to do differently with SBC that he didn’t do with MFB, we can confidently assume that SBC is another scam.

In fact, it lives up to the trends that have been observed with all MLM scams. They die and resurrect as other companies offering even juicier online moneymaking opportunities.

Global Internet Fortune is a Pyramid Scheme Scam that Will Soon Crumble

socialbizconnect kenya is a scam

You can easily recognize a genuine opportunity from a scam by simply stripping all the colourful ads and seducing dialogue from it. You can tell which is viable online opportunity and which one will only waste your time, energy and money. The barebones version of SocialBizConnect has all the pointers of being headed nowhere.

1. The only way you can really earn money in Global Internet Fortunes is by inviting people to the paid-entry seminars

No one is very enthusiastic to join the SocialBizConnect Business Club, which promises to pay referrers $6 for every successful referral.

Why would any businessperson pay $18 to place his ads on a platform that has zero members online at any given time? It doesn’t make sense more so considering that you can get some pretty more sales with Facebook ads at that monthly budget.

This leaves SBC members with only one viable earning opportunity- finding as many idiots as they can possibly do to attend the seminars where they charge 200/= at the entrance, something that is not very sustainable.

2. The products that Global Internet Fortune ‘Sells’ do not have a market in Kenya

Some of the MLMs manage to exist {and continue milking money from unsuspecting citizens} for a little while due to the irresistible nature of products that they purport to sell; products that make the promise of wealth, health or both.

SocialBizConnect has however tied a noose around its already frail life by trying to sell internet marketing products that

  • Do  not have a market in Kenya
  • Cannot outperform the established brands in the market

The products include autoresponders, ebooks {most of which are regurgitated PLR junk} and Microsoft Packages videos! Not surprisingly, MFB was selling the same-same products. I honestly thought that Lloyd Kim would learn from his mistakes with MFB and find some hot-selling products to build around his internet marketing scam. Too bad, and that says something about his reasoning…

Only a fool would keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

3. GIF Has The worst sales team in the world

social biz connect kenya

Internet marketing deserves patience, an unfailing perseverance and strategy. Most of the people signing for Social Biz Connect in Kenya are in it for the fast cash. They have idiotically trusted what the banners tell them. They do not know what market segment to target with the tools that Lloyd Kim is offering.

From the above points, there is only one conclusion to be drawn about SocialBizConnect. It is one of the poorest drawn multilevel marketing (MLM) scams to ever be construed. Even if it ever launches (which I am willing to bet it won’t as Kim is only interested in your seminar money) SocialBizConnect cannot survive for more than a few months without sinking…

Disadvantages of Global Internet Fortunes

Here are 7 points to consider before joining Global Internet Fortunes or any other pyramid scheme:

  1. Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries, including Kenya. If you participate in Global Internet Fortunes, you could face legal consequences such as fines and imprisonment.
  2. The vast majority of people who join pyramid schemes, including Global Internet Fortunes, lose their money. Only a small number of people at the top of the pyramid make significant profits.
  3. The structure of a pyramid scheme means that it is not sustainable and will eventually collapse. When this happens, most people, including you, will lose their investment.
  4. In order to keep a pyramid scheme going, constantly new members are needed. This means that you will have to continuously try to recruit your friends and family to join, which can damage your relationships.
  5. Many pyramid schemes, including Global Internet Fortunes, use misleading or false information to recruit new members. This means that you may not fully understand the risks and disadvantages of participating.
  6. Participating in a pyramid scheme can harm your reputation. When the scheme collapses and people lose their money, you may be seen as someone who was responsible for their financial loss.
  7. There are many legitimate ways to make money online in Kenya, such as becoming a freelance writer, investing in forex trading, or working as an Amazon affiliate marketer. These options are much safer and more financially sound than participating in a pyramid scheme like Global Internet Fortunes.

Update: From Social Biz Connect Kenya to Global Internet Fortunes

I have been following Social Biz Connect for a while now, and true to history, the company updated itself to Global Internet Fortunes (GIF). Global Internet Fortunes is a scam, just like its predecessor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Global Internet Fortunes

Is Global Internet Fortunes a Legit Company?

is global internet fortunes a legit company

No. Global Internet Fortunes is not legit. Global Internet Fortunes is a pyramid scheme operating in Kenya. A pyramid scheme is a form of investment where each person involved recruits others to join. Money made by the new members funnels up to the higher members. Pyramid schemes are often disguised as legitimate investment opportunities, but they are actually fraudulent and illegal in many countries, including the United States.

Here are some red flags to watch out for if you are considering joining a company like Global Internet Fortunes:

  1. High returns with little or no risk: Be wary of any company that promises high returns with little or no risk. Most legitimate investments carry some level of risk, and high returns usually mean high risk.
  2. Pressure to recruit others: Pyramid schemes rely on recruiting new members to bring in funds. If the company you are considering joining places a strong emphasis on recruiting others, this could be a red flag.
  3. Vague or undisclosed business practices: A legitimate company should be transparent about its business practices and should be able to clearly explain how it generates revenue. If the company you are considering is vague or unwilling to disclose information about its business model, this could be a sign of a pyramid scheme.
  4. Difficulty receiving payments: Pyramid schemes often have trouble paying out the returns they promise. If you or other members of the company are having difficulty receiving payments, this could be a sign that the company is not legitimate.

In conclusion, it is important to be cautious when considering any opportunity that involves financial transactions or investments. It is always a good idea to thoroughly research a company before making a commitment, and to be aware of the red flags of pyramid schemes. Based on the information provided, it seems that Global Internet Fortunes is not a genuine company and should be avoided.

The ball is now in your court. When do you think SocialBizConnect will sink? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Hey
    Thank you for this update. Thank you for being so quick to let your imagination wander and recall previous yet similar events and weave them into these ideas.
    First, I’d like to correct you. The seminars are not a waste of time and aren’t pre-launch seminars. Social Biz Connect is actually an e-commerce that acts as an social platform for individuals. The site is free to join but only under an inviter.
    Are you familiar with the term network marketing? We have it here with us with popular international organisations such as GNLD or Oriflame.We use the same concept however, with SBC we like to say no portions no lotions. E-commerces borrow from social sites the basic concept of converging people of similar mindset to one site only now at a fee. Look at Elance, writers are given the opportunity to put theeir skills to work. Theres the free account and an option to upgrade for more benefits. SBC is similar to this, LinkedIn and many others.
    Secondly, whoever told you SBC is easy money is a liar. But hey everyone is entitled to an opinion so I might just let it slide. By now you have guessed correctly, I have joined this e-commerce that you’re trashing ooh so mercilessly. In this period of two weeks that have past since my joining, as an individual my persona has not only improved but also my thinking has been broadened. No limits. In fact our seniors tell us it’s hard and if you don’t have the stomach for it you may falter, get bored, join another MLM. Nonetheless they encourage us, we also have trainings where we interact with the top earners and get to understand the e-commerce better.
    I can go on and on explaining all the technicalities and how upgrading or team building is a self-driven objective, or how I report to no one..blah blah blah. But I won’t hoping I’ve shed some light on your scam story. If not, I completely understand. Furthermore, you can take a cow to the river but you cannot force it to drink.

    • Thanks for your opinion Stacey. I sincerely hope that you are not on SocialBizConnect Kenya payroll…
      Many people have expressed opinion that SocialBizConnect is a scam, that the only way you earn is by inviting members to join. One member who joined apparently did not see what SocialBizConnect markets. I wish you could share with us what exactly you market and whether you did a market survey before starting marketing the products.

  2. hey, Liyod kim is a thief, he’ll die like a dog, I haven’t seen anybody greedy for money in such a manner, Indeed I agree with you mr what he did is that he registered the site as a legitimate multilevel marketing and has indeed managed to convince paypay officials, KRA, safaricom Mpesa.. and they were inclined to his idea being great, but indeed this is A pyramid scheme, the only focus that is there Is invite invite invite, and there’s no excuse YOU MUST pay 2700 in order to be a paid member, there are no products relevant to any kenyanys that could gain fame through his advertising techniques. He recently increased the fee to 2700 ksh, thinking that more people would join, but that’s too shameful because the numbers decreased and the weekly payout of the top members sharply nosedived. while they were anticipating he could earn double.. 66000ksh from previous 33000ksh, but instead the earnings were only 22k, OOOh your greed for money mr he is a filthy guy as he suggests in the facebook page . “get filthy rich in shortest time possible” luring many kenyans into that. This is a pyramid scheme. that’s all. he focuses on being praised as the founder, The CE0, AND HE NEVER MENTIONS HE had a previous website ” my fortune builder” that nosedived you’ll have to go to hell police should storm the place and confiscate him may I ask up to now that members have earned those 100,000 ksh what products have been marketet???????????? who has distributed any service or product to consumers as he claims?????? and if any are they justifiable. or peanut compared to the number of people who have earned …the millions?? now Aren’t the millions her wife was mentioning coming from innocent kenyans who are at the bottom of the pyramid?????? compared to any sales ??????? money is evil sir. if I could join this site, i could only make profit to give back to the poor street children who need attention and care. perhaps you embezzle everything with your comrades.

  3. SBC is a pure scam set up by someone who does not give a shit about anyone but himself.

    First, when he first launched this scam, he thought the MLM community would go crazy over it. it did not as many MLMers saw through the cheap crap and never bothered with it. Soon after this dude decided to focus on gullible Kenyans who have no idea what this is all about. Just read some of the comments on their Facebook page.

    The so-called pay plan is set up as what is called a Unilevel. A Unilevel is a kind of pay plan that allows one to have all his direct referrals on their 1st level. This dude has set it up so that he could have 1000 people on his first level and counting on ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’, he can count on people joining on five levels below him no matter what. He is making a killing!

    As for products – PEOPLE, please! what is ‘incredible’ when the so-called products are things anyone can get FREE on the net? Every single one of them! WHO uses generic lead capture pages in this day and age when every serious business has company-specific capture pages? And which businesses are people joining a social network going to be promoting with these capture pages? All this is is a collection of rubbish someone has decided to put together to try to justify the ‘oppty’. PEOPLE. please try and find a legit biz and focus on that and stop wasting your time!

    • Hi Gregory,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      It is great to see that there are people who have analyzed Kimathi’s ‘business’ in depth and are willing to share with others. I could not agree with you more about the products being hawked being extremely outdated and cheap PLR junk that anyone can find on the internet.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Hi Patrick…
        I will be more appreciative if u detailed me more about the sbc.
        Is it a real and benefiting business?

  4. Terrific. That was super insightful. Just wanted to say thanks…
    Getting excited about your next good article. ( Please post quicker ha-ha)

  5. Thanks guys u just saved me from this scam.Today I came across an advert by SBC co ltd about Socialbizconnect at Alliance francaise advert board in the advert The company wants individuls who are interested in social media marketing especially facebook with a possibility of earning over 8,000ksh a week and assured of working immediately after training so any interested party is required to send thier Name by text to a number 0723541649 of which I did then after ten minutes I received a text requesting me to attend a training seminar at 9:00am tomorrow after paying a registration fee of 200 khs at their head office at commerce house, Moi avenue 4th floor .the inviter was Saum Maina and I was asked to confirm my attendance.But before i could I decided to do my research about the company on the net and thank God i found this.Thanx guys

    • Hello John,
      I am glad that we were of help. What could you have done without us?
      We are dedicated to helping Kneyans fight scam. For genuine opportunities on how you can earn a living online, make sure to join my mailing list by entering your name and email on the sidebar form.

  6. ”Engineered to fail” ”Scam” ”Stole money from Kenyans”

    You use some really big words in your article here. One can almost claim you wish to see this business fail. Let’s just review your opinions here:
    1. The site will never launch and Kimathi will run off with poor Kenyans money. It’s past April, the business launched off successfully and so far ”desperate” form four leavers and university graduates (my own friends included) are making a steady income and securing their financial life. One would expect a consummate blogger like yourself would have posted an update about that to let your readers know. It would be the gentlemanly thing to do.

    2. ”Scam”. People rush to label any online job they hear about today as a ”scam”. But how exactly do you categorize something as a scam?? How about a job that promises you millions in a few days for just sitting at home staring at your computer? Or a job that requires you to pay cash and then you get no response from them again, not even an acknowledgement or confirmation of your payment? SBC on the other hand promises you none of that. Kimathi and his team tell you outright that it’s only through your hardwork that you get to make money, you get lazy, you make zero..

    On top of all that where have you heard of an online marketing job which provides as much support as SBC. They invested in offices where you may check in anytime for face to face training with the top earners, tell me what other online job provides such support.

    I have no idea what happened to MFB.com but I remember one month ago SBC.com almost crashed because of inceased traffic to the website as people rushed to sign up and upgrade. Mr Kimathi owned up and promised to refund all who wished to be refunded or confirm their upgrades when the site was fully functional once again.

    I don’t think you have a problem with SBC, I believe you simply cannot come to terms with network marketing in general. So many people, i’ve come to realise are afraid of any mlm/ network marketing business either because of the hard work or commitment required. Whatever the case it’s not right to deflate the interest of others in this business just because you don’t prefer it yourself.

    I don’t know how much of this comment will be edited or if at all it will be posted but I wrote this in good faith and sincerely apologise if I offended anyone.

    Good day to you!

    • Hello Bill,
      Your opinion remains valid. But I hope you are not part of the company’s management. It is a long established fact that directors of scam and pyramid companies will create aliases to post comments that paint their companies in a positive light to try and dilute the negative image of the company. Your comment and opinion does not change the fact that SocialBizConnect Kenya is a Pyramid Scheme- a scam that will soon crumble.

  7. Well a rumour is always true until denied, but my nigga, how do we know for a fact that you do not represent a rival firm?

    • Hello Elvis. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by my blog. You can rest assured that I do not represent any rival company here. My post is intended to be for informational use only. If I were recommending another company, I would have undoubtedly said so in my post.


    SBC is the business venture Kenyans have been waiting for…Patrick Kihara, you are soon going to get suprised at how your wishes will haunt you alone.Millions are going to quit their inherited jobs to create new jobs that meet our vision 2030 through this one.Uhuru and Safaricom aresoon going to appreciate us in our development of the Kenyan’s economy by simply empowering kenyans to be financially free.WE LOVE SBC.

    • To all my haters SBC is reall. Why divert young youths from the right path of making extra income. I’m in SBC for life, why coz its reall n I’m making gud money on a weekly basis plus commissions at the end of the month. Keep off SBC if you having nothing important to give. Why do I receive payment through m-pesa every Wednesday if its a scam. SBC is legitimate. I’m learned person to differentiate btwn scam and reall.

    • Thanks for your comment Magiri. I really do hope that SocialBiz Connect will live up to what it promises. That it will not go under like My Fortunes Builder did. That it will be a sustainable income for Kenyans but only time will tell.

  9. I must say that i love the hot hot debate here. But isn’t time we realize that Kenyans need jobs. overwhelming numbers of young men and women walk past streets in town all day, go have lunch at Santoria fish and chips and take soda, hold their chins and gaze at nothing. Faces and images of desperation everywhere. The next thing is to check out whether they have enough fare to get them home. And as they do so, they have no idea what they will take for supper. Truth be told ladies and gents;the Kenyan situation is pretty bad. Have you been in campus in the middle of the semester and you are running out of cash really fast? Have you thought of borrowing money from your parents but again corrected yourself because you think you are grown enough not to do so? Have you had an idea that needs cash and you have no clue(even the simplest one) where you are gonna get the money? Have you lost opportunities in the past because you did not have the cash to follow them up? This makes you think a lot and you are always praying that something miraculous just happens.

    But everyone seems to forget this. GIVING A SOLUTION TO ALL THIS. Mr Kihara, thanks a lot for this piece but can you tell your readers what they can do to get “BETTER” online jobs because they are there. They exist brother.

    This is a nineteen-year-old’s opinion. Think about it.

  10. As long as I will make money, I don’t care if its a scam. I am willing to pay the Sh 2700 as long as I will earn more. Its way better than staying home hopelessly waiting for a miraculous job offer to fall from heaven to my doorstep.

    • Hello Will,
      I hope that Lyod KIm of SocialBiz Connect Kenya is not paying you to entice people to join the pyramid scheme. As you can clearly see from other comments in this post, a lot of people who have tried their hand on SocialBizConnect Kenya ended up very unhappy. It was the same case with Kimathi’s other website, MyFortunesBuilder.com. Tread carefully lest you end up poorer than you are.

  11. I tried this SBC. The that put me off was no one was willing to provide details about selling of the internet products because I thought this is where real money can be made, not ‘earnings’ from new entrants. The ‘directors’ seemed not to have no clue how this works. I was instead referred to yet another seminar. But from the responses I got I got the impression that they don’t like people who ask questions. They prefer questions that point to “How do we recruit more…..” My 2 cents.

    • Hey Jeff,
      Thanks for leaving your comment. It will clearly help other Kenyans who were about to join the SocialBizConnect scam… What You have said about the directors of the company not being willing to answer questions is very true. I tried to engage Kimathi Kamundeh in a discussion about the business and all I got were very vague, impolite and abusive answers.
      The reason why SBC Kenya does not provide information on marketing their products is because the products they have are inferior and hastily put up… if at all they exist. I would advise you to stay clear of any business associated with the current directors of SocialBizConnect including their new pyramid scheme Internet Marketing Africa ltd https://mahinge.com/5-reasons-trust-internet-marketing-africa/

  12. i registered in that sbc today. i Must say tht red flags started early enough. The invitee instructed that i had 2 open only by Gmail account nt yahoo “for security reasons” mind u nt given, (secrecy). Then upon creating a gmail account n uploading a pic & following the instructions on hw 2 get started, i did nt come across any marketable thng, al i saw was u mst invite pple. Pyramids also operate in the same way, the more u bring pple in the more u earn, thts clearly a pyramid, going up the ladder. Next when told 2 upgrade, everything came in red colours n tht was a big red flag, plus the website looks cheap especially where they are asking u 2 upgrade, so cheap jst looks, smells n stinks of a scam, so i did nt upgrade & decided to do some research n i came across your page. Intrestingly n another big red flag, the guy had another website, tht was it. So am still a member, i have not paid a dime, i am made 2 understand that unless i upgrade i wl nt be paid. This is the get from peter & pay paul, a huge scam indeed. So i wl nt decamp neither will i upgrade, am there as a mole n check out n try n c wat they r up2, mayb even ask difficult questions which is another red flag cz they come back breathing fire, evident on some comments i hv read here, so good luck guys, dnt b dragged in2 rich quik schemes, on ma side hii ni ukora kabisa, am also in United arab emirates, so sioni anything helpful there , am just gona b there 2 see wat goes on, . The other thng is they keep saying upload pics lk 2 times a day, poke friends, log in more times n do activites there. This we know is 2 gain traffic 4 their website n only them get paid nt the common man, so i wl b there jst 2 watch, do nothng n ask really difficult queries, they even dnt say clearly hw they will pay me, WHAT A SCAM PPLE

    • Hello Hardy,
      That was very wise of you. As I always advise, never rush into a business opportunity without researching into it. SocialBizConnect is a scam that will soon crumble. The positive comments left on this post are by people who have been paid by Kimathi Kamundeh aka Lloyd Kim to try and paint his company in a positive light. Do not trust anything they say. SocialBiz Connect is clearly a very poorly managed and constructed network marketing pyramid. If the products they purport to sell were a little marketable, there would have been chances that the company could survive. However, what they ‘sell’ does not have a market here in Kenya.
      You can also read about their other company here https://mahinge.com/5-reasons-trust-internet-marketing-africa/

  13. Hello guyz..they sent me a text today,and still talk abt training for afee of 200ksh then u can earn 5-10k a week..could it be a scam? They were jst wating for dust to settle?

    • Hello Kennedy,
      Thanks for your comment! If you have read through the string of comments here, you will realize that the training you will get from SocialBizConnect Kenya will only be on how to invite more people into the pyramid scheme. People who have been there report of nothing else taught but cunning ways of recruiting new members into SBC.

  14. Hi Patrick, according to your sentiments, SBC was to collapse before 30th/April/2014, but it is still functioning, still strong, and getting better each day, how come?

  15. hahahaaa, stupid fool, whoever cant see wat is going on doesn’t understand hw a pyramid works, there aim is recruit more pple who pay the said 35 dollars n that is divided among the ilk wth mucg going 2 the founder, y do they keep on saying recruit mo n mo pple, hahaa , am jst laughing , wat a por scheme,

  16. i got conned by the so called sbc.where they got my number i cant tell.
    have you ever see a business without merchandise to market or sell?

  17. Hey guys?
    i don’t know whether i should be grateful or not.Yesterday I saw a captivating post by a guy promising how one can make easier money weekly.I followed and he finally gave me a link which I followed and landed on SBC, where I was to join strictly under his name;’inviter’ .one is required to strictly use gmail for i reason i don’t understand.
    I ran out of internet before I could verify my email and hoped to do it but today my ‘inviter’ texted me before I verified.He informed me to attend a powerful training seminar on Monday 15/9 at Commerce House 4th floor.(its just next Kenya cinema along moi avenue).I was to carry a notebook,a pen,national ID and a ‘tiny’ 200 Bob for registration form and also for sorting out serious individuals.
    I tried to ask for online training but insisted on how crucial face to face training.
    What troubled me was the reason i should pay to get to work…and if i found him online why don’t we do the training online??
    My inviter also signed out as one from Internet Marketing Africa,which i didn’t know and i don’t know what it is.
    Is this thing genuine or its a bunch of people prying on the naivety of desperate people looking for online jobs??

    • Hello John,
      Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog.
      It was wise of you to do due diligence before you agreed to sign up for the SocialBizConnect thing. It is a mere scam that the only thing it does is invite people for seminars where they are supposed to pay 200/=. Do not commit your money to them.
      Before we discovered what they were up to, a lot of my friends signed up for the ‘online jobs’ and ended up losing money on the seminars and monthly subscriptions.

      You also mentioned about Internet Marketing Africa. The ‘company’ is a sister scam of SBC. You can actually find another post I have written about Internet Marketing Africa by following the following link

      Stay safe.

  18. Hello Patrick, thank you for your wise words, i was previously invited to that so called social biz connect. i found an advert on FB and i contacted the advertiser and he told me i was supposed to pay ksh 200 and when i asked the guy why i was supposed to pay any money when am looking for a job, i was told that it was for training purposes.then i went ahead and suggested why couldn’t i be allowed to work first and they cut the training fee on my salary! and i was told i was impossible. that’s when i decided that anywhere am being asked to pay cash for i to be given a job is a no go zone for me. today i have found this site that has opened my eyes. thank you.

  19. Today I just attended their so called training. I paid 200 missed a lecture and I was promised a heaven if at all I paid 40$ , so they’ve been hiking the fee all throughout? I was even tempted to borrow money inorder to earn these dollars

  20. What i know is that the guy keeps on changing company names and joining fee.. last week it was 40$$ now 35$$ and so on.. i told him that and the next thing my a/c was deleted

  21. Youths,you work to get paid.not pay to work.not matter how long a pyramid scheme lasts it has to come an end When the number of new members start to decline coz they cant manage to pay all those thousands of members.they’ll disappear.the ones at the top will be millionares but the highest percentage will lose their money and left jobless with wasted time Scam Biz Cons (sbc)

  22. I didn’t want it to end this way! I start by appreciating Kimathi Kamunde (KK), the CEO IMA/SBC and the company for the knowledge on Network/social media marketing that i gained in the 9 months i was a member of IMA/SBC. However, i would be unfair if i failed to give KK and SBC members my sincere pieces of advice about SBC program, maybe, they would help to improve the program:
    —SBC in its current state suits young people; 1st and 2nd year college/university students and form IV leavers, who are looking for little cash for pocket money and a place to socialize face-to-face. i am past the two.
    —SBC attracts and will continue attracting college students and form IV leavers, that is why about 96% of IMA/SBC membership consists of these two groups.
    —KK promised us in March and April 2014 that by December 2014 we would be earning ksh. 100,000, 200,000….to ksh. 500,000 per month. It is funny that i earned ksh. 6,000 in the entire month of December 2014.
    —with all that effort that i placed in SBC, i managed to earn a total of $912 for the 9 months that i was around. when i joined in March, i upgraded my account and extended it up to August from my pocket. so basically, it is like i earned about ksh. 60,000 for a whole 9 months. then when i told KK that i was quitting his program, he goes around painting my name.
    —It is funny that KK accuses me of poaching members, when in the last week before we broke for X-mas holiday last year i had 3 upgrades in my level 1, if i was in another program, i would have upgraded them in that other program. KK didn’t think right.
    —KK himself does not believe in SBC, if he believes in SBC, why is he in other programs, such Forever Living Products (FLP), which pay him better than SBC? why can’t he also advice SBC members to join other programs so they could be like him?. Yesterday, at the members meeting, he was promoting the FLP program to members of his own program: that is funny!
    —SBC has many years to achieve stability and steady growth, but with poor management, i don’t foresee the program reaching that state.
    —In 2014 alone, KK changed the pay plan 4 times (ksh. 1980, ksh. 2700, ksh. 3780, ksh. 3600), this only proves how unstable the program is, at least, he needs to leave a pay plan to run for not less than one year.
    —I remember when KK unleashed the pay plan of 3600, with L1=$10, L2=L3=L4=L5=$5, he said that “this is the best pay plan, the most lucrative pay plan and it will never be changed”, what happened that you now adopts a “Reversed Matrix Formula” pay plan. He does not have a plan.
    —If you want to know that SBC is unstable, let KK do away with Guest’s seminar fee, Center fee, & inviting incentives. I am sure, SBC will not last for more than 2 weeks. We tried that for two days, and the repercussion was felt.
    —The truth is, I never earned ksh. 10,000 on any week, most of my earnings and testimonials were accumulated for 2 or 3 weeks.
    —Most of the testimonials that we usually give to guests are accumulated for 2 or 3 weeks, some even for a whole month, but we tell guys that they are earned WEEKLY. Total crap!
    —I can’t forget to congratulate Fredrick Omondi (Havy) and Evans Mutea, they have done extra-ordinary work; but earned normal incomes. I am sure if they employed the same effort and smart working styles in other better programs, they would be now earning at east ksh. 80,000 per month on the most minimum.
    —I eventually agree with Suleiman Waithaka–former fluent and able trainer and ex-SBC member, who said that ” SBC is a consistent episodes of failure”

    • Hi guys.. am not a member but have just been referred to by my friend.. but the registry fee she told me is different.. she says she paid khs 9k for registration.. and urges me to do the same.. i have been on such a site before called ‘Earn real money’ by just inviting more and more people but when you finally reach the target and ask to be paid.. other adverts show and dowloading the so called form is almost impossible.. after that i decided to research about this so called socialbizconnect.. am surprised you guys talking of 2700 .. others are paying 9000.. am glad i came across this blog.. i would be frustrated to lose that amount luer my friends to do the same.. it would have been so shameful.. thanks guys you’ve been
      of help.

  23. Hi Kihara…
    I couldnt wait to comment. To start with, I dint find the url of the social biz connect website. Someone invited me and I decided to find out whether the site is a scam. To me, it is. Kenyan youths desperate for jobs just like I be warned. No helpful information is on the How it works forum. Kuzungushwa tu. Atleast I have learnt after losing my 30 dollars to ads globe.
    This site, social biz connect is a scam.
    Instead, get busy with Iwriter.com and speechpad. Very difficult jobs but you will end up making a living.
    Kihara, thanks for your good work.

  24. Hello Patrick…as m speaking in my hostel at kenyatta university,i have followed the fb ad and the advertiser has given me an appointment on Monday which my intelligence cant dare to…req 200/- bob,th most stressed one…wen i try askin querries abt th grace period btn the alleged training seminar and gettin on wit th job,she tell me that we wl talk more on seminar day…one question i would like to SBC is ‘when wl u get satisfied wt employees…’.,another querry to my fellow comrades ‘wea in ths kenya can u be paid 10000/- per wk if nt n the UK…take care SBC is jus like Kanyari…me cant jus cant afford to miss my precious lectures to attend stupid seminars,,,thanks PATRICK

  25. true,i’ve also attended one seminar. At first i was excited how easy money can be earned so easily. With this concept of referrals i see SBC like a long foodchain where those at the top feast on those that are rather new. For example what if everyone in Kenya invited everyone else till there was no one else left. The once that would be the last ones would be the ones being exploited since they cant invite anyone else … Someone stop this robbery.

  26. C

  27. James Ng'ang'a wa Njenga February 20, 2016 at 7:56 am

    I have always been invited for those seminars but have luckily turned them down. Now, am happy I did turn down the invitations. You are doing a great job Kihara of enlightening your readers about what they should avoid.

  28. I almost lost a longterm friendship after my friend wanted me to Join this thing.But I cd smell a scam from far.Thanks Man This is Helpful..Let everyone Work for His own man and not expect to be rich overnight Magically.

  29. Thank you for your review,it has shed a lot of light. I was suspicious of it from the get go really but that’s just how I work. We saw the ads on fb with a pal of mine. I’d lie if I said we weren’t hopeful. Thankfully I asked the advertiser for more details first N when she mentioned sbc I quickly consulted my bestfriends Google for advice N she sent me here among other reviews. All I have to say is shame on kimathi N people like him. MLMs are all the rage nowadays,sadly mlm type scams are the norm and not the exception. Maybe you already have bit could you do a critic on world ventures please.. I have been approached by a few friends about it (whom I thought were calling to catch up but as soon as I said no to their ‘offer’ I never hear from them again). It is way more expensive to join than sbc,they have a way better website N fancy videos they use to entice prospective members but honestly my scam-radar beep is off the charts anytime I hear it mentioned.

  30. I attended one of the seminars along moi avenue that just discourages young youth about education,during his session he tries to only give the disadvantages of education eg saying one can go for campus for 3 to 7 years and be employed by someone never stepped the campus giving an example of Njenga Karume. ….nowadays to attend the seminar you must pay a fee of 200 and to be an active member is 3600 ……WATCH OUT..!!!!!

    • Hi Dennie,
      Thanks for stopping by and giving us an update about SocialbizConnect. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook to alert them of the con in town.

      • 1. If the business is of fostering advancements and resulting benefit to participants, should register the willing pple to perform the duties without charges.
        2.An individual should not be registered under inviter name.only under his/her name .
        3.Business should be strictly well managed.means, not paying the huge food-chain(employees)through M-pesa should actually done through their bank account to deposit their money.2nd they even prefer uneducated majorities.they don’t deny them chances of attending the seminars.how can that be? without skills and knowledge? they accept everyone of any level.
        4.They should offer free training.then lately after allowed to work,they reduct/charge training fee after the salary is ready.
        5. They don’t give maximum details about their products. that foolishness and stupidness
        6. I attended the seminar three times now and the third one will be the last one.wastage of my money.nothing productive they have or give.BE CAREFUL

        • 1. If the business is of fostering advancements and resulting benefit to participants, should register the willing pple to perform the duties without charges.
          2.An individual should not be registered under inviter name.only under his/her name .
          3.Business should be strictly well managed.means, not paying the huge food-chain(employees)through M-pesa should actually done through their bank account to deposit their money.2nd they even prefer uneducated majorities.they don’t deny them chances of attending the seminars.how can that be? without skills and knowledge? they accept everyone of any level.
          4.They should offer free training.then lately after allowed to work,they reduct/charge training fee after the salary is ready.
          5. They don’t give maximum details about their products. that foolishness and stupidness
          6. I attended the seminar three times now and the third one will be the last one.wastage of my money.nothing productive they have or give.BE CAREFUL

  31. I was invited by a friend to this SBC. I didn’t know it is a ‘ Investment scam’, if the comments I read is the way to go by, then I have no other option but to quit. I visited their website and Joined but when I reached the point of upgrading, I gave a halt. But still I have to continue. I have to join SBC. In business we call it risking. No risking, no gaining.

  32. I like your point number 3. You need to be patient i mlm. Those who have been patient are making good cash. I have been in sbc for an year and i earn over 15000 weekly. As a fresh graduate i can pay my bills comfortably. MLM works for patient and committed people.

  33. heeeee imagin you have helped me some was recruiting me though i have never done any online marketing this was my first time and i think your article is genuine i strongly fell that thanks for heads up.

  34. MLM is legit business if there is valuable products and service but not SBC ,

  35. I really appreciate your opinion about SBC. If you really want to share true opinions about the business, approve this too. This was so well calculated. I personally read this article just after I had started business, guess what happened next. This article darkned my business for a whole month. Fortunately, I was seeing people earn from this business you call scam. I wondered if it was only them to earn do I didn’t have any option but do what others which was making sales. I got paid and it’s been a year an a few months and am here to stay.
    Let’s stay out of the norms of looking at excuses and not looking at the both sides of the coin. It works if you work and just like any other business, you have to invest and work on it or lose it all.

  36. Every business is engulfed with posibilities of risk. It only depends on the density of risks associated with each business. Despite the fact that such Online Marketing might contain one or two features of scam, there is still an existence of risks. I like your article, however, I am more sentimental because you handled only the negative side of the scheme. Kindly do a research and provide us with an additional information with respect to benefits, rewards and statistical providence of these who have already succeeded in this business. Regards.

  37. hi.There’s another man called kelvin mugendi-no idea if he is a blogger or entrepreneur.He lured me into joining social bizz connect and make huge amounts of money.He has even posted some success stories on his website,,kelvinmugendi.com but after doing my research and found this article,am starting to think its a scam.!

  38. I remember I also was invited to SBC I even had to pay the 200shs to attend the 3hrs seminar. Wasted my time telling me about eagles and how unique they are. Telling us the usual and how we get money by invitation of people. By then it was 3600 for upgrading and now guess it’s how much? 7,920 kshs ..scam! And the so called people who made it to SBC stop at nothing to keep texting you.. And their little photos showing the coins they get. Guys please why u lie we don’t know but we have never seen any person build a mansion and lived luxuriously with the coins and if there is let us see ..coz that money is hopeless and doesn’t help you guys..so these guys kind of brainwash us..telling me a student in campus that education is invalid..and that I can dropout like them to make a living..guys really? Or let’s say why can’t u use those coins to buy life coz SBC will crumble and what will u have left.. Desperation and depression.. It’s better to work with talents skills and education than the so called SBC ..who can’t get a better place than moi avenue.

  39. It’s safer and better to do academic writing. …..this sbc has a 90% failure rate and can’t be trusted. Whatever majority see as bad is just bad…..no two way about it.the other option is opening one’s own website at 30k minimum and give it your best.atleast you are sure it will yield positive results even if it takes a year

  40. Thank you for this piece.you have really saved me .I had just been invited 4 a seminar this morning at safina plaza rm s9 located next to Mount Kenya university in Eldoret.

  41. Thank God you who got this information earlier.
    I personally regret why i wasted my transport only to come and give a thief my 200bob in town and attend such scam.
    I am a victim,i accept but let no one else fall to the same trap that caught me.
    There is no realistic thing like socialbizconnect or Online marketing Africa,this advise i can give everyone for free.There is nothing being marketed for sure,i’ve attended their seminar and gained a total loss of 200,,to add salt to the wound,they want 7920Ksh from a poor kenyan looking for a job to join the bussiness….!!!!!!! Damn!!
    I Dont think this scam pleases the heavens really..

  42. HI bro u saved me from those thieves.i was to go tomorrow you rescue me when i come across your site , we desperate job seekers give me direction genuine site

  43. Thanks so much.I was about to attend the meeting on monday.Atleast i will save my fare and the 200 bob..I received the msg and it read:

    We are pleased to invite
    you to attend a 3hrs Exposition, work training and affiliation programme at our Head offices in NRB.
    -smartly dressed.
    -A notebook and pen.
    -We charge ksh 200 training fee meant to keep away idlers and to SORT out serious individuals.Inclusive of VAT.
    Commerce hse 4th flr rm no.9.Its next to Kenya cinema.
    At exactly 11am .
    Your seat is reserved.
    Your inviter is ELSIE AFWANDE.

  44. Thanks for saving me from this fraud stars they hacked me several times stealing my 7,920/=

  45. kenyans should read widely……..network marketting is and will always be here…………..read more about metcalfes law and you might understand more about the payment plan.this post exposes your ignorance and your inability to adapt to changes.ANYWAY RISK IS FOR WINNERS.

  46. sbc is still working. this article is from 2014 and it states that sbc will collapse. however 3 years down the line and we are still growing strong regardless of the negativity. people come.. commit.. work hard and earn. on the other hand others come for quick cash and that is how they loose it all. unwilling to put in time and commitment they leave and later badmouth the company claiming that they wasted their money of which this is not the case. they just venture with no clear intention of hardwork. also those who are thanking the writer of this article for ‘saving them from conmen’ think twice. not every opportunity that comes forth is a scam.and certainly after 3 years. sbc is proving day in day out not to be a scam.Check the history, the so called pyramid schemes last not more than 6 months

  47. that is my blog I need it to be hosting in order I can get more viewers

  48. Kenyans will never open upstairs…information is power…i wonder,why human brain was programmed to think negatively…GOD forgive them!!!

  49. Lisemwalo n.a. wengi Lipo……am fully convinced that SBC will never make anyone a millionaire or if I can say a billionaire except KK.I joined SBC with no information about it.but I don’t regret I have the information now.I can now spare my time and energy that would go on a waste!those who have not joined;you are better of.don’t fall into this trap sheeply lest you regret your resources wasted….thanks patrick

  50. Sbc has changed its name to global internet fortunes(GIF) be warned

  51. Four years later, SBC is still alive. For some members, they’ve become the top earners. The passion at the end of the day must be within you. There are opportunities everywhere. Long live SBC! Here, I return.

  52. i need to expose a con here

  53. Are three months not over yet?

  54. This site might be true or fake but one thing is for sure, its time wasting

  55. It is a scam. Even Grobal internet fortunes is on the same. The have agents dressed in wakurino utter TN convince the unsuspecting Kenyans of their products. Be ware

  56. They now go by the name global internet fortunes

  57. My latest review about Socialbizconnect is that it has taken a step ahead to be proven that it’s not really a scam as it used to be. Actually, which is a more interesting thing about it,Socialbizconnect is now replacing the Global Internet Fortunes with the CEO MR. KIMATHI KAMUNDE. Then new platform has amazing features that will solve the coming future marketing challenges. You should not doubt this since GIF has been operating fir seven good years after the CEO gave a try for the socialbizconnect at first where the results were wanting and clients were warned of the scam. Following the above argument made,i strongly agree that Socialbizconnect is going to be launched on 15th of December after celebrating the 7th anniversary of the business. I truly confer that socialbizconnect is a real deal. I recommend that any person should think to join and start your journey of success. For more details, connect me via WhatsApp business number 0718422500