Online Paid Surveys in Kenya: Genuine Websites that Pay You to Do Surveys

On March 14 2014, Jane Waithera, a form 4 graduate form a local Secondary School in Kenya, clicked a banner on this website.

She was looking for companies that pay Kenyans to do online surveys. She desperately needed to make money so that she could go to college.

One month after joining the most recommended survey company that accepts Kenyans, Jane showed me a payment of $579 that she had received from the company. She could not believe it.

It was the highest amount of money that she had earned her entire life!

take surveys get paid in Kenya

Get Paid for Online Surveys in Kenya

“At first, I was not sure whether the opportunity was real or not. I was hesitant especially when the online company that I was to work for asked me for registration money. But at the same time, I was desperately looking for something that I could do to make some side income.”

“I figured that it couldn’t hard to try. After all, the biggest risk anyone can take is to take no risk at all,” Jane told us.

Jane has continued making money with various online paid survey companies that accept Kenyans.

In 2015, she enrolled in Nairobi University using some of the money that she had saved from doing online surveys.

Jane’s advice to anyone who wants to make money online: This is the right time to start. She recommends the company that she currently works with. Does the company accept Kenyans? Yes. It does.

Click here for Details

Other Websites That Accept Pay Kenyans

Jane gave us a list of other websites which accept Kenyans.

However, these websites do not pay as much as the company she recommends.

Here is the list of those other websites.

  1. Neobux Paid to Click
  2. Clixsense Surveys and Tasks
  3. PaidVerts- Get paid to view ads

Websites that Pay you to Complete Online Surveys

  • Neobux

Neobux is a (Paid to Click) PTC website. You get paid as much as $0.01 to click and view an ad for 5-25 seconds. If you do not possess formal skills to work on other online jobs or you just cleared high school and can’t wait to start earning an online income, this is the place for you.

The procedure is very easy. Simply register for a free account and start clicking on ads. You can increase the amount of money you make on Neobux by inviting other people to join. You will then be paid a percentage of the money that your referrals make.

For the go-getters amongst us, you do not even have to click on the ads as you can buy referrals who will be clicking the ads on your behalf.

  • Clixsense

Clixsense has to be my favorite among all online survey websites. The pay is handsome than in many other websites and there is more than one way through which you can make money. At Clixsense, you make money from clicking Banner Ads, referring other people to the website, playing online games, and completing tasks.

The more tasks you complete, the higher you earn and stand a chance to win the WEEKLY TASKS CONTEST.

Clixsense has also entered into strategic partnerships with various outsourcing and genuine survey companies to increase your potential to make money online.

The real power of Clixsense however lies in upgrading to Premium Level. Once you have upgraded, you get paid on a multilevel plan up to 8 levels deep.

The amount of money you get from online surveys is less than what you would get doing other online jobs. However, if you do not have any formal skills, I do not see how else you are going to make money online.

How to Avoid Being Scammed in Online Survey Jobs

Have you ever tried to make money online by doing online paid surveys? If you have, you probably have come to the same conclusion like so many other Kenyans- Most of the sites that promise to pay you for doing online surveys are actually scams.

They only want to get your email address so that they can sell it to email spammers or get your credit card and social security details so that they can steal from you through identity theft.

This is not to say that there are no genuine online paid survey sites. But filtering the legitimate ones is usually a challenging task to many Kenyans who are starting to scratch nefarious world of online incomes.

Most of us stumble across unsolicited emails or ad banners offering to make us rich, for just sharing our opinions. Let’s face it many Kenyans will jump at an opportunity that promises thousands of dollars at little or no effort.  Most will end up spending their hard earned cash on these websites only to end up in self pity for not doing the necessary background checks.

In this article, I will show you how you can tell a genuine online paid survey site from a fake one. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

Online paid surveys in Kenya

Telltale signs that the survey site maybe a scam


It Came as an Unsolicited Email

You click to open your inbox or spam folder (more likely) and there is the so called irresistible offer. Promising you an opportunity to make thousands of bucks for just answering surveys at the comfort of your rocking chair!

A little math will tell you that this will add up to hundreds of thousands a year. But a little common sense will probe you on  a firm that you have never heard of before would spend a hundred thousand dollars or so on a person who is not an employee, with an education background they do not care to verify.

A Prompt To Pay For a List

A 30 day trial or a Focus group: well this one should raise the red flag to any of us.

Legitimate survey firms make money by charging their clients, the product manufacturers, to conduct polls. They use this money to pay you the consumer, which is you, for your opinion of the product. Not the other way round.

So if you are asked to pay in order to join a special group that gets the first consideration when a survey comes through, or to pay for the ultimate list of survey sites that should be a no no for you.

An Extended List of Testimonials and Proof

Most of these scam survey sites will show you an extended list of positive reviews from excited fake members who were paid promptly and recommend the site to every other person.

Some will even go ahead to scan some documented evidence of checks or online payments that memberonline paid survesy in Kenya websitess received.

Again these are most definitely rip offs unless it is a legitimate site with a sloppy marketing personnel.

Such sites should also be in your no go zones.

Survey sites that appeal to your emotions, through testimonials and proof, instead of reason usually want you to make a rush decision that you will definitely regret.

Too Much Personal Information Required

Most of the time survey sites will require demographic information; which country do you live in, which city in particular and so on and so forth. The closest a survey should get to your personal information is your name and email address so that you don’t take the same survey twice. But if a site asks you for more personal information such as credit card details or social security number this should most definitely ring the alarm bells.

Contact Information

This is a critical detail that is necessary to establish the legitimacy of any firm. Check the contact information, try to place in a call or send an email. If the call doesn’t go through despite several trials or an email goes unanswered or receives a disjointed non-specific response after some time. Be warned, the site is most likely a scam.

A Word About Genuine Paid Online Survey Sites


online paid surveys in kenya websitesOf course there exist several legitimate sites that offer you genuine opportunities to pull in some extra bucks, despite the presence of many scam sites.

Sites such as and among others offer their users opportunities for a side hustle. After you have registered, freely of course on a legitimate site be sure to check your emails often to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity because these surveys usually fill up fast.

Have you ever tried to make money online by doing online paid surveys, leave your comment below. You will have helped other readers of Blogscheme make a genuine money online.

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