Internet Marketing Africa is a Scam: Here’s Our Unbiased Review

You are probably on this page because you have received a text message from someone who works for a company by the name of Internet Marketing Africa LTD that purports to operate from the 4th Floor of the Commerce House in Nairobi. You want to get answers and I can understand your thirst for information.

Is the company genuine? Can you make such huge amounts of money working online in a week, as the SMS said? Where did Internet Marketing Africa get your details, especially your phone number?

While I might not provide answers for all your questions, there is one thing that I know.

Jobs in Kenya are scarce, and not even the most philanthropic and humanitarian NGO in Kenya is inviting people to high-paying jobs from the blues.

In fact, from the very fact that Internet Marketing Africa has resulted to spamming Kenyans with unsolicited SMSes, it snugly fits into companies that are characterized as scams.

In this review article, I will provide you with information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

What is Internet Marketing Africa?

Internet Marketing Africa is a sister company of SocialBizConnect Kenya (formerly My Fortunes Builder). The company operates from Commerce House, Nairobi. The company is owned by one Kimathi Kamundeh.

A few weeks ago, SocialBizConnect was trying to recruit new members, just like IMA is doing. I wrote about SBC a few weeks ago and received all manner of derogatory comments and abuse for my criticism. You can read the viral post here.

After my exposure of how the SocialBizConnect Kenya cons the Kenyan youth hit the number one spot in Google, members of the pyramid scheme were advised to stop saying they were working for SocialBizConnect Kenya. Instead, they were to recruit members under the name of Internet Marketing Africa Limited.

What Does Internet Marketing Africa Do?

If you are going to work for Internet Marketing Africa, you surely need to know what the company does, and here comes the spoiler.

Internet Marketing Africa does nothing but invite members to training seminars for a small fee of 200/=!

The invitations are to seminars that teach you how to invite new members, and so the cycle goes. You are paid a small fee of 50 shillings for inviting new members to seminars.

In the process, Kimathi and cahoots pockets a cool 150/= from the members you have invited to their seminars. That will be your main ‘online work’ in Internet Marketing Africa.

Below are 5 reasons why there is more darkness than light in the operations of Internet Marketing Africa.

Is Internet Marketing Africa Giving Free Blogs?

 {Update- Since I wrote this post, Internet Marketing Africa have upgraded their website. Instead of the free blog announcement that used to greet site visitors, you are now welcomed by a few PLR articles about Network Marketing/Multilevel Marketing (MLM). Note how the website is still basic and lacks information about what the company does. The company is still to update their compensation plan, and for a very simple reason- They do not have one.}

Internet marketing africa

The first thing that hits you once you navigate to the {::poorly designed::::} Internet Marketing Africa website is the promise of a free blog!

Who wouldn’t want a free blog at this age when hosting costs an arm and a leg? Don’t fall for it. Once you click on that Free Blog Banner, you are greeted by a Hostgator affiliate page.

Kenyans know what a free blog means and we know when you want to make a few bucks from unethically tricking your visitors that you are going to give them a free blog only to lead them to an affiliate page.

This is super-wrong. It is malicious, scammicious and suspicious.   If Internet Marketing Africa really wanted to give online jobs to the Kenyan youth, they wouldn’t trick them into affiliate pages. In essence, what Internet Marketing Africa is doing is making money for themselves using the Hostgator affiliate link.

Internet Marketing Africa on Social Media

You would expect a company whose main focus is the youth to be having so much social media presence since it is in the social media where the youth hang out.

Internet Marketing Africa will however not have any of that. Their best shot at using social media channels to reach out to their fans is is to spam Facebook groups requesting for new and vulnerable members to join.

Their Youtube Video Channel is a joke that was ordered from Fiverr and shows white people who are apparently making money through Internet Marketing Africa. {:::white people:::}. Sorry, but I thought this was a Kenyan thing.   Social proof is one of the indicators that is used to gauge the trustworthiness of a company.

{Update- Internet Marketing Africa now has a Facebook page! Big news, huh!}

Internet Marketing Africa and SocialBizConnect are One and the Same Thing

If you are intuitive enough, you will notice that the calls to join SocialBizConnect Kenya have been declining by the day. Maybe they have hit saturation point. Or the members are taking a sabbatical, reenergizing and coming back to give you over 8,000/= per week!

I will give you another consideration though.

I exposed SocialBizConnect Kenya as a dangerous scheme that will steal money from Kenyans and go under. The expose went viral. When you Google SBC  or SocialBizConnectKenya, the first page you’ll probably come across is my in-depth review of SBC.

That means almost no business for the company.   That’s why Kimathi Kamnundh hatched and popularized Internet Marketing Africa to counter the decline of business in SBC.

There is no Information Available Online About the Internet Marketing Africa

This is one of the most obvious red flags about Internet Marketing Africa!

A company about internet marketing that does not have any information available online. Who are you kidding? Not even a website where Kenyans can learn more about the company. Not an about us page. Not a twitter account.

How do these guys then claim that they are doing internet marketing?

Open your eyes Kenya.

You do not need to fall for such crap!

If you ask me, the masterminds behind Internet Marketing Africa are the poorest schemers ever. How can you convince people that you will give them a free blog when your own blog/website lies in shambles?

Multi-level and Network Marketing are Dead

internet marketing africa scam 2022

Internet Marketing Africa, and by extension SocialBizConnect Kenya are trying to revive a system of making money online that is long dead. There might have been times when network marketing and multilevel marketing were the shiz when it came to making money online.

Guys like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy made a killing from MLMs and Network Marketing but unfortunately those days are gone.  The internet has wisened people up. The promise of a free blog and other regurgitated PLR ebooks, videos and other junk won’t work. If you are looking to make money working from home, Internet Marketing Africa is clearly not the place for you.

So, What Can You Do to Make Money Online in Kenya?

SocialBizConnect and Internet Marketing Africa are scams. Nothing earth shattering goes on at the 4th Floor of Commerce House in Nairobi.

However, the fact that Internet Marketing Africa is a scam does not mean that you can make money online in Kenya.

Here are some of the genuine ways to make money online:

If you would like to start a blog that gives you money, kindly visit my homepage for instructions

If you are looking for a way to make money online that pays more than $1000 per month, you have to check out the Kindle Bestsellers Program!

This system is so easy that anyone who knows how to type can start making money instantly. I developed a training program that takes you through the whole process, step-by-step.

  • Join Bubblews

Update: Bubblews is no longer accepting new members. I have deactivated the signup link below.

Bubblews is a little known social network that pays you for sharing your updates, liking and commenting on other people’s updates. The system is best suited for a beginner. They pay you after you have made $50.00. Click here to join Bubblews now

  • Freelance jobs

If you have a skill (marketing, writing, graphic design, web design etc) you can join Upwork.Com or for free and start applying for freelance writing jobs.

Do not allow yourself to fall for pyramid schemes such as the one being run by Internet Marketing Africa. Janjaruka!

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Patrick Mahinge

Patrick Mahinge is a prolific digital marketer and "serial webpreneur". He runs multiple profitable niche websites and blogs monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising. Patrick generously shares his expertise in affiliate marketing, blogging, and online business through his Facebook group of over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up Patoh, will be texting you shortly to advice me on something. Gracias brother.

  3. thanks for ur help.i really need a job n i was to join them cz i didn’t knw the truth about them.

    • You are welcome Stephen. If you need online jobs that really pay, consider joining my newsletter so that I can keep you updated with new offers for jobs whenever they arise. You may also want to go through my training to equip you with the necessary skills to handle online jobs in Kenya.

  4. thanx man…i was headng there infact this week…thank God i decided to check it up…big up man…

  5. Thanks Kihara for such updates.
    However can you also update us on this organization called The Central Organization of MICRO-Credit Villages in Kenya led by one Dr. Amunga. It has conned many people funds in the name of loaning groups all over Kenya (e.g Nakuru, Trans-Nzoia, Kakamega, Kisumu, Siaya, Nyeri) yet no single group has ever benefited.

  6. I concur, please do some background check on what James Macharia has written.

  7. Am Irene. Was just about to join SBC but decided to find out more before rolling up my sleeves. Thanks for the info. Will be glad to get more insight from you. I want some extra income online besides my regular full time job.

  8. Hae patrick i have just received a text about the IMA Co ltd. Having said about internet jobs where by the training will held tommorow at the commerce building 4th flr and registration fee of 200 bob could that job be genuine plz help

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  10. God bless u.was to go there kesho.ati with 200/=

  11. Thanks bana.I was supposed to go for training tomorrow.aki you saved me

  12. I have a friend who was connected to the company through a relative. Apparently you are trained and then once you start working, you are expected to pay a monthly fee of Kshs 4000 to renew your ‘marketing license’ How genuine is this? Who pays to get paid?

    • Hey Anonymous,
      Thanks for your input. It is indeed another way of looking at it? How many genuine companies tell their employees to pay a monthly fee in order to be paid?
      How can you continue to pay Internet Marketing Africa a whole 4,000 shillings per month?
      Where is this money that you are paying going to?
      The more I think about IMA and SBC, the more I am convinced that Kenyans should not be suckered into this scam.
      Once again, thanks for your contribution.

  13. This was a great eye opener indeed because I was supposed to go there too on Friday for a training that starts at about 11:30 with a fee if 200 bob but had to do some research online first and I came across this blog post but.Thanks so much and God bless you

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  15. thanks for ur help.i really need a job n I was to join on 17JAN 2015 (today) them cz I didn’t knw the truth about them.

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  17. Hey ..ummhh thanks but i found this alittle too late n i had paid for the seminar…yesterday(saturday the 17th)i went there n there were some guys who even proved the bizna by even reading mpesa texts (we the members saw the texts) n they had such money…please advice on this

    • The texts are real. Go to Safaricom with that transaction number and confirm legitimacy. IMA and SBC do not offer employement, they offer a business opportunities. There is no business that you dont invest.

  18. Wow…i received their text a few days ago…i thought.., “might as well go and check it out”…good thing I decided to check it out online first and landed on this blog…thanks
    Maybe you could show us more of the genuine sites

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    Thank you,
    i wont let others fall in the trap

  22. that tiny 200 hundred to cater for registration form ,traing and keeping idlers off…THEY WERE ABOUT TO CON ME….THANK MAN…

  23. Patrick,
    Thanks for your help. Was about to fall for this decided to do some background check and found your blog.

  24. Damn! I was almost leaving home for the shitty seminar to be held at commerce house this afte,but I became suspicious after being told by the respondent that I’ll still get assistance even without my ID.The website does exist,functions imperfectly for a money making company as they claimed,and those txts are so identical to what I have in my inbox.I really thank you Patrick for the heads up

  25. I had been invited there twice.Then one day i was in town & decided to check it out with a friend of mine.I saw tens if not hundreds of guys in that “lecture room”.
    The “receptionist ” kept insistin i pay so i got suspicious and left.
    Thanks for the post anyways.

  26. i was conned kshs 200 last week . this week they had requested me to update my account with ksh 3600….thats when i realised something is wrong

  27. Total thanks I give an to u i was almost leaving Mombasa bt journey cancelled .thanx alot for that eye opening tips.siendi kabisa

  28. What a great article by Kihara.Keep the good work!

    I agree with all of you.All your opinions are valid.

    Here is my take…
    Socialbizconnect is not a scam.Simply because some do not earn.In my own knowledge,a scam only benefits the scammer ant the affiliates.Is Lyod Kim{Double K} the scammer?What about the affiliates?90% fail in this due to some reasons.

    Support.There is little on no support at Sbc.How can you get support and you are all newbies?Who will show the other the way?No wonder,one of the top trainer (Suleiman Waithaka) quieted.

    Products.The products simply do not sell!Period!

    Unstability.We can at least understand that it is a new company but very unstable.The payplan has been changed more than 3 times.This makes it unaffordable to most of Kenyans.Remember that there is no guarantee that one will earn.

    Training.Training is from those who have even less than 2 years of experience online.They know little or may be nothing.They idealy teach what has been taught already by other members.How sure can you be of the experience of each trainer?

    You cannot earn unless you go premium.This is a very big set back for most of us.Previously you could invite then get a commission for that.(If your invitee go premium).I hope the CEO will take a look at this and make it better for many.

    My general experiece with SBC…
    I joined it one year ago.Since am a graphic designer,I thought this was the best opportunity to make money.Selling products and services was what I thought.But guess what?I didn’t even build a website or market my proffesion.Actually there are a few experts at socialbizconnect.

    You can Join this program for FREE and still earn.If you lack a reliable computer or internet Do not BOTHER.Earn from a scratch.Hint:You will get to FREE website with hosting and support.Here…ask anything on that page!

    Do Not sign up if you are not planning to work hard!

  29. I was to go this tuesday but declined following my elder brother advise..thanx xo much

  30. True . very true. There is no product they are selling just invite invite invite so as to make money. And who wants to advertise online on a page with no prospects. There ebooks are a joke! I saw this young gullible youths face shining thinking they have hit a jackpot and was so annoyed. Something should be done. I might have saved two or three with my outburst but what about the rest.

  31. imagine I was to fell on that trap,buh I decided to research on the company. no wonder I was wondering, the person who is inviting me telling me that he is in and company pays,he doesn’t even look like a thousand.he seems to be having problems .

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  36. Thanks a lot Kihara! Can’t believe these people are doing this. Got suspicious when all they would do was text, and text! They can’t even compose a simple email . I’m not letting anyone fall for this scam….shame on them!

  37. Thanks a lot for your factual and informative blog. I never knew that the so called company was just a cunning fabricator of falsehood aimed at mercilessly siphoning money from innocent youths who are yearning and craving for online jobs. Thanks for the eye-opener. Will
    also be glad to get more insight from
    you about online jobs that really pay and updates
    of new offers for jobs
    whenever they arise. Not to forget, I wish to go through training to equip me with the
    necessary skills to handle online
    jobs in Kenya through your help.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  38. Thanks a lot for your factual and informative blog. I never knew that the so called company was just a cunning fabricator of falsehood aimed at mercilessly siphoning money from innocent youths who are yearning and craving for online jobs. Thanks for the eye-opener. Will
    also be glad to get more insight from
    you about online jobs that really pay and updates
    of new offers for jobs
    whenever they arise. Not to forget, I wish to go through training to equip me with the
    necessary skills to handle online
    jobs in Kenya through your help.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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  41. Thankyou very much.i even had a converse with a lady and even tried to call me giving the directions of where to meet her,pay cash 200 for 3 hrs and then be free to join the Rotten bussiness thivery.thanks patrick kihara for seeing this scambloger b4 morning.i had believed this pple just because i had an open chatting wdh a lady giving open details abt de 200 worth kenyan shillings of which is a full day pay of a hotel worker at the so called Kenyan-sonkos do pay after a succub of seating allowance and transport allowance of ksh.110,000 an hour and a kilometer respectively.the so called mps.Every single coin earned and more so via the right way is ussually blessed.GO TO HELL THESE SCAMMERS!!!!NKT.

  42. i had an appointment with one recruiter, i was to attend training tomorrow from 11am with a fee of 200..with a promise of making 30k…..thnx man

  43. Wow! Am shocked to find myself in this room at the same time receiving this link. So I just paid someone’s “online job”without knowing!!??? Awesome. Let me entertain myself as I also look for a means to make my money through “online job” [link redacted. Please do not include links in comments]

  44. Thank you soo much i really can’t believe it. I was to go there tomorrow but decided to research about the company because according to all the jobs av done av never paid any money for training. Thank God i saw your blog. That company is just robbing off people’s money n they have no information online about them. Shame on them!! NKT!!!

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  46. walai ndo nlikua naplan kuenda after kuingia lunch hour nkafkiria nisearch. thanks for first hand info

  47. at first i recognized that there is something fishy. when they told me marketing online. i asked my invitor what kind of product wil i advertise.
    i was expecting product like sofa set, plankets cups bowls etc
    at the end i came came to know that there is no tangable product.its all about inviting another person. thanx to ALLAH since am a muslim we know deeply about anything associated with interest(ribbaa) our first concept of business in islam is; you MUST know what you are selling or advertising.
    that is why i asked my invitor what kind of product am i going to advertise.and so many question before i attend the bulshit blood sucking training. and i dicided not to go the training totaly.
    in islam such Interst (ribbaa) scalled silsilatul haram( a chain of haram that wil never end) where by the chain holder ( the invitor) wil benifit and the invitee wil be victim and the chain goes like that cycling and sucking the blood of the poor new comers. there fore wana nchi wakaa chonjo
    like our friend patrick told us.

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  57. nilikuwa nimeinvite niende uko kesho by a lady ”yvonne nduta maina 0704189611 ” and she told me i needed to pay 200shillings to prove ati am not a joker… thanks alot for the heads up..

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    Surely in this Kenya of ours,where will u find someone to plead you to offer u an employment with such huge money!!!
    when the deal is so good,think twice…

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  68. Hi Patrick,

    Is Internet Fortunes Ltd or Global internet Fortunes a scam as well?
    My son has received an invite to attend a training at Kes. 200 at Commerce House next to Kenya Cinema

  69. I only see business rivalry here, you are just saying ‘abandon Internet marketing Africa but come to mine’ what is the difference. how can one even trust. all of you are scams.

  70. It’s now 2020 and the company is Alive and kicking and has won awards in 2018 and two recent ones from Kenic.

  71. Hi is it the same as global internet fortunes

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