2013 Was A Good Year for Freelancers in Kenya, 2014 Will Even Be Better!

I am tempted to start with the good news that is doing rounds today! Odesk is merging with Elance! I think you now see why I predict 2014 will be a better year for all freelancers in Kenya. However, before I digress too much into that, here are the benchmarks that made 2013 a good year for all freelancers and internet marketers in Kenya.
Equity Bank Introduces Paypal Withdrawal Services

Equity Bank Kenya partnered with a South-African Bank, FNB, to offer Paypal Withdrawal services in Kenya. Although this one had actually been long overdue, it was a good addition to what Caesar and Esther Waganagwa have been doing through the Epay-Kenya Paypal-Mpesa Withdrawal services. Unfortunately, when the Equity Bank Paypal Portal hit the ground, I was so tied up on client orders that I couldn’t even begin to write about it. We hope that they system will be here to stay.

Kudos Equity, you made our freelance careers bearable.
Epay-Kenya Introduces The Epay-Kenya  Affiliate Program

Talk about a company that has always been in the forefront of making the Kenyan freelancer’s life smoother and I will show you epay-Kenya. The company was the first to introduce a sustainable Paypal-Mpesa withdrawal system. The system became so successful that earlier this year they decided to start an affiliate program to reward its users. Click here to register for the epay-Kenya affiliate program and start earning from their lucrative commissions today.
Globeskill: Made In Kenya For Kenyans

If you are a freelance writer, you probably understand all the agony associated with trying to compete for writing jobs in Elance with native-English speakers. Fortunately, Epay-Kenya launched a freelance jobs portal that works in a similar way with Elance and freelancer.com, only minus the stiff competition experienced elsewhere.

As of writing this post, there has been more than 1,000,000 jobs posted in Globeskill by clients from US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

You Can Now Withdrawal Your Online Dollars Straight From Skrill to Mpesa!

If you still do not believe it, the freelance and make-money-online industry in Kenya is set to blow up like dynamite in the near future! Nothing serves to clarify this better than the fact that Skrill has partnered with Mpesa to make the transfer of money online a joy for every Kenyan freelancer. Go out and check Skrill-to-Mpesa transactions, I guarantee you will love it.

What to Expect in 2014

There have been massive changes in 2013 that have positively affected freelancing careers in Kenya. This can only mean one thing, 2014 will even be better. I cannot wait long enough to welcome the new year! Can you?

Among the things I hope to see in 2014 includes a fully-launched Naivas affiliate program as well as other super malls joining in this tandem.

Let me know what have been the greatest milestones for your freelance career this year by leaving your comments below. You can also contact me directly via [email protected].

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