7 Incredible Tips for Maintaining Awesome Ratings on iWriter

A few days ago, I got a complaint from one of my mentees. She had done 7 articles on iWriter. All the articles had been accepted but apparently there was a problem. Her iWriter account showed low ratings of 3.5 stars only!

So what was the problem?

In this article, I will share 7 secrets that every freelance writer in iWriter should know.

However before I show you the tips that will save your ratings on iWriter, let us first of all establish the basics for those of us who are new in the freelance writing industry. Note that I also provide training on how to become an incredible freelance writer. If you would like to take part in my training, contact me on 0710251380.

What is iWriter?

iWriter is a freelance writing website where clients post articles and freelancers pick them up. Unlike oDesk and Elance that require you to spend lots of time bidding for jobs, iWriter lets you pick the articles directory. Work on them and submit them using their platform.

For a freelancer writer who is not getting work on the bidding platforms, iWriter is the way to go. However, starting at $2.43 for a 500 words article, the iWriter rates are probably lower than what you would bargain for yourself in Elance and oDesk.

How Do You Start Working on iWriter in Kenya?

To start working on iWriter in Kenya, you will need an Internet Service Provider who has not been blacklisted by iWriter.

A few years ago, iWriter took a hit on Kenyan writers who, according to the team at iWriter, were submitting low quality articles and trying to scam clients! They blacklisted most ISPs in Kenyan including Safaricom broadband, Orange and others.

Airtel Broadband is however still in operation. So you may need to get yourself an Airtel Modem if you want to work on iWriter. With their 100 MBs at 20 bob daily offer, I also think that Airtel is really the best modem for a freelancer who is not doing a lot of surfing, streaming or downloading stuff from the internet.

The other alternative to work on iWriter would be for you to use an IP Masking software. However, most of the free IP Masking Software do not work. If you know one that does, kindly let us know in the comments section below.

You can also download Tor Browser which does a very good work of hiding the IP address of your modem. This may however lead to the banning of your location as the browser changes the IP address every few seconds.

If you want to work in iWriter, I would say the only viable option is to use Airtel Broadband or one of the other ISPs who have not been blacklisted. They include JTL and Zuku.

How to Ensure that You Consistently Get Better Ratings on IWriter

Your survival on iWriter depends entirely on being able to maintain good ratings. If your rating drops below 3.5, iWriter is going to permanently block your account and withhold any amounts that you might have had in the account.

Maintaining better rankings on iWriter is however easier than you may think. With the tips in this section, you can be guaranteed of awesome ratings from article requesters:

Only work on articles from requesters with an approval rate of 75% and above.

Requesters with a lower approval rate are troublesome to deal with. They will reject your articles for the smallest mistakes and give you poor ratings, which can lead to the banning of your account.

Always contact the requester before you start working on their articles.

Let them know how you intend to complete the article.

Explain to them that you have handled similar articles before, and that you would want to establish a long term work relationship with them.

In short, woo the article requesters on iWriter, and they will consistently give you awesome ratings.

Do not work for a client who has given you low ratings again

A zebra cannot change its stripes.

Tackle short articles preferably up to a maximum of 500 words

If you are new in iWriter, your main goal will be to rise to Elite or Premium levels where you can earn more for your services. Tackling short articles is one secret of getting there. You not only get to finish the article fast, but you will also manage to give them your best shot.

Only tackle topics that you are enthusiastic about

So much writing still depends on enthusiasm. Only tackle topics that fancy your curiosity. Give them your best and you will be on your way to earning some good 5-star ratings within no time.

Do you have more iWriter tips that you can share with us? Let us know in the comments section.


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  1. that is a good piece of advice.. point of correction. orange modem is operational on iwriter. i use it frequently

    • Hi Edward,
      Thanks for visiting Blogscheme.
      Which Orange Modem do you use to log into iWriter?
      I have the White Orange Modem, and the best it does is only log into the site. I can’t pick articles or contact article requesters.

  2. Thanks for the tips.but just out of curiosity,how long does it take to be an elite writer?

    • Hey David,
      According to iWriter, you need a rating of 4.6 to get into the Elite level and at least 30 ratings. This means that if you can use the iWriter tips in this article and ensure that your rating does not drop below 4.6, you can get to iWriter’s Elite level within a month or two.

  3. hi, thanks for the informative and insightful article. i love writing and would appreciate a lot if u could offer training on online money making. am a graduate student

    • Hello Mwangi,
      Yes, I do offer training on several modules that will make you money online consistently. Contact me on +254710251380 to discuss the rates and pricing or check out my online academy here

  4. Awesome piece. If you are using chrome install browsec t mask your IP address.

    • Thanks Bildad,
      I will check out the Chrome Extension for Masking IP address… and probably do a review on how it works with iWriter.
      Keep it Blogscheme

  5. i got 4.078 after 50 ratings.How can i improve on it?

    • Hey Anonymous,

      4.078 is not that bad although it means you will have to write more articles in iWriter in order to make sure your rating goes high. Use the tips provided to make sure all your future rating on iWriter will be higher.

  6. Hey,
    Would you kindly drop your mail so that I can inquire a few things from you.Thanks.

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