10 Incredible Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Whether you are in the shaggy mats business, Kienyeji chicken farming or insurance brokerage, if your business does not have a blog, you are seriously losing out on a lot of business opportunities. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should create a blog for your business.

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

  1. A blog links your business with clients and customers

A lot of consumers rely on the internet to research a product or service before they make the final purchasing decision.

Take an instance where a consumer wants to buy Kienyeji chicken from KARI {:::replace the KaRI chicken with whatever you sell- shaggy mats, cucumbers, insurance brokerage, academic jobs training etc:::}. If the customer hasn’t made a decision on where to spend the money, there is every reason to believe that they will turn to the internet to research the best sellers.

Now imagine, you have a blog that focuses on the product and the customer finds your blog when searching for this information! Basically, a blog gives you a 75% higher chance of getting discovered by clients and customers. Start a blog now!

2.       A business blog Increases customers confidence in your brand/product

 Customers identify more with a blog that is constantly updated with content that is relevant to your brand, industry or business line. What such a blog tells your visitors is that you can be trusted as a reliable source of information.

As you continue adding more relevant information to your blog, customers come to trust and view you as an expert in your chosen field. Studies have shown that 81% of all customers trust information that they get from blogs.

However, in order to win their trust, you will need to use the blog as more than just a tool for self-promotion.

3.       Your blog is accessible round the clock

A blog remains open long after you close shop for the day. It is accessible round the clock. Customers who missed your closing hours can reach you through your blog. Those who can’t make to come to your physical store location can order for your products online. Seriously, if nothing else convinces you to create a blog for your business, this one factor alone should do it. A blog will increase the money that your business brings in.

4.       It is a cheaper way of getting your business in front of customers

Advertising on the internet is cheaper and more feasible than advertising on conventional media channels. If you can optimize your blog to rank on the first pages of Google, you are at an added advantage.  Google will send you massive customer traffic for Free!

5.        Educate your clients, customers and leads

Every business persons wants their customers to make informed purchasing decisions, and nothing can give this information to them more effectively than your business blog. By constantly updating your small business blog with informative and educative posts about your business, you can increase awareness about your brand and turn casual blog visitors into paying customers.

6.      Increase the geographical reach of your business

Many home-based businesses and small businesses in Kenya operate on zero-advertising business. They rely on word-of-mouth to announce their launch, their anniversaries and the new products they just brought in. Even at its best, word-of-mouth can only reach a few neighboring villages.

A business blog on the other hand gives you the potential to reach a countrywide, if not worldwide market. If you are serious about getting your small business to the next level, it is time you got it a blog!

7.        Puts you at par with your competitors

If you are not running a blog, your competitor is probably running one, and is beating you pants down!

8.    Your blog could be an additional source of income

A lot of bloggers have advertising space on their blogs for products that are complement what they are selling. This creates additional source of passive income to them. However, you might not want to carry ads on your blog is you are relying on it as the main sales channel. I don’t see any reason why you would want to advertise a competitor’s ad on your blog.

9.     A blog will keep you motivated when no customers are forthcoming

Every business has that low season when the sales are slow and no customers are making an appearance in their physical stores. At moments like these, your business blog could be a friend indeed. Instead of worrying yourself sick, take a moment to come up with fresh ideas for your blog’s content.

Researching new content to write in your blog also sharpens your wit and business acumen.

Seeing visitors stream into your blog will also restore faith that all is not lost.

10.    Network with like-minded people

Finally, your business blog is your opportunity to reach out to other like-minded small business owners across the world, exchange ideas and expand your thinking.

I am almost running out of ideas to emphasis the importance of creating a blog for your business. I am sure you can find three additional reasons why your business should be blogging. Share some of them in the comments section, and let us blog!

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