How to Tell Whether a Web Hosting Review is Genuine or Biased

Choosing the best website host is a daunting task, not only for the enthusiastic website owner who hopes to partner with the best players on the market but also for the critical web host reviewer who only needs to pit one against the other for rating purposes.

The confusion is brought about by the thousands of web hosts most of whom advertise to offer similar services. Consequently, the reviewer has limited tools with which to measure a web host’s acceptability on the market. Indeed the promises that some website hosting reviewers offer on their landing page may not necessarily be fulfilled. It is therefore a fallacy to use such a parameter to rank or rate them.

The greatest burden however lies on the you as you try to establish whether a given web hosting company is the best.

Rating Is a Necessary Burden for Website Identification

It has become imperative to delve deeper into the actual performance of website hosts in order to provide the consumer with the necessary information concerning the best website hosting services.

Such information will not only assist the budding businesses but also protect them against losing money unnecessarily due to lack of information or blatant misdirection by unorthodox hosts and reviews. In order to identify the best web host, it is imperative to highlight the parameters to be used to gauge the strengths of a number of front runners.

The Criteria for Web Hosting Rating

In assessing the performance of the top five web hosts, the rating was based on reliability, ease of use, speed matrix, the level of support and the cost of being hosted on such sites. The following web hosts scored favorably on the mentioned parameters. It must be noted that the performance matrix of web hosts may vary over time. There is no guarantee that a particular host will maintain and sustain the same level of great performance.


The Controversy Following Reviews

The general trend for most website review reports is that they soon become a subject of hot debate.

It is understandable, given that the reviews appear to give some entities an advantage over others. However, it should be noted that an objective review does not even contemplate the effect of their review in mind. The best web hosting reviews are well researched and are usually a non partisan statement of the performance of a particular web hosting service or product.

A reviewer worth their salt does not fall into the temptation of misrepresenting facts for the sake of hoodwinking prospective customers to think in a particular way. Such reviews would be unfortunate and misleading.

Your Best Web Host May Change Over Time

The other factor that makes it excessively difficult to gauge web hosting services is the fact that the services offered by webhosting companies can change. Performance and delivery of service at a given rating is not carved on stone. It may improve or deteriorate. Moreover, a review may only base its comments on a limited aspect of service delivery, yet there are aspects which an entity delivers expertly and efficiently .Such an aspect may be serving a certain select group of users in a remarkable way.

Discerning Objective and Biased Reviews

It is also expected that in a free market , the entities which may not have been given limelight on popular review platforms will form cahoots to respond and viciously criticize reviews which do not favor them or blatantly seem to suggest that their competitors are doing a better job. Others will individually respond to criticism with unforgiving dismissals and denials. Readers should therefore develop a discerning eye to gauge the merits of arguments posted whether in a review or a response to one. In most cases it is practically impossible to tell whether a response or indeed even a review comes from an interested party. However, a view of the facts stated including the tone will easily provide cues on whether one is genuine or not.

The Top Five Webhost List

The websites that found their way into the top five positions based on the criteria mentioned are

  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • dreamHost
  • WP Engine

It should be noted that the rating was particularly based on the user’s actual experiences with the web hosts. The most salient features of performance were tested by users and feedback collected independently. There were other factors that were considered including the performance of sites that offer shared web hosting.

User experiences were paramount in this regard. Such comments as those from long time users  who have had true life experiences with the various sites was a conspicuous ingredient of the review.


The quest for identifying the best web host will inevitably be resolved by reviews. Biased reviews appear to launch attacks against specific entities in a generalized or specific way. Usually, an independent and objective review will hardly focus on the undoing of a set of companies. Objective Reviews will usually be based on hard data that compares the trends and leaves the judgment bit to the reader.

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