What Type of Blog Content Attracts Traffic and Keeps Readers?

Every Kenyan blogger who has some experience of operating a profitable blog will tell you that writing quality content is the key to becoming a successful blogger. Google loves great content. You will be rewarded with heavy blog traffic if your content is awesome.

But what’s the secret behind writing this content that is capable of transforming your blog into a money-minting machine? There is no secret to writing quality content; either you are a good writer or you are not.

However there are a few tips here and there that would help you write content that is not only appealing to search engine crawlers but also to your readers.

1. Choose a blog niche that you can comfortably tackle 

Once in a while you will bump across a blogger who didn’t train in a certain field but has confidently been able to master its intricacies.

Most of the time however, you can tell a blogger who is trying to force themselves into a particular blog niche just because they heard someone somewhere say that it is one of the highly marketable and profitable blog niches available.

Trying to tackle a blog niche that you cannot master and that you have little knowledge in will not only be a hard task on your part, but maybe detrimental to your overall blogging career.

2. Constantly research and read 

I have never come across any good writer who is not a voracious reader. And this applies to every writer- web publishers, conventional writers and correspondence writers.

For bloggers, however, the need for vociferous reading and research is heightened by the stiff competition that characterizes the blogosphere. Read how you can have your big break in the blogoshphere here.

You need to offer your readers quality content that will keep your readers glued to your blog and coming back for more and more. This can only happen through extensive reading and research.

 3. How long should my blog post be?

The length of your content also invariably determines whether website users and/or search engine bots mark your content as quality.

On the one hand, search engines are a darling of lengthy content. The more lengthy your content is, the more likely that you have sprinkled enough keywords here and there for SEO.

On the other hand lengthy content turns off many online readers who are looking for fast content to skim through. Understanding the behavior of online readers can better explain about lengthy content. Try to balance the length of your posts and watch traffic flood into your blog.

4. Include relevant images and illustrations in your blog 

Apart from breaking the monotony of chunks and chunks of black text on your blog page and providing a light moment for your users, images also serve an added advantage by giving you the rare opportunity of unobtrusively adding your keyword in their title and alt tags.

5. Offer links for more details

Where explaining an idea will unnecessarily lengthen the content of your post Links are the essence of any form of web publishing.

Since readers get bored from scrolling down chunks of text, links act as the main form of navigation from one chunk of content to another. Furthermore, just like with images, you can add your keywords to the title and alt tags of your link.

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