Seeds of Sin Never Started With the Fake Preachers

While I must salute and appreciate the legendary Seeds of Sin Documentary that Dennis Onkari of NTV did, I must point out that the seeds of sin did not start with the Kenyan List of Fake preachers. It started with you and me and our desire to get easy solutions to complex problems. Desiring to live a problem-free life is all good and optimistic, but desiring to do so with the least of efforts in itself is vain. The scriptures have it that all faith and no actions is dead. So, if you want to get rich, start with the actions, and let the faith follow later on.

Reasons Why The Seeds of Sin Will Continue

The problem with many Kenyans is that they are excessively greedy and will always fall into such ploys that promise to give fast solutions. Think about that time when the Church of Satan claimed to have opened a branch in Nairobi.

Earlier last month, Nairobians were treated to the shocker of shocks after the church of Satan announced that it was opening and recruiting new members to join their highly secretive cult! We then heard very believable rumors that musicians, who are supposed to be our children’s’, role models were joining Illuminati in droves. And now we have a very controversial expose in the name of Seeds of Sin. I am not here to pretend to be the one giving any of these pieces of breaking news. I am here to try to figure out why Kenya seems to be going to the dogs.

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Kenyans love the big life, yet the country’s economy is so stunted to accommodate this kind of a lifestyle. In their quest for the big life, Kenyans have literally left the country go to the dogs. What more can you say, when our daughters, the mothers of this nation, will choose to sleep with dogs and get it filmed ready for sale in the highly lucrative pornography industry in exchange for a few measly dollars? Humanity is gone, smoked by the quest to earn enough dough to sustain libertarian lifestyles. This provides a fertile ground for Satan and all his agents to sow their seeds.

You have heard of crazy movements such as the Campus-Girls-for-Rich-Men. We have seen the socialites go nude in the social media just to get a spot in the who-is-who of the countries bourgeois. Maybe this, in themselves are not catalysts enough to convince the church of Satan to start sowing oats in Kenya. But add the sins of the pastors, reverends and imams into the list and you’ve got Satan wholly hooked ready to do exploits in the country.

The pastors are known to preach for money, they are suspected of using ‘suspicious’ powers to attract large gatherings in their churches. The imams harbor terrorists in the mosques while some practice sodomy on the young boys attending madrasas. It is a crazy world we are living in. We have let Kenya go to the dogs all in the quest for libertarian lifestyles. Where will our salvation come from?

We are the people who keep the fake preachers in business and they will continue to prey on gullible Kenyans.


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