How to Register and Start Earning Money on Livejasmin as a Performer

Have you ever wished you could date one of the most beautiful women in the cyberspace? A lot of people do. There is however a very understandable reason why they never actualize these desires. A lot of dating websites that promise hot hookups and free sex turn out to be mere scams. Others are too costly for one to even start imagining registering. There are however a few genuine dating websites that are free to join, and fun as hell to to use. Livejasmin is one of them.

What is Livejasmin?

Livejasmin is one of the most popular adult webcam platforms available in the cyberspace today! It is backed up by a community of real girls and men who want to have as much naughty chat and free sex as you do. The best part of this is the fact that Livejasmin is free to register and use for as long as you wish. The trial period does not expire nor will you get dubious charges on your credit cards. However, if you would like to get the gist of Livejasmin, Premium is the way to go. Premium is also the way to ensure the girl giving you free sex from the other end of the camera gets a meal and a glass of wine on the table at the end of the day.

The other ecstatic thing about Livejasmin is that it gives you a chance to start earning real money from simply camming! Imagine never having to perform one act of hardcore sex, never having your name plastered on a big cinema screen as the lead performer in the latest porn movie? Doesn’t it sound awesome? Webcam free sex adult industry has been described as one of the easiest and safest ways to earn money in the adult industry.

How to Register and Start Earning in Livejasmin as a Performer

To start earning as a performer in Livejasmin, you will first need ensure that you have easy access to the following tools of trade:
1. A computer and a capture card
2. A webcam or camcorder
3. A printer and a scanner
4. A lively and passionate personality

If you have every item in the free sex requirement checklist checked, it is time to hit the official Livejasmin website for a free sex account registration. Click on the “Models Wanted” button (it will be somewhere at the bottom of the screen). From here, you simply have to follow the registration wizard.

There are two types of accounts available for models:

  1. Easy Registration– Select this if you will be camming as a solo person
  2. Advanced Registration– If you like company for your camming sessions, choose advanced registration. It allows for limitless performers to perform under the same account

Somewhere along the registration process, you will be required to choose a referrer. There is a drop-down list of referrers. Choose any one of them and click submit. The last step will require you to download the Livejasmin Performer Agreement, read, it sign it, scan it and upload it back onto the site.

Your registration process is pretty much done now. All that is left is a few tweaks on your profile. You will need to upload a copy of your national identity card, a face photo and another photo of you holding your ID card. After entering you bio data and choosing a payment method, you are ready to go online! Enjoy your new found career!

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