Lead Management For Small and Medium Level Businesses

Manage the Entire Process from Capture and Qualification to Distribution of Sales-Ready Leads

While generating leads, which is the bloodline of any business enterprise, can be relatively easy, trying to manually manage, nurture and close the deal on qualifying leads can be haranguing even to the most experienced web marketer.
A business that is keen on monetizing most of its leads should tap into the power of lead management software. With these software, the process of acquiring and nurturing leads becomes as easy as waiting for a customer who walked himself into your store and picked some goods to check out.

Without a program to help assist you manage your leads, most of them soon become too overwhelming for you to effectively nurture and bring to the deal-closing stage. Lead management programs, gives you an easy enough program that any marketing beginner can use without the need of extensive learning; yet with powerful capabilities that none other lead management program in the market can match. With The lead management programs, every lead becomes a prospect, and every prospect can easily be nurtured until the deal is closed.

Easily nurture your leads, so unobtrusively leading them towards the final stage of the deal
Use the lead scoring program to know which leads are ready for the final ‘showdown’ and readily prepare for it
Tailor your communication with prospects through email marketing automation feature and get more positive response from your prospects
Cut down the costs of marketing by bringing qualified leads directly to the final stage of the sales process.

Effectively managing your leads will put you way ahead of your competition, and lead to increased profits and ROI. It also adds to the effectiveness of the whole marketing process and reduces the chances of prospects developing apathy towards your marketing campaign as each marketing message you send is relatively tailored to your audience. With our lead management program, you never have to worry that another one of your leads will be lost to a competitor along the long process of acquisition, nurturing and closing the deal.

Lead Qualification Qualify Your Prospects Based On Activity to Determine If They Are Sales Ready

Identifying the leads and prospects that are most likely to convert into sales can help you gear up your persuasion and concentrate more into nurturing them to maturity and close more deals fast. But how do you measure the value of your leads, how do you know which lead is more prospective than the other? The truth is there is no easy way of doing this. Or, most truthfully, there did not exist an easier way of measuring the score of you leads until the entry of XYZ’s lead scoring software.
With XYZ’s lead scoring program, you can easily add or subtract points from a lead depending on various market-oriented characteristics displayed by the lead such as response to your marketing emails, viewing of a webinar, or signing for a program trial. There are various reasons why as a marketer you may want to know the score of your leads. And with XYZ’s leads scoring program, your advantages are numerously added:
• By knowing which leads are underperforming, You can revive dead/stagnant leads • Concentrating on active, hot and simmering leads can lead to closing of more deals.
• Our lead scoring program makes your marketing campaign cheaper making by streamlining the sales process based on lead behavior and characteristics
You can effectively tailor your ad campaign messages to suit leads at various levels of activity. How the XYZ Lead Scoring Program Works XYZ’slead management and lead scoring program tracks and profiles your prospects’ behavior and gathers information, and assigns them a ‘sale-readiness score’ according to their action on your website.
The actions that our lead scoring program track including such actions like filling out a form, watching or signing-up for a webinar or downloading a trial of your product. The data gathered by our lead scoring program is grouped into two main categories: i. Explicit: This is data that client gives you by for example filling out your online form. ii. Implicit: Implicit data is gathered by observing aprospects behavior on your website. Both of these sets of data are then used to calculate the prospects’ lead score and graphically display it as flaming torches on the interface.

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