Exclusive Reviews: The 5 Olympic Weight Benches You Must Buy

There is a wide range of Olympic weight benches in the market today. Choosing the one that suits you requires proper research and planning in order to get equipment that fits your needs and comfort. Below is a list of some of the best Olympic weight benches for sale.

Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Weight Bench

best olympic weight bench setsThe Body Solid GDIB46L is the best olympic weight bench you will ever buy. This piece of equipment is one of the most versatile and complete combo benches around.

Providing a total body workout, it will exercise the pectorals, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs and legs. It does this by incorporating an all-in-one flat, incline, and decline and shoulder press bench, not to mention a seated leg developer.

Emphasis is placed on a high standard of safety, which is provided by telescoping uprights that hold the bar for bench exercises.

A Durafirm seat with back and seat padding ensures support and comfort during workouts.

The GDIB46L has a frame made from 12 gauge, high tensile, strength welded steel, providing strength and stability vital for any workout. The dimensions are 46X43X77’’ (w x h x d).

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

This Olympic weight bench incorporates Olympic weight sets, with the user being able to choose from leg lifts, chest presses and military presses.

It also comes with a dual action leg developer.

The heavy duty, robust mainframe is made of tubing that enhances durability. The adjustable weight bench can be pulled away from the rack frame in case you want to perform squats, while also allowing incline, decline and military positions. Other features include a locking safety hook and a non-pinch grip that ensure optimal safety during workouts. A locking leg lift pin enables sit-ups to be performed while on the bench.

Deluxe cushions and foam rollers provide the requisite firm but comfortable support. The bench comes in a gray/silver colour, and has clear assembly instructions that even a workout novice can understand. This makes it easy to set up in a home gym.  It has a weight capacity of about 340 kilograms.

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X-Mark International Olympic Weight Bench

The X-Mark International Olympic Weight Bench is a wise inclusion to any home gym. It enables both upper and lower body workouts, incorporating both leg and preacher curl attachments. 2.5’’ Hi-density padded seats provide ultimate comfort and prevent back injury during bench press workout sessions.

The weight lifting bench can be adjusted easily to accommodate flat, incline and decline positions. This is possible due to an oversized spring loaded pop-pin. The heavy duty mainframe is made of 14 gauge 2×2’’ steel that enhances durability. The dimensions of the frame are 76’’long X 60.5’’ high X 48’’ wide, with a weight capacity of 318 kilograms.

The presence of safety spotters reduces risk of injury.  The tear and scratch-resistant powder-coat finish is made of DuraguardTM vinyl which cleans easily and repels sweat. The full body exercises will definitely take your workouts to the next level, providing a truly great home gym addition for a reasonable price.

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Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Weight Bench

With the Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench, you can now develop muscles that are usually underworked.

An adjustable seat and back pad with slide track enhance proper posture during execution of military and chest presses. This feature provides safety while increasing the benefits of the workout.

A pivot point and lock mechanism also enhances the safety of the dual function leg developer. Contoured roller pads provide support and comfort. Another important feature of this bench is two bar catches at the back of the frame which provide enough space and freedom to perform squats.

The Diamond Surge bench also comes with easy to follow assembly instructions. The durable steel structure measures 80” L x 47.5” W x 60” H.

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York Barbell FTS Olympic Combo Bench

The York FTS combo Olympic weight bench is a versatile machine that is perfect for light commercial use and home gyms. The rugged construction adds to its safety during workouts.

A folding weight bench enables the user to perform flat, inclined and military presses. At a 90 degree upright angle, the user can perform shoulder presses. It also comes with attachments including a handy leg developer and curl extensions.

Weighing around 70.9 kilograms, the heavy duty mainframe is made of 3×2” box section steel framework. 2” thick durable upholstery consisting of high density foam provides adequate support and comfort.

Telescoping uprights extend 33.5” – 49”, enabling increments in bar heights when necessary.The dimensions are 20” H x 48” W x 58” L.

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