The 15 Blog Post Title Writing Tips That Work Like a Charm

What is in a blog post title and why should you pay particular attention to it?  Titles draw audience in to your content and as such should be crafted creatively. The search engines also give prominence to the words in your titles when measuring the relevance of your blog posts. Post titles play a very crucial role in the SEO of your blog.

If you want to draw your audience right into your blog post and signal to search engine bots that your page is about a certain topic, you have no other alternative than to make sure your blog post titles are expertly written.

Here are a few tips for creating killer blog posts:

  • Throw in Some Grammatical Styles

Writing your blog post titles in an uninspired title does not spark off passion with your audience. If you have ever been in a literature class, then you might understand the importance of such stylistic devices like personalization and alliteration. Make good use of them.

  • Add Adjectives to your blog titles

Consider the two titles below

  1. How to write blog post titles, and
  2. How to write catchy blog post titles

If you were the reader, which one would you click on? Adjectives add magic to your titles.

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  • Accuracy and Specificity

Don’t let your blog post headline become vague. Make your titles as specific as you can and make sure the content delivers on that specificity.

  • Promise. Benefits and Problem Solvers

You blog post headlines should promise to fulfill a certain need that your reader has. This will entice them to actually click to read what you have to say.

  • Match the headline’s tone to your audience

Who is your blog post targeted at? Make sure that the tone on the title is something that will reflect well with this target audience.

  • Make it Unique

You can’t afford to have your blog post titles reading like every other blog title in the blogosphere.

  • Look for inspiration from elsewhere

When researching on how to write great blog post titles, do not rely on the competitors in your niche. Look for inspiration elsewhere as this will make you stand out from your niche competition.

  • Be sensational

Sensational topics and topics that are the foundation of great debates always make for great titles. You however need to make sure that your content backs up your sensational headline.

Do not make your blog post title controversial or sensational just for the sake of it. If the content on the page does not match the title, you are only hurting yourself.

  • Questions in Blog Post Titles

How do you tell if a blog post title is ideal for your audience? Using questions as your blog post headlines motivates your audience to want to know the answer.

  • Get the Right Keyword

Keep in mind that the Google Penguin is going after over-optimization, not optimization. Use the Google adwords tool to research some good keywords to go with the title of your blog posts.

  • Use Catchy Phrases

There are a few phrases that when used together with blog post titles, lead to more title click-through. These include ‘how to’, tips for and numbered titles.

  • Vary Your Titles Formulas

There are several proven formulas for making your blog post titles clickable but relying only on one formula makes your blog posts look redundant.

Refer directly to the reader by using pronouns such as ‘you’ and ‘your’. For example, ‘how to take your business from grace to great

  • Make Use of Lists

Starting your blog title by hinting that your content contain a list of things is a great way to increase the clicks to your blog.

  • Have it Short and Focused

Short titles carry the blogging crown! Blog post titles that are eight words or less have been found to be the most effective.

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  1. Good stuff

  2. Large list article always do me good. 🙂

    You have to be careful in using unique adjectives since you want to use common adjectives for people who are mostly likely to search in Google.

    But nevertheless, still use them once in a while.

    – Samuel

    • Very well said Samuel, and thanks for dropping by. As much as you write your titles to attract clickthroughs, you must also make sure to use terms that people are searching for in Google.

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