4 Incredible Benefits of Guest Blogging In Kenya

If you are a small business owner in Kenya with a desire to succeed, then you probably already know that guest blogging should be one of your internet marketing mix.

Heck, you have probably heard it all before

Guest blogs wanted… Blogs to blog on needed…and many other terms that you might have across as you researched on ways to drive your business sales to the next level.

You have probably tried to guest blog, and unfortunately gave up as soon as you had started because, let’s face it…Guest blogging is not easy. It is not for the weak-hearted.

However for those Kenyan entrepreneurs who do it right, guest blogging has some undeniable benefits.

Benefits of Guest Blogging in Kenya

Among many other advantages, guest blogging will help you to:

  1. Increase your website’s SEO and ranking by blogging in high DA websites and blogs
  2. Build your audience and Increase the readership and reach of your material
  3. Build an expert reputation
  4. Gain connection and network with other industry leaders

Now, it could be all easy to say this, but there are a few more tips that you need to put into the mixture to make guest blogging really work for your business.

You will for instance need to get reputable blogs to guest blog into. Apart from that, you will need content and lots of it if you are going to be a successful guest blogger. Simply writing a single guest blog every one year won’t really cut it for you. That means you’ll probably need a lot of time on your hands to write the guest blog posts. Apart from time, you will also need the strategies to ensure that your guest blog posts are giving you all of the above advantages and some more…

Tips for Successful Guest Blogging in Kenya

Here are a few tips to help you along:

  • Make Sure You Get Contextual Backlinks

Backlinks add to your websites Page rank and domain authority. They are also amazing at getting you discovered by a new audience. However, there is talk in town that not all guest blog backlinks will be given the same attention from Google. Google’s advice is to add the attribute NoFollow to links that you are building for the sake of ranking and a DoFollow on natural links. Additionally, make sure that you are getting the backlinks inside the content you have written as opposed to the common author bio box link. This will make your link ‘appear’ more natural.

  • Link to Your Existing Guest Posts

This is probably one of the secrets that will sell your business like a hot cake? But why? Backlinking to your other guest blogs when guest blogging makes sure that all the guest blogs you have made over time are once again in the limelight.

  •  Keep Tabs of The Guest Blogs You are Making

If you planning to use guest blogs as part of your online marketing campaign, you will want to have a way of keeping tabs on the posts that you are making. This can be accomplished by use of an MS Excel sheet. Keeping a record of the guest blogs ensures that you do not forget what you have already done and subsequently helps in calculating the metrics.

By tapping into the power of guest blogging, you will improve the ranking of your money blogs in search engines leading to increased blog traffic and profits.

If you need help with identifying Kenyan blogs to place your guest posts on, talk to me and I will do the work for you. Of course at a small fee.

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