Academic Writing Jobs in Kenya: Your Ultimate Starter Guide

As a freelance writer, there are several paths that you may choose for your career. One of these paths is academic writing. The other paths will lead you to ghostwriting, SEO Copywriting or freelance journalism.

There are different advantages of each field and debating which field of writing is superior is neither here nor there.

But assuming that you want to become an academic writer, here are the few things that you need to know:

How to Get an Academic Writing Job In Kenya

There are a lot of clients looking for custom research essay writing and winning an academic writing job in Kenya presents you, the freelancer, with an opportunity to be your own boss; it also provides you with the much needed extra cash. I know of Kenyans who are earning six figure salaries and all because they ventured into academic writing.

However, to be an outstanding academic writer,  you must meet certain special requirements that SEO copywriters and freelance writers in other fields do not possess. This creates exclusivity hence the higher pay.

In Kenya there a several credible companies offering custom research papers for sale, furthermore there exists several opportunities for Kenyans on international freelance jobs websites such as Essay Shark, Essay Writers, .

Qualifications Needed To Get an Academic Writing Job

  • University Level Education: let’s face it you could never in a million years properly adequately qualify for an academic writing gig without having been in a university or currently being in one.

Why? This is because academic writing is hugely technical and people who have had to write papers in college are more familiar with different referencing skills, also university students to this for their grades. So they have learned in the course of several years how to articulate their ideas to their professors and lecturers’.

  • Honesty: anyone who wants to make a living or earn a little bit of extra cash must be honest. One must research and produce their own work. One must at all cost avoid plagiarism (copying somebody’s work and presenting it as your own).

As a writer, you must know that it is illegal to plagiarize. And that such laws exist not only to make you produce highly original and unique content but also to protect your work from being plagiarized by others. You should also be aware that online tools such as Plagium can easily be used to detect this.

  • Be a Good Researcher: academic writing unlike other forms of writing requires more research done. One should be highly familiar with different online search tools for that particular online area.

It is also an added advantage if one has an access to a large library where they can access several books that may not be available online. One should know how to choose the right books and online sites that offer authority and credibility.

  • An Analytical Approach: this is actually essential to proper academic writing from the style and clarity, to the structure all the way to the referencing should be done keeping in mind that your reader is an expert in the field. You should explain the particular issue clearly and in an orderly sequence of events.

Where to Find Academic Writing Jobs in Kenya

There exists many avenues for landing academic jobs on different platforms, most of them online there are a few credible sites such as, and

Since most of these sites are online why don’t you go whole the way and apply to join international sites such as Essay Shark, Essay Writers, Helium and many more.

These sites offer excellent opportunities for Kenyans to turn their skills into profitable business. If you reside near a college or university, offer to go the manual way, print posters and go spread them on those notice boards. Better yet get to know a few students in the university and motivate them so that they can direct other students your way.

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  3. These locales offer great open doors for Kenyans to transform their aptitudes into gainful business. On the off chance that you live close to a school or college, offer to go the manual way, print notices and go spread them on those notice sheets.

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  5. Hi Patrick,
    Great article you’ve written. I’ve been interested in academic writing for some time now and this article has shed some light on how to go about that.
    My thinking was that to be an academic writer, you need supernatural skills and sophisticated gadgets. Clearly, this is not the case.
    As a Kenyan student, I face many challenges.Most I can solve if I had a good job while studying. Thank you for this article. It has added knowledge and great insight.

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