7 Reasons Why You Will Remain Single for the Rest of Your Life

I will keep this very short and simple. I will not be telling you how to attract the man or woman of your dreams (assuming everyone of us is straight). I will assume that you have already attracted one. You have said hi and exchanged names, possibly emails and phone numbers too. Maybe you are even on your second date. You can tell she is really into you…but sh*t happens. Maybe it’s been happening to you lately. You meet a woman for the first time and sparks of every kind are igniting and flying everywhere. Then after sometime, you notice her attention in you is taking a worrisome nosedive. We want to keep this sh*t from happening. So, how do you keep her interested from the moment you meet until you have her between the sheets?

Here are 7 things that are keeping you from getting laid; things that will keep you single for the rest of your life.

1.   Being Easily Accessible

Human nature dictates that we desire things that we can hardly get and look down upon the ones we can easily acquire. Got it? Play hard to get and you will soon be getting laid like the real players do. Simple things such as not calling her or not texting back will actually win you points. If you are interested, I can teach you how I got my girlfriend to bed within the first hour of meeting her by acting hard to get.

2.  Thinking Your Wallet will Unstrap her Thong

Is it true that women want a man who’s loaded? Sure. A woman wants a man who can provide for himself but the last thing that a woman wants is your money. How many times have you heard them say this, “I am not interested in your money!” The truth is that many of them usually mean it. Get that into your cranium. Even the ones who might be into you coz you have the mulla will soon be tightening their thongs once they realize unatobokanga ovyo ovyo.

3.   You don’t know how to talk to women

One thing that the Tujuane Dating Show has taught me is that a lot of dudes don’t know how to talk to women. I have categorized the dudes into several categories according to their type of vibe. There are the interviewers, the flossers, the politically correct aka the good boys, the silent thrillers, the weirdos and those who completely dig it. You want to be in this last category if you are going to get laid and escape being single for the rest of your life. Please read this article on how to talk to women!

4.   Your Life is one truckload of mess

Dude, you need to get your life in order. It’s okay to be a man, but not when being a man is keeping you from getting laid. Make your bed when you wake up in the morning. Make sure your shoes are not stinking and your socks are not torn as you leave the house. These simple things that we often ignore go a long way in cultivating a conducive environment for getting laid.

5.  You are all Over her Space

Nothing annoys a woman more than a guy who is all over her space. Please, let her be. Stop babysitting her. Act like you don’t care sh*t about her and sue me if her interest in you does not pique progressively. Pampering her with attention draws you out as being desperate and clingy. I don’t know of a woman who wants to be the salvation to a desperate guy.

6.   Going Lovey-Dovey on Her

Telling a hot woman you love her is the biggest turn off in all history of romantic relationships. It kills the chemistry and gives her a reason to snugly put you in the friend-zone.

7.   Acting Submissive and Weak

Do you know why that beautiful woman you have a crush on is dating that dude who looks like the Mau Mau remnants? It is probably because the dude is confident of himself, arrogant and masculine. He mastered the art of being the man in the relationship. Women are always on the lookout for dudes who agree with everything they say. As soon as she learns you are the kind of dude who complies with everything she says, she hits the road to the next dude who offers some form of challenge.

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