5 Things You Should Never Do If You Find Yourself in the Friend-Zone

Anyone can get friend-zoned, right?


Some of us are so good at what we do that the concept of being friend-zoned never really applies to us. Or when it does, we are the ones trying to figure out which of our many BFB’s isn’t bringing enough benefits and should be friend-zoned As Soon As Yesterday.

Don’t you wish you could be like us?

Of course you do.

Imagine never having to worry that your college crush will put you into that dreaded zone?

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

I will show you how you can turn yourself into a babe magnet and get the love of your life in less than 10 seconds.

But before we get into that, I would like to be of assistance to our sad brothers who have somehow found themselves locked in the dark and ominous ‘friendship’ zone.

Here is a compilation of 5 things you should never do if you (unfortunately) find yourself in the friend-zone.

Don’t force it

Some dudes just don’t get it!

You are neck-deep in the friend zone and nothing you do is going to pull you from the murk. Stop trying to woo her with the chocolate bars and crocodile tears. You are never going to bang it! Just accept that and move on, and if you find yourself in doubt, just remember there is nothing as resolute as a lady who has decided you belong in the friends-only zone.

You may also like to listen to that Never Never song by Brick and Lace, maybe it will finally hit you.

Don’t turn your back on her, at least not yet

I sincerely hope you have swallowed (1) above. You are her ‘good’ friend and she wants… no demands… that you remain so for the longest time possible.

So where do you go to from here? Back to fapping, Geisha and Vaseline in your dreary kyja?

No man.

You need to act like its cool. Like this is exactly what you have always wanted. Only remember, no acting like a wussy, no trying to eat your P cake and have it at the same time, no weird stares into her cleavage when she’s not looking.

You know what I mean.

Be the best friend she will ever have and let her burn with regrets at having turned down a good man like you. Believe me she will, but only when you are acting like you are in control of the situation.

Don’t Fall into her Ploys

If you have avoided acting like a sissy in 2 above, she will most likely start digging you. She will want to get you into the more-than-friends-zone.

You deserve a Grammy of idiocy if you fall into this ploy.

If there’s anything, she only wants to try if your gentlemanliness is real of faked. Remain strong even when she gives you all the signals that she’s ready to take it to the next level. If she really means it, let her win it the hard way.

Talking ill about her will only make you sound like a sad loser

I know there is some idiot who will skip step 2 above, for whichever reason.

Unfortunately, skipping the step denies you the gentleman’s exit and probably loads you with a bag of bad feelings about the b*tch (that’s how you will probably be referring to her by now.) we all know women can act like b*tches if they choose to, but the last thing I want to hear from you is how so-and-so is a hoe.

Come on, you are the one who was trying to hit on her! You were the one trying to get into her jeans! How comes she’s now the reincarnation of Jezebel and the Cold Witch-all wrapped up in one?

I’ll be honest with you. I have got mad respect for women, and every other man I know does. So take your crap elsewhere, I am simply not buying, and no one else is.

Don’t Try to Hit on Her Friends

Seriously, you are so pre-history if you still do this. We are trying to make gentlemen out of boys here, not the other way round. You look like a jerk if you go after her friends to make her feel bad. You are not in control. You have lost it.

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