5 Places That Have the Highest Security In the World

Security is not cheap, and those who know its real value leave no stone unturned in a bid to ensure they are highly protected. From Saddam Hussein’s impenetrable $50 Million bunker to the highly guarded technology behind the Air-Force-One’s defense mechanisms, we bring you the top 10 highly guarded places in the world.

You have probably watched movies depicting high security zones that left you wondering whether that level of security is even possible. The scenes in movies depict what appear to be hit men with state-of-the art guns standing on top of security towers or walking along razor-sharp electric perimeters. However, do such places exist in real life?

Here is a compilation of the 10 highly guarded places in the world.

ADX Florence Prison

A maximum-security prison in Colorado, the ADX houses some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, most of them serving life sentences. Some of the penitentiary’s residents include Zacarias Moussaoui- the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Richard Reid, and Terry Nichols, who was a conspirator in Oklahoma bombing.

With such ‘distinguished guests’ in the precinct, you can undoubtedly see the reason why it is important to maintain such high security.

Security measures at the prison include 12ft high razor high perimeter with attack dogs perpetually on the prowl, motion-detecting laser beams, CCTV cameras at every fathomable angle and pressure pads.


Believe it or not, the Air-Force-One, the airplane that carries the US President, is in the list of the world’s highly secured places. The current Air-force-one is a modified Boeing 747-200B. It has one of the world’s most sophisticated avionics and inflight defense mechanisms.

Most of the technology in use on the Air-Force-One is classified. However, some of the security measures in the Air Force One include the ability to refuel midair, electronic counter measures that can logjam enemy radars. The Air-Force-One can also emit flares to throw heat-seeking missiles off target.

Ousted Iraqi’s President Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad Bunker

Karl Esser, a German security consultant, designed Saddam Hussein’s bunker in Baghdad in such a way that it could withstand anything short of a direct nuclear bomb hit. If Saddam had stayed within the confines of the bunker, it is unlikely that he could ever have been deposed.

The bunker’s walls were 1.5 meters thick and could withstand a direct 236kg bomb hit. In fact, the bunker did survive 7 such hits and 20 cruise missiles during the war. The American troops finally got their way into the bunker after drilling a hole through the roof of the bunker.

Swedish Internet Provider- Bahnhof

Why would an internet provider go to extra length of ensuring that their servers are located in one of the world’s highly secured places?

Well, for one, the Swedish Internet Provider, Bahnhof, is not your average ISP. It is the godfather of all datacenters in the world, and is constantly used by individuals and corporations that want to maximally protect their data from the peeping snipers in the internet.

The Pionen White Mountains, which is the name given to the datacenter, is located 30 meters beneath the Vita Berg Park of Stockholm. The bunker in which the servers are located was a cold war bunker that has the ability to withstand a nuclear bomb attack. The entrance is constitutes of 40-centimeter steel door. Apparently, it took Bahnhof two years to blast the extra space they needed to host all their equipment in the bunker.

The datacenter has recently gained popularity as the home of the controversial WikiLeaks.

The Gold Vault in the Bank of England

The UK’s biggest gold vault, and second largest in the world after Fed in New York, is secured through a complicated voice-recognition mechanism and three foot long keys.

The value of gold locked in this vault is too much for a mind like mine to start contemplating but I hope you get the point. The Gold vault in the bank of England caps our list of the top 5 highly guarded places. Of course there are other places with almost similar security mechanisms as the ones we have discussed in this article (like the Teikoku Bank in Hiroshima that was unaffected by the atomic bomb of Hiroshima) but for efficiency’s sake, we will leave it there.


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