10 In-Text-Ad Programs for Bloggers and Web Publishers

Google Ad sense has for a long time ruled the cyberspace as the best affiliate program. Then came the other affiliate programs that let you put banners and text links in your blog. Then conquered in-text ads that only require you to add a snippet of code in your website, and they do the rest for you. There is little doubt in the world of bloggers that in-text ad programs have been a life-saver to many bloggers who have found themselves denied approval by Google Ad sense and on the one hand and the skimming non-rewarding hand of other affiliate programs.

In-text advertising is a form of affiliate advertising where certain keywords in the blog content are matched with adverts related to them. If you want to make money from your blog in Kenya, in-text advertising provides an easy solution.

Very little effort is required on your part as a blogger to start earning from in-text advertising. Almost every in-text affiliate program uses the Pay-per-click model which makes it easier for bloggers to earn from their hard work. The main disadvantages with in-text ads is that many users view them as intruding. But nonetheless this form of advertising stills rules for bloggers and it will be with us for many, many days. Here are some of the very best in-text advertising affiliate programs.

1. Clicksor

Clicksor offers bloggers a chance to earn by underlining part of the text. What’s more is their referral program that allows you to earn 10% of all the referrals you make to their program.

Minimum Payout: $50

Payout Method: PayPal

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is by far the most popular in-text affiliate program.

Minimum payout: $50

Payout Method: PayPal

3. MageNet

MageNet offers you a chance to earn upto $1,000/per month simply because they reserve the right for you to choose the price of in-text ads appearing on your webpages. If you have a high page rank and good traffic, then MageNet is definitely one of the affiliate programs you would love to try.

In addition to providing in-text ads, Magenet also offers numerous opportunities to buy SEO backlinks for your site.

Minimum payout: $50

Payout method: PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer, MoneyBookers or any other method of receiving online money.

4. Kontera

Customized for various blogging platforms including Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, Kontera offers one of the very best patented in-text ads in the market. They target ads are said to enhance user experience since they are highly relevant. Setting up Kontera also takes less than a minute.

5. Text-in-Ads

Text-in-ads promises the highest number of advertisers to cover every niche, and offers the lowest payout amount at only $25. Payment is done on every 1st of every month to PayPal or Payoneer Mastercard. Your site has to be manually approved however before you can join up with text-in-ads. After approval, it will take a maximum of 48 hours for in-text ads to start appearing in your site. Payment is done on the 1st of every month to either PayPal or MasterCard at no charges at all.

You can earn extra bucks by placing the Tex-in-Ads referral link on your web page.

6. TNX

If your webpage commands an impressive Google pagerank, you may consider signing up with TNX. How much they pay you is calculated depending on your pagerank. TNX also offers the additional benefit of helping you build some non-reciprocal backlinks. They pay a commission of 12.5% on every transaction and allow a minimum withdrawal of $50 via paypal, check, webmoney or wire transfer.

7. Teliad

They offer a variety of text link ads that can be placed almost in the body of your content, sidebar header or footer of your blog page.

For bloggers wishing to monetize their blog via Teliad, you will find the distinction they make between post links and text links quite handy.

Payment is by PayPal or check and they do not have a minimum withdrawal amount, which is all the more reason for bloggers to smile.

8. LinkAdage

LinkAdage allows you to set the price for your web pages. The trick here is not to overstate the value of your site. You will then get half the amount for all the ad links you have sold in a month. Say for example you set the value at your webpage at $5 and you sold 10 links per month. Your total earnings for that month will be $50 of which you will receive $25.

Since you have the freedom of choosing how many in-text ads to display in your webpage, you will be able to unobtrusively add the ads in your pages.

LinkAdage pays via check and PayPal with no absolute minimum withdraw amount specified.

9. BeContext

You will find their bi-monthly payment quite enticing. Setting up their ads in your webpage should also take less than 3 minutes. Payment is by paypal, wire transfer and Prepaid MasterCard.

10. BuiltInText

BuiltInText allows payment every 1st of the month, or every first working day of the month. They also have the lowest withdraw amount at $25.

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