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Do you want to get your writing skills in the eyes of more than 150,000 audiences and at the same time drive targeted traffic back to your website?

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Article Requirements

  1. A minimum of 800 words written in English. Anything shorter than that, will not be accepted
  2. A well-structured and formatted article. Use headings and bullet points to emphasis points
  3. We will not publish any blog post that contains affiliate links or links that are self-promotional. You can add a link back to your website but it needs to be placed in a way that does not break the flow of the content.
  4. Your article must not be published anywhere else. It needs to be 100% unique and original. We do not publish works that infringe on other’s copyrights
  5. Blogscheme is not an article directory. We only publish high quality articles that we feel are adding value to our readers.
  6. You forfeit all copyrights of the work submitted, and you must seek for permission from Blogscheme if you need to reproduce the work elsewhere.

Guest posting is a great way to grow an audience for your blog, especially if it is new. We are the best blog in Kenya that talks about blogging! Your article will be tweeted and shared with all our networks in the social media. WE will also sen