The Naked Truth About Affiliate Marketing Programs

I am usually appalled by the number of internet marketers in Kenya who sign up for affiliate marketing programs thinking that they can make money online simply by dropping an affiliate link in their blog content without committing themselves to marketing the products over the long-haul.

Successful web marketing, like conventional door-door sales marketing, will more often than not make you break a sweat. If you are not having headaches and back pains promoting your affiliate marketing products, you are probably doing it wrong.

95% of online marketers who start with the drop-a-link-for-’em mentality end up giviaffiliate marketing programsng up on affiliate marketing, leaving the other 5% to reap all the benefits of successful affiliate marketing. They get surprised when they hear of fellas making big bucks through affiliate marketing.

The truth is that those who fail in online marketing ignore a very vital element of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, like any other business requires more than a casual approach. Of course running a blog that commands significant traffic is a basic foundation for affiliate marketing. I still believe that the best way to get traffic flowing to your blog is to create blog farms. Farm blogs that are specifically created to target your audience and contains relevant information will always win you leads, no matter what anyone else may say.

But having traffic in itself will not convert those leads.

  1. Choose The Products You Want To Promote Carefully

If you are like many affiliate marketers, you already have a running blog and you probably do not want to start a blog for every product that you choose to promote. It is therefore important that you choose affiliate products that are related to your niche. This gives your blog a form of coherence.

Your audience gets to understand what your blog is really about. They start viewing you as an authority in that subject. They begin trusting you to a point they are ready to test-drive any product that you recommend. That is practical affiliate marketing.

  1. Tap Into The Power Of Aweber Autoresponder Emails

I did not want to put this point across as ‘tap into the power of email marketing’ although that is how it should read. This because I believe Aweber is inherently the only email marketing software that every affiliate marketer should be using. It is dead simple to set up email broadcasts and follow-up series and you can get started for only $1.00 by clicking on this link.

  1. Start Niche Blogs to Promote Your Affiliate Products

If your website does not relate to a certain lucrative affiliate product that you would like to start promoting, the alternative is to start a niche website for that product.

I believe that affiliate marketing is only going to intensify globally as internet marketing grows. My guess is that most of us who are already in it will continue to see money pile in the bank by starting niche websites and blogs.

  1. Don’t Give UP

The general question that I ask affiliate marketers in my classes is where they would like to see themselves in 3 years’ time?

Affiliate marketing has the power to take you to wherever you want to be, if you hold on for long enough. No one is going to promise you easy money here. But there is money for those who are willing to put in the effort.

  1. Anyone Can Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing.

The thing I like about affiliate marketing is that anyone can succeed at it. It doesn’t require any formal training. I have seen bloggers who started from nothing grow into millionaires after a few years of hard work. The question that you should really be asking yourself is what is keeping you from reaping success as an affiliate marketer.

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Patrick Mahinge

Patrick Mahinge is a prolific digital marketer and "serial webpreneur". He runs multiple profitable niche websites and blogs monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising. Patrick generously shares his expertise in affiliate marketing, blogging, and online business through his Facebook group of over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Hello Patrick,
    I hear you! I used to be in that guy who thought I could drop a link here and there in my content and watch the money roll in. NOT! Since then I’ve decided to work affiliate marketing as a business, not a get rich quick scheme.

    On a side note, you forgot to link to Aweber in section two where it says “clicking on this link”.
    Good luck to you,

    • Hi Howard, thanks for dropping by and for pointing out the missing link. You are much appreciated. You are very on-point about working Affiliate Marketing as a business. I am personally spending more time nurturing my leads now. I make sure to offer them value for what they are seeking. I have seen conversions and recommendations multiply just by spending an extra one or two minutes with my leads.

      Wishing you all the best this 2014.

      Patrick Mahinge

  2. You said it as it is. Affiliate marketing should be looked at as a home based business although you work it from anywhere.Serious business it is for dead serious business people.

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