AdManage Review- Does it Pay or is it Another CPC Scam?

For the past few days, I have been setting up quite a number of blogs and mini websites with the intention of monetizing them using Cost per Click (CPC) ad networks. These are sites that I put up very hurriedly, I do not spend as much time on them as I spend on my main websites but they still bring in cash at the end of the day, mostly by using CPC ad networks.

With the increase in my niche websites, I have also been doing something else that I believe is absolutely necessary. I have been hunting for new ad networks. I already use InfoLinks and Bidvertiser, which you really have to check out. In the process of hunting for a juicier ad network, I came across adManage and thought that I have hit gold… Not so fast though.

What is AdManage?

AdManage is a cost per click (CPC) advertising network that Charlo Barbosa founded in 2008. According to a profile on, Charlo is also the founder of other online businesses including NativeAds and Now, this is where according to my extrapolation, which might be wrong but is usually right, things get murkier.

NativeAds was founded 10 months ago and Admanage’s domain is going to expire in 4 month’s time. Do you read something here?

CPC networks are advertising networks that will pay you whenever someone clicks on adverts that the network has placed on your website/blog through a code that you install. Other popular CPC networks that you might want to check include Google Adsense, Chitika and Bidvertiser.Admanage Review Scam or Legit


AdManage Review

As I always do, and advise you to do, you really have to do due diligence before you decide to invest your time, space or energy in anything. I queried Mr. Google to show me all the intricate details and reviews of adManage, and this is where things started becoming fuzzy.

  1. I discovered this forum post in Digital Point Forums of a publisher complaining of delayed payments and arbitrarily changed payment terms
  2. A comment on a wiki page about the ad network being a ‘big scam’
  3. There was this ripoff report that had been filed in This report was however withdrawn after Charlo Barbosa, the founder of Admanage filed a complaint.
  4. report has Admanage in its list of ‘suspicious’ websites (see the image above)

 My Verdict

There is no much of an uproar about AdManage being a scam but there are enough red flags to keep me away from the CPC network. What’s your opinion?

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