How to Get Online Freelance Writing Jobs in Kenya

If there was an easy way of finding freelance writing jobs in Kenya, I am sure I would be a millionaire by now. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of finding great freelance writing jobs. You either have to dig your nails in the dirt or dig your hands in the dirt. You have to shift through the dirt and the murk until you find one that can pay for the expensive Safaricom broadband and the electricity from Kenya Power that is down most time than the undergarment of that loose girl in your campus. So instead of trying to point you to where you will find great freelance writing jobs in Kenya, I will tell you what to avoid.

The type of freelance writing jobs you should avoid

freelance writing jobs to avoid
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  • Writing jobs posted by Indians with exemplary bad English

We call them farmers in elance and they are trouble multiplied by trouble added to trouble minus a good paycheck. They are unfortunately the ones who seem to dominate the freelance writing industry. They win jobs from clients and subcontract them at an all time low wage. Apart from the wage, this is also the guy that will want you to churn at least 10 ‘articals’ of 500 wads daily! That ensures that most of the time your hands are full. You never get an opportunity to explore out there and find that there are clients who pay what you are getting paid to produce one article. Need I tell you what working for content mills will do to your muse?

  • Jobs posted in Freelancer

I am not saying that there are no good paying jobs in Freelancer posted by equally good clients. They are there but unfortunately the murk seems to cover them somewhere close to oblivion. No respectable freelance writer is in Freelancer. Just ask those ones close to you.

  • Freelance Writing Jobs Posted on OLX

I have nothing against OLX. I love OLX and what it is doing to help fellows sell and buy goods cheaply, and that is what the person posting his freelance writing job in OLX expects to find. Cheap labor for his lucrative freelance writing business. If I were you, I would stick to the more respectable and world-renown job boards and avoid OLX like it was the plague.

  • Jobs with vague descriptions

We have so far eliminated much of the murk. You are not applying for those freelance writing jobs on OLX which are a good waste of time. You are not trying to land the job of your dreams on Freelancer and you are not going anywhere near sniffing distance of shady writing jobs posted by *sstight Indians. Give yourself a pat on the back and read on.

Elance and odesk are where the good jobs live. This does not mean there are no schmuck clients who want to suck the juice out of you for nothing. The good news with these two major freelance writing websites is that you will know a bad client from their job descriptions. If it sounds vague, it probably is and the client is probably troublesome too.

  • SEO Writing Jobs

I will only touch a job posting describing itself as ‘SEO articles’ when I believe that my writing talent has completely fizzled out. I hate the feel of the phrase. It implies that I am writing for the Google bots, Penguins, Pandas and the latest Google Hummingbird. No sir, I am not yet ready to start writing for inanimate objects. Not surprisingly, SEO articles always attract the most schmuck clients and the low quality writers.

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  1. Interesting article. intrigued by the “trouble” arithmetic equation.

  2. you said it the way it is, its time someone spoke of this roaches they eat your fingers and suck on your brain and if lucky pay you pennies; that’s when they don’t disappear on you.

    • hahhha… Very true. Most of them disappear on you.

      It is important that freelancers keep their guard high at all times. I personally won’t start working on a freelance writing job without seeing funds securely put in Escrow.

  3. I don’t how you can stereotype Indians as fraudulent. I have been cheated of $300 by a Kenyan freelance company called ‘Quality Team’. The group is led by one Stacey who cannot write a sentence in correct English. I do agree that no self-respecting writers are there in Cheats come from all countries…Anyway “Beware of quality team” whose mail id is [email protected] and especially Stacy.

  4. Ha ha. A lot of great tips for those who want to become freelance writers in Kenya – without going through lots of frustration – which is easily avoidable when one takes their time to find clients who treat them with respect and pay them well.

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