Best Fiverr Gigs to Sell in Order to Make Substantial Money

According to the information provided on Fiverr, the maximum you can make per gig while you are on Level One is 60 dollars. If you have not been promoted to level one (which means you are in the basic level on Fiverr), you can forget about earning anything more than… well, you guessed it right- $5 per gig.

At the basic level, you do not have the freedom to add gig extras on your freelance writing gigs. You are tied down to offering whatever service you are selling on the site for the basic price of 5 dollars until you can make it to Level One, which won’t happen until you have been active on the site for at least 30 days in which time you are supposed to have completed at least 10 orders and maintained high ratings.

But don’t be fooled by what Fiverr says.

You can actually earn more from your gigs at the basic level and get promoted to Level one faster than you may think possible.

I know this because I did it.

The Secret to Selling More on Fiverr

Offering Your Gig in Sizable Chunks

When you are at the basic level in Fiverr, and without the freedom to add gig extras on your gigs, your secret to earning more on a gig lies in breaking down your services into smaller chunks.

For instance, if you are an article writer, you may want to break down your services according to the number of words, and offer to lengthen the article if the buyer orders two gigs.

Here is an example of such a gig

“I Will Write a Full SEO Article Up to 250 Words for $5.00”

After you have framed your gig like this, you can then explain in the gig description that you will add more words to the article if a buyer orders more than two. For instance, “If you want an article of up to 500 words, kindly make two orders on this gig. This gig is available in increments of 250 words per gig”

By offering your Fiverr gigs in sizable chunks, you not only get to earn more but also sell more gigs, which is important in your endeavor to get to the next Fiverr Level.

Offering Complimentary Services on Your Gigs

The other Fiverr secret to earning more on your gigs while you are on the basic level is to offer services that are complimentary to each other. A good example is writing an article and offering to submit it to article directories. Or designing a logo and offering the raw AI, EPS or PSD files as an additional gig.

If you are going to use complimentary gigs to raise your rates, make sure you mention in the gig description that you do offer the other services too.

Here is an example that I have on one of my gigs,

I also offer PR submission services. Kindly have a look at my other gigs for the services.

I for instance hit Fiverr selling my press release writing services. I noticed that clients ordering the gig needed it submitted to directories, and with a backlink to their product. There were my gig extras. I quickly created a submissions gig and a backlink gig and I was in business. And guess how many press releases I had to write to hit Level One and gain access to gig extras?

The rest of this article explores additional tips that you can use to sell more gigs in Fiverr. Kindly read on.

Fiverr is one of the best platforms where you can sell your services and make clients come to you. Some freelancers however either do not understand the meaning of selling their services or they are graciously philanthropic. They are literally giving away their services to ungracious buyers! I mean, why would you want to sell your article  writing and directory submission services for a mere 5 dollars!

It is alright to write  an SEO article for $5.00. In fact this is double what most Indian and Kenyan freelance writers earn, but why would you want to punish yourself further by promising to deliver the article to 1,000 high PageRank directories at the same Fiverr? Haven’t you heard of something called gig extras?

The most puzzling thing is that most of the freelancers offering to write and submit articles to multiple directories are not even Fiverr  Level One Sellers. There is therefore no possibility that they haven’t hit the rank where Fiverr allows them to add extras to their gigs or that they do not know about gig extras. The question then ceases to become whether they haven’t heard of gig extras and becomes, is the competition really this cutthroat in the SEO  category that you are willing to work for next to nothing?
(I really need an answer to this one, please leave your comments, if you are in a position to. Here is the Fiverr search query for those poorly fiverr gigs and here is such a gig by a Top Rated Seller in Fiverr ).

Now, let me tell you how to sell in Fiverr like a pro.

Don’t Overpromise on Gig Delivery Time

The best part of Fiverr is probably that no buyer will impose crazy deadlines on you.

You choose when you want to deliver the gig when you are creating it. Be fair to yourself. Express gigs earn you nothing. They may actually make you lose some reputation if you are unable to handle the thin deadline.

Strike a balance between respecting your ergonomics and the client’s needs when picking a delivery period for your gigs.

Find Out How Other Sellers in Your Category are Structuring their Gigs

I am new in Fiverr. I am giving this information. I know what to do and not what to do if I want to actually live rather than survive in Fiverr.  I am not a genius. You can thank it all on research.

Look at various Fiverr gigs being offered by your competitors and try to view them from a buyer’s perspective. Would you buy such a gig out of apathy or real desire to benefit from the guy’s experience.

And Lastly, Only Sell What You Are Passionate About

The only reason why I am adding this last point is because of those who are already selling themselves cheap.

I really hope that you can submit articles to 10,000 directories without breaking a sweat, that it is not eating up chunks of your precious time and that you actually enjoy doing it. If you have a gig that fits those attributes, go get them tiger, go!

As just a by the way… Do you think these guys promising 10,000 high PR backlinks for a measly $5.00 are real? Do they know how the full value of their services to small businesses?

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