5 More Things That You Need Before You Start Amassing Online Wealth

Today I would love to share with you a few more things that you will need to get under your belt in order to start making money online in Kenya.

In the next few weeks, I will also be sharing fantastic and genuine ways in which you can make money online in Kenya. I will also be exposing a few other ways that can only make you peanuts and others that will actually earn money from you. But before we major into the meat of it, here are a few things that you will need to have in order to start making money online in Kenya.

  • A stable and Consistent Internet Connection

I strongly believe that if you want to maximize the amount of money you earn online, a stable and consistent internet connection is a must have. You simply cannot afford to be a hit and run kind of an internet entrepreneur. It will only ruin your online reputation when clients email you with new job offers and you take eternity getting back to them. To make sure that you are constantly connected, think about investing in a modem from one of the telecommunications providers in Kenya and a laptop.

  •  Time, time and time

Time is the other thing you cannot afford not have if you are enthusiastic to make money online in Kenya. Every internet entrepreneur that I know of in Kenya concentrates solely on their online business. A lot online ventures require you to dedicate a lot of time towards making them happen. You will basically need at least 3-5 hours per day to earn a supplemental online income. If you do not have the time, please don’t even think of earning money online, you will only get frustrated.

  • Attitude, Passion and Perseverance

Having the right attitude is directly proportional to your success as an online entrepreneur! You will need to shed off your pessimism. You will need to strongly believe that you can earn enough online money to sustain your expensive lifestyle. You will then need to work towards making this happen. Patience and perseverance will be paramount in this, but this won’t be a problem if you have already acquired the right attitude.

  • Skills

There is no easy money online. The guys in Kenya who earn big actually do it from selling their skills and services. I personally earn most of my income through freelance writing, and with an average online income of over 80k, I have no qualms in referring to myself as an accomplished freelance writer. Other freelancers make money by blogging, graphic design, programming, transcribing and a milliard of other jobs that are available online. The bottom-line… discover what you are good at doing, what skills do you possess? After evaluating yourself, find online jobs that suit your skills. You will be surprised by the amount of opportunities that exist in your skills-area.

  • Personal Blog and Other Promotional Tools

I will assume that by now you have discovered what you can do and what you cannot do. You have analyzed your skills and are ready to launch your online career in Kenya. However, you will need a means of promoting yourself. A free personal blog suffices for many newbies, however, if you want to appear professional I’d advice you to start off with a custom domain. It is cheap and easy to set up.

Click here to get a free domain name (www.yourname.com) and web hosting for less that $2.00.

Apart from starting a blog, you may also want to set up a professional twitter account, Facebook fanpage and other professional social media network accounts. These will help you in promoting your services online and ultimately lead more earnings.

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