Strangling the Financial Demon that Chokes You

Everyone dreams of financial stability in life. Some of us actually do get to that point we call financial stability, while most of us will always whine and cry foul over systems and situations that have denied us the opportunity to live comfortably. This is of course a group of people who are living in denial of what the problems with their finance situation really are. They tend to view everything and everyone as a great conspiracy theory set to deny them the financial freedom they only dream about.
Are you one of these people? When you look at your financial situation, what do you think is the most likely reason that you are still wallowing at the bottom of financial instability, while your peers seem to have everything going, financially speaking?
Strangling the Financial Demon that Chokes You 7 Strangling the Financial Demon that Chokes YouStrangling the Financial Demon that Chokes You 8 Strangling the Financial Demon that Chokes You In this article, we offer a few tips that you would need to check in order to bring your chaotic financial situations into order. We realize that for you to be in harmony with your finance, you ought to accept the reality of what bedevils your financial success, and hopefully face it head on, instead of always crying foul. For more great and financial recovery tips, we highly recommend that you check out Eric Tyson’s Personal Finance For DummiesStrangling the Financial Demon that Chokes You 8 Strangling the Financial Demon that Chokes You which is available at Amazon, you will like it!
meanwhile, read on to discover great financial tips that will salvage your crumbling finances.

Great Tips That Will revive you Finance Standing

  1. Taking charge of your financial situation
    I am not very sure what they say about procrastination, but the name itself carries a foreboding connotation. Take stock of all the financial woes that are haranguing you right now. You may feel a little fear confronting them head on, but you won’t feel any better burying your head in the sand nor will it help you resolve the issues you have with your finance.
  2. Use the Save More and Spend less Philosophy
    If there is anything that occasions financial crisis to most people, it is the habit of spending more and saving less. Do you find yourself spending more than you are saving, or even spending more than you are earning?
    Ideally, you should save at least 5-10% of your gross monthly earning if you really desire to reach that distant land of financial stability.
    I have written great tips that will help you save more and spend less in another blog article.
  3. Don’t Buy Consumer items (clothes, cars, vacations etc) on Credit
    Don’t we love credit cards!!! They allow us to almost get everything we desire on credit! But think twice before you swipe your MasterCard on any credit facility. Purchasing consumer items, things that lose value in the market rather than appreciate has no difference with taking a shovel and scooping a shallow grave for your finances.
    Instead of using the freedom granted by your credit card to buy consumer goods that will only deflate in value, use the opportunity to invest in real estate, education or business.
  4. Be your own financial Guru before hiring a financial Advisor
    With the number of people whose first stop is a financial advisor’s office, I am not surprised that there are so many of us whose quest for financial stability will remain something akin to the chase for the Holy Grail.
    One thing that is common with all financial advisers is the promise on returns on all your investments. While there are some (and by way very few) genuine financial advisers, most of them are out to get your money into their pockets. Ironically, they are ought in quest to stabilize their finance, just like you are.
    Instead of running to a financial adviser when your finance mess hits the ceiling, consider downloading finance advice books from the internet where they are either cheap or free. I have no qualms in recommending Personal Finance for Dummies by Eric Tyson. It is both informative and fun to read with simple day-today language that is well-understood by everyone.
  5. Understand your employee benefits and reap the maximum from them
    There is little doubt that being employed is by far the longest and most exhausting journey to financial stability. But, if like most people out there you were not born with a silver platter in your hand, you will need to be employed before you can have enough capital to venture out on your own.
    The most common employee benefits include health insurance, preference on the company stock shares, paid vacation and sick leaves. If you make the best of these and a few others, you would soon find yourselves not looking so much forward to the end of the month cheque.
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