Rank and Bank Update #3: Going from Broke to 6-Figure Passive Income in Just One Year

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Patrick Mahinge

Patrick Mahinge is a prolific digital marketer and "serial webpreneur". He runs multiple profitable niche websites and blogs monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising. Patrick generously shares his expertise in affiliate marketing, blogging, and online business through his Facebook group of over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. very motivating story

  2. Were it not for you, I would not have learnt about affiliate marketing. Keep doing what you are doing– haters will always be there. But hey, you brought the Amazon affiliate marketing damsel home.

  3. Simply elegant. Kudos Patrick!

  4. Wow, wow, wow … this is highly inspiring. Officially my mentor.

  5. We all appreciate your efforts and selflessness Patrick. Let the haters hate while you continue to soar. You motivated me to start an Amazon niche site in the outdoor space and I’m impressed with the progress. Soon it should be something wort talking about.

  6. Congrats man. Keep up. You motivate me to always keep learning affiliate marketing. Although I’ve been procastinating for a while, I’m making baby steps. Thanks Mahinge

  7. You inspire me…more than you can even start to think…keep on keeping on!!

  8. Very inspiring; keep sharing these nuggets…we are right behind you

  9. Patrick you are an inspiration. You have many silent followers. Keep it up

  10. Very inspiring,keep it up!

  11. You are an full tank of inspiration for me man.

    I’m a full-time copywriter, and it’s people like you and five others I know that encoured me to resign from my day job and fire the boss to become one myself.

    Can’t wait for the affilite marketing course you’ll be enrolling later. It’s priceless to learn from real people who are doing it right.

    Thanks Pat

  12. Hi Patrick ,

    The more ideas you share, the better for all concerned . Great inspiration to me and others. Let’s talk soon .

    Rgds wanja

  13. It is inspiring to see a Kenyan building a profitable online empire. The truth is everyone will always have their own opinion of you even if they don’t know you but luckily opinions aren’t facts. Keep up the hard work and consistency. I also know talking about depression isn’t easy at all but I hope now you stronger and better.
    I’m starting my amazon affiliate and dropshipping journey soon, I hope I’ll be able to inspire more Kenyas and other people in the world as you have.
    All the best as you continue with your journey.

  14. This is such a wake up call post that I was looking for!!! Great work!!!

  15. Pure inspirational. Blessings for sharing this…

  16. Mahige you are an epitome in niche Marketing. You inspired me to join Amazon Affiliate Marketing and your constant advice is astronomical. Be blessed and continue imparting this knowledge to many people like me. Cheers bro.

  17. You have been so inspirational in this journey. I have learnt so much through your posts and tips. Keep grinding man.

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