Patrick Mahinge

This is usually the hardest part to write. How do you explain who you are without sounding like you are disgustingly blowing your own trumpet? How do I tell you that I am a trained and qualified journalist, having attained my Bachelors degree from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology?

How do I tell you that even after attaining my degree I chose the road less traveled? I chose to be a freelancer because I hate keeping corporate hours. I love being my boss. No, that is not exactly the truth, as some people already know. I have a job that I love and appreciate. It competes for my love with freelancing. I love what I do nonetheless. Being a freelance writer and being a writer for one of the major conservation organizations in the country. It is the best that anyone can ever hope for.

Then there is the other part. Explaining what The Kenyan Pride Spot is and what it is not. Do I for example say that this is the place where I come to rumble when I feel like rumbling? Is that all there is to this page? Is it a self-promotion website? I think I will just have to leave you to guess. I write a lot of stuff here. This is not a niche specific blog like the other blogs out there. Think of it like more of a news website where everything gets a mention, but it is not a news website. It is something else.

I am also an online business entrepreneur. My other websites include:

  1. Blog Scheme Content Marketing Agency:
  2. Andika Writers Network

You are welcome to drop me an email at [email protected] an any given time if you would love to establish a strategic partnership or hire me for any of my services.