Resources- Affiliate Marketing Tools That I Use and Love

Maintaining a blog of whichever magnitude calls for more than just a little concerted human effort and time. All the successful bloggers (We are talking John Chow and Co. here) leverage the power of premium tools to drive sales and traffic to their blogs. I have found that by using some of the tools recommended here, you can ultimately make the work of running and monetizing your blog 50% easier and save on a lot of time and energy.

Before I give you the full list of tools that I use to automate my internet marketing strategies, here is a little disclosure that I would like to make:

[pullquote]Some of the links contained in this page are affiliate links! That means I will get a commission if you use the links to sign up for the recommended services. The good thing about it is that you are not and will never be charged extra for using my affiliate links. In fact, some of these links give you access to special discount rates and promotions.[/pullquote]

Phew! It was hard getting that disclosure to read right. For that little effort I put there, why don’t use hit your favorite share button below and help me spread the word about these great tools! Note that, if you use these tools wisely, you will manage to transform your blog into a  cash cow that is loved by human traffic as well as by bots from all the major search engines.  I always strive to keep this page updated with all the major tools I have found online, so make a point of constantly checking here.

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[list_item] Web hosting Companies

I love diversifying the number of hosts that handle my main money websites in order to get a feel of each one of them. Since I started blogging, I have hosted in more than 10 hosting companies. I finally narrowed down my hosting providers to the 3 that give me the best experience; iPageHostgator and Bluehost Web hosting

Not all web hosting companies are created equal. Some will experience constant and frustrating downtimes that will cost you money. Others are so crowded and running on old technologies that slow down your website. I recommend that you do thorough researches before you decide to host your website with any of the hosts.

[list_item] Aweber – Email Marketing Software

You are not ready to make money online if you are not keeping an email list and using it to run consistent email marketing campaigns. Click here to learn how an email list can transform your fortunes in only six months! I use Aweber to keep my fans engaged. You can try out Aweber for only $1.00 per month by following this link.

[list_item] ThemeForest WordPress Themes and Plugins

Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough of the diversity of themes available at themeforest. Combine these with WordPress plugins from Codecanyon and you are on your way to creating a beautiful and completely functional website with minimal headaches.

[list_item] WordPress CMS

The WordPress CMS takes away the need for you to reinvent the wheel. Don’t even contemplate building your blog from scratch. Instead, leverage the power of WordPress with Premium themes and Plugins to get your site up and running within no time at all.

[list_item] Paypal

If you have not done so, please head over to Paypal and open an account. Paypal, in so many words, is the global gateway to online payments. It however gets a little tricky in Kenya. There is no direct way of withdrawing your money from Paypal straight into your bank. The best thing is to leverage the use of middleman services such as epay-Kenya and Equity Paypal Portal. Epay-Kenya is great if you are in need of your cash in less than 30 minutes. Withdrawals from Paypal into Equity on the other hand take an average of 5-8 days.