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What I am about to offer you is totally explosive. It will transform the way you view your life, wealth and work.

But before we even get there… I know you probably have a lot of questions about who I am, and why you should even trust me to help you get rich working online.

My name is Patrick Mahinge, and I have been working online since 2012. That’s when I graduated from college and decided that I want to build my future working online.

At first, I struggled with various ways of making money online, including the all-so-popular freelance writing and transcription jobs from places like Upwork and TranscribeMe… but there was a big problem with these conventional ways of making money online.

You see, being a freelancer meant that I was at the mercy of my clients and freelancing platforms. If they decided to close shop or terminate your account, that would be it for me and you.

It was this realization that led me on a quest for a better way of making money online. Beginning 2014, I started experimenting with Kindle Publishing.

To cut the long story short, after months and months of experimenting with Ebook Publishing, I finally figured out a way to make more than 80K every single month for life!

But I didn’t want to keep this secret for myself.

You see, I was not born in ‘one of those‘ privileged families. I didn’t get life on the legendary silver platter. You probably didn’t have it easier too.

Instead of life on a silver platter, I was taught to share with my brothers and sisters the little that I got. I was nurtured into this caring nature, and I have found myself helping many people along the way.

It is from this deeply-ingrained caring and sharing nature that I decided I am not going to watch you labor day and night for clients, always hassling to get your next contract.

Why should you struggle while I have an easier way out?

I’ll show you an easy way out of the rat race.

Your One-Way Ticket to Wealth and Happiness

make money fast in Kenya

Almost everyone I know dreams of a better future. A future where they can provide their loved ones with the kind of lifestyle that they deserve.

The problem is that very few people are willing to do what it takes to achieve wealth and happiness. We watch opportunities fly by, only to regret it when its too late.

I would not want you to fall into that category.

Let me ask you, do you believe that you can become a millionaire in your late twenties or early thirties without selling your soul to the devil?

I am the living proof of this.

3 years ago, I was fresh out of college, dead broke and desperate. But I never lost hope. I knew that there was a better day, a better way, and I was determined to find it regardless of the price I had to pay.

Through hard work and determination, I am currently making over 180K every single month- all from Kindle Publishing.

Kindly don’t take this message at face value.

The contents of this training program are so deep and thorough that you’ll be making money on autopilot within 7 days of signing up.

With the Kindle Bestsellers Program, you’ll never need to ask for work from anyone else, either online or offline. You will be your own boss to the literal sense of the word.

You will build a small publishing empire that will feed you, your loved ones, and your future generations.

The only question is, are you ready to be helped, coz I am totally ready to help you.

Here is my way of helping you. If you choose to enroll for the premium training right now, I’ll give you a hefty 15% discount on the Kindle Bestsellers Program![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  1. Click on the button below to go to the checkout page
  2. On the checkout page, find the field name “Coupon”
  3. Enter this code JAN1506 and click on “Apply Coupon” your 15% discount will automatically be applied
  4. If you don’t care about the discount, click past the button to download a free lesson. Kindly note that downloading the free lesson invalidates your discount

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