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If we were to count the number of businesses in Kenya that are taking their operations online every day day, we would end up losing count somewhere in the middle. The online revolution is here and it is here to stay. The future of business is in the internet, not only for freelance workers and work from home moms but also for businesses in the conventional brick and mortar industry. In fact, if you really want to give your business a competitive edge, you need to take it online as soon as possible, if possible, before the launch of the Konza Techno City. To do so, you will require to work with a web hosting service such as iPage.

My Experience With iPage

At Blogscheme, I use the inexpensive iPage starter package to host this website and a variety of other niche websites that I own. I love iPage not only because it is a cheap web hosting company, but also because they have exemplary services and an uptime that you will love.

Ease of Use

I launched my first website without any technical know-how! and that site is a beauty to behold! iPage uses a Cpanel that comes with one-click WordPress installs. After installing WordPress on your account, everything else is as easy as choosing a beautiful WordPress theme to use on your site. Many web hosting reviewers rank iPage web hosting among the very best in the industry. In fact, it is not surprising to find it ranked among other web hosting companies such as GoDaddy and Bluehost, which are said to be among the premium web hosting companies, and one of the reasons that is fiven for this impressive ranking is its ease of use.


If memory serves me right, I used less than $25 to launch my first blog in iPage, out of which I got a free domain name and whole $50.00 Advertising credit to use on Facebook! iPage also advertises that they give $100 Google Adwords advertising credit, but honestly, I didn’t receive this one. Maybe the Adwords Credit is not eligible for use in Kenya or it is an advertising gimmick to get you into their hosting. Either way, I really can’t complain about iPage’s rates. They are among the best among the many web hosting companies.

I also got a throwback of another FREE domain name after I had hosted with them for an year! If you need to grow one niche website every year, this is a great way to save on domain registration costs!

The basic web hosting package from iPage gives you unlimited disk space, bandwidth and emails. This gives your business the maximum cyberspace room it needs to grow. Additionally, iPage’s starter package gives your business access to a few shopping carts and other marketing tools. I especially fell in love with the Facebook ads Coupon code that let me advertise my business on Facebook for free.

Customer Support

I have already mentioned that I launched my first website without any technical know-how. As such, I was prone to making mistakes and blunders that scared the lights out of me. Luckily, I am one of the few guys who do not hesitate from asking for support whenever they discover they took the wrong turn. iPage’s Customer Care did not disappoint. They solved every tiny issue raised professionally and in time. This is the one reason why I would confidently vouch for them at any given time. The iPage web hosting service is ideal for beginner and intermediate businesses that want to take their businesses online. You can host more than one domain in using their basic hosting package.

IPage is the Cheapest Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting from iPage This is the main reason why I settled for iPage web hosting service after testing more than 20 other hosting services. I realized one very important thing: Many of the other shared web hosting services sell you a brand name, and offer you the same services as iPage does. You want unlimited domain hosting on one account? Stick with iPage. Unlimited emails for your staff? iPage will give you that. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space… If your mind can concieve it, iPage can deliver it. Generally, there is no difference between iPage and all the other ‘premium hosting services out there. The only difference is that you may end up spending a lot of money on premium hosting for the same package that you would have gotten at iPage. If your website/blog does not involve so much heavy usage such as bulky files hosting, you should consider going for an inexpensive web host such as iPage.

IPage has Up to 99% Server Uptime

This is the other reason why I think ipage makes for an awesome web hosting service. My website is always up when I need it to be up. The few times that I have found it down for maintenance have not really affected my blog traffic. On top of the impressive up time, the customer support at iPage is simply awesome. One call is all it takes to fix any issue that your website or blog might be experiencing. the best web hosting in Kenya ipage hosting reviews

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