How I Made a Side-Income of 57,000/= Working From the Comfort of My Home

We just blitzed through the month of March.. Jobs here and there. Ventures here and there. And it sometimes becomes hard to realize that time is moving. I almost missed posting this month’s monthly income statement.

Anyway, now that we are at it, why don’t you let me show you how I was able to make Ksh 57,000/= as a side income.

I say side-income because I am still employed full-time as a Media and Communications Officer for  a conservationist company based in Rukinga, Kenya. The income I make online is however ‘my main income’. It is sometimes double or even triple what I earn from working on my full-time job, which begs the question,

“Why are you still employed, Patrick?”

Trust me I battle with this question day-in-day-out. Why am I still employed? Should I leave my daytime job to concentrate fully on working from home? I need words of encouragement here. Leave your comment below telling me to take the big leap from employment to self-employment.

Update: Yay! I finally did it. I quit from my daytime job to start my own online company (

My Online Income Sources on the Month of March

This income statement reflects only the money that has hit my bank account or my Mpesa account. There is much more that I made on March selling ebooks on Kindle Amazon and selling weight loss pills as an affiliate.

  1. Freelance Writing– I can’t believe that freelance writing jobs still form the largest part of my online income! More than 70% of my income came from here. I have been working on ebooks for a client based in Norway. I won this job through a bid that I placed in Elance. I also work on product reviews and descriptions for another client in Odesk. We hooked up with the Odesk client through one of my Fiverr Gigs.
  2. Web Design– Yes, I can be a web designer at times. I taught myself some html, css, JavaScript, jquery and php when I was still in college but thanks God that stuff no longer counts when it comes to designing websites.  I earned $90 from designing a blog for one of the subscribers in my mailing list.
  3. Sale of the Kindle Bestsellers Program– I launched my Kindle Bestsellers Program towards the end of the month and was able to sell 5 copies. This money was sent directly to my Mpesa line. I sold four copies at 499/= and one copy at 599/=. This program is still on sale and I am offering it at 799/= to everyone who places their order today. After today, the program will be available at the normal selling price of 799/=. Here is a primer of what the Kindle Bestsellers Program does.


Here is a screen shot of the money received through Paypal during the month of March. If the image is not clear on your browser, click here to see an enlarged version of it.

Apart from the money stated explicitly in this statement, every other online coin that I made in March came from freelance writing. This is not particularly a good thing because freelance writing is employment, and our goal is to become fully self-reliant. Also, in addition to the income that is reflected on this statement, I have also been able to make more money by selling books on Kindle and more affiliate products from Amazon. The reason why I have not included my earnings from Amazon and Kindle here is because Amazon holds the money earned on the platform for at least 60 days to allow customers to return products if they find them unsatisfactory.

Other earnings I have not included in this statement includes $35 that I have earned from referring people to a social network platform called Bubblews. Bubblews has a minimum payout of $50. I didn’t hit this amount last month since I was not active on the platform and only relied on money from the referrals I made.


I still get surprised at how much money we can make online if we remain truly committed to earning this cash. I personally began working online July 2013, and I will be the first person to admit that I have not even began tapping the bulk of cash that is to be earned online. I get lazy and hire people to work for me. There are so many income streams available online.

This month (April, 2014) I will be building a few niche websites and monetizing them with Amazon affiliate products. This follows the success of a research that I have been doing using my kawaida blogs. I will also be writing more books for Kindle.

If you would like to keep updated with all the various ways that I use to make money online or start an online company like I did, head over to

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Patrick Mahinge

Patrick Mahinge is a prolific digital marketer and "serial webpreneur". He runs multiple profitable niche websites and blogs monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising. Patrick generously shares his expertise in affiliate marketing, blogging, and online business through his Facebook group of over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Thanks for your post.please, i would like to be guided on how to make money online.kindly assists

  2. My suggestion would be for you to–not quit formal employment because winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win–but to leave it for others and dive fully into the online business. I have also worked online as a transcriber since 2009 and the money is unbelievable. When I started, I had just realized I could make the same income as my formal job, minus the commute and the stress that comes with a JOB. If you are already making triple, come on, make that leap! One day I hope I will find time to learn more about passive income, that’s my next goal. Congrats! Yes, there is plenty of money to be made online and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

    • Hi Helen,
      Thank you so much for stopping by…
      I do not know why I always hesitate to quit my job. With the organization that I work for, you cannot give your post to someone else. When you quit they announce an open vacancy and invite members of the public to send in their application. It is an American-owned company. The pay is not something to sing about. I will track my online earnings for the next few months and finally decide whether they will be worth leaving my job for.
      And passive income completely rocks… You should probably invest in the Kindle Bestsellers Program. It is a comprehensive guide on publishing on Kindle, which is one of the best sources for passive online income.

  3. how do you do it I have been interested but I have never managed

    • Hi Esther,
      The first thing that you have to do is ensure that you are constantly online through a computer. You then have to analyze your skills and know what you can do best. I personally do writing and online marketing better… what skills do you have?
      I can mentor you for a small fee, which is nothing compared to the money you will make online once you get started. I personally paid for lessons last year, and now, here I am earning 50k and above per month and so happy for it.

  4. Mahinge email me your details once again,i need help on how to make my elance and other accounts make money.
    [email protected] ,,am in mombasa and if your still there we can hook for a tutorial dont you think?

  5. good job Patrick,

    am really interested in learning about publishing for Kindle. please let me know how can i can start and what tricks are required. my email is [email protected].


    • Hello Jared,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      About Kindle Publishing, I have a program (which is a set of 20 actionable lessons and four bonus lessons) that explain everything that you will ever need to know in order to invest WISELY in KDP. The program is available on a limited time offer at the price of 699/=. Thereafter, the price will revert to the usual 999/=.
      You can place your order by calling me on 0710 251 380.

  6. Hi thnks alot for the post. I am a writer since 2012 and i’d like to spread wings now. Someone said she is a transcriber. I’d like to venture into transcribing as I explore other way. Thanks.

    • Hello Njagi,
      I am glad you made your stop here. And yes, transcribing is very lucrative as well. If you have a good year to catch all the different accents, talk to Sheeroh Kiarie at WorkOnlineKenya, she is one of the best transcribers that I know of. She also offers training and mentoring to aspiring transcribers.
      All the best as you venture into transcribing.

  7. Thumbs up Pat.Especially on Bubblews.Great site.If you know another amazing site please share.
    Keep it up!

    • Thanks George,
      Yes, Bubblews is a great site though one has to be careful with how they use it. The site has been known for banning members for the slightest violation of their rules.
      Another site which I have heard works well is I have however not tried it and the only information I have about it is what I have learned from other people.
      Thank you once again, and drop by more often to check on more tips and tutorials… and of course the monthly income statements which I will continue posting for the better part of the year.

  8. Its great that you are making some money online and you are wiling to share here.
    Whether or not to quit your job depends entirely on you, you could quit and scale the 50 to 100 to 150.. or you could use your salary to leverage on debt and build a massive system that will work for you so that when you quit your job you will only work by choice and not as a necessity since you will have built an income system.

    • Thank you so much Wangu (By the way my mum is called Wangu too, and it is clear you are as wise as she is),

      This is exactly what I have been thinking… My job is a nice way to qualify for loans from financial institutions. I also save 50% of my salary every in a SACCO every month and invest the remaining 50 percent in the NSE. I wish to retire from active employment when I am 30 and do exactly as you have put it here “work by choice not as a necessity”.
      Again, I cannot thank you enough for the inspiring words.
      My best regards,

  9. I started in January but the only jobs I get are in Fiverr, small time you know. Iam on level 1 on fiverr. I tried Odesk and failed. Elance?

    As an employee can I really get the time to start and run a monitized blog? This is what is holding me back.

    • Hello Davy,
      As an employee, you can start small and build your blog with time. The best thing with building blogs is that once they are firmly established, they need less time to maintain. Start by setting out a blogging goal, for instace 5 articles per week.
      About Fiverr… I moved from level 1 in one week. If you know how to expertly subdivide your gigs, you can make a lot of money on the platform. Here is a post I wrote sometime back about making money in Fiverr.

  10. Indeed, there is money to be made online. I have a free eBook about how to get started with freelance writing. Click on the link below to download your copy.

  11. Just gone through some of your article and i must say am quite impressed by your online income streams. However, my question is have do you manage to drive traffic to all this streams since you mentioned you still make money on autopilot and do you offer lessons or tips on traffic sources, thank-you.

  12. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for stopping by. The way to drive traffic ton your blog is to build it around a niche that has not been overdominated and do a lot of search engine optimization.

    A strong foundation makes for strong consistent income. I also have a team on the ground that constantly does the SEO once and then.

    I teach you all this when you sign up for my Mentorship Programme here

  13. How does one go through about this online business in blogging.

    Leave a reply