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Last Updated on December 19, 2022 by Patrick Mahinge

First things first. Here is a standing ovation to all the great minds that write great scripts that ultimately become social media networks! And here is a scolding look at all the idiots who don’t know how to effectively use social media networks.

Moving on…

I was in LinkedIn earlier today looking for motivation or something closer to what people seek in social media channels. I came across this Group that I had joined ages ago yet had not been contributing to (I hate when that happens, and love it when my name appears on the sidebar as one of the top contributors to a LinkedIn Group, like I have it here). Anyway, there was that group. It is majorly dedicated to connecting freelance writers with clients. A client or fellow freelance writer will post job openings and probably the contact details of the ‘client’.

What surprised me and sparred me to write a lengthy piece on the group’s wall is the amount of freelance writers who are willing to paste their email addresses on the groups page! They are giving email scrapers a day out not forgetting Paypal hackers, scammers and fraudsters.

[sociallocker id=”3403″][highlight]I am not a big fan of social media. I rarely log into Facebook and my tweets are done sparingly. I am however rediscovering a great love with LinkedIn. Which is your favorite social media channel. Give me a link and I will holla at you![/highlight][/sociallocker]

Read on to see my alternative recommendations to giving out your email address.

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