Freelance Tips: The 12 Commandments of a Successful Freelancer

Are you gearing up for a journey in the world of freelancing? Before embarking on that expedition, here are twelve important commandments that every freelancer should have in their toolbox:

1. Constant learning. We live in a world of constant change. As a freelancer, you should always be ready to know the “what’s in” and the “what’s out” of your trade to keep up with the world’s pace, and eventually have an edge over your competition.

Reading blogs of the established freelancers and joining their mailing lists provides an excellent avenue for learning. You can also browse for inexpensive yet very valuable books on freelancing in the Amazon Kindle.

2. Creativity and uniqueness. What do you have that others don’t? What can you give your clients that your competition wished they could? Clients are constantly searching for new things—be that “new thing” they’re searching for.

3. Prepare for the worst. Not everything would go well as you imagine it. Good planners anticipate worst-case scenarios. You should always have contingency plans ready.

4. Beat stress and fatigue. Stress is a killer, and fatigue is its little brother. For you to win over them, you have to keep yourself physically fit, mentally alert, and spiritually steadfast.

5. Manage your priorities. You should exert more effort on very important and urgent things. Time and energy are precious—do not let unnecessary activities clog your hour. Make a list of things to do and sort them according to urgency.

6. Now. Do it now. Don’t let it wait for another hour if you could start it now, and you will see how much time and energy you can save.

7. Identify and deal with distractions. What are the things that distract you from becoming productive? Make a list of these things and be determined to set them aside for the sake of your work.

8. Surround yourself with wise and successful people. Learn from them. Understand how and why they do the things they do. Share your ideas and let them say what they think about it.

9. Help people. Do you consider your job to be a kind of service to help people, or just to help yourself? They would feel special and privileged if you do your job for the benefit of your clients.

10. Learn from mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, but anyone can goal perfection. Treat mistakes as tools to sharpen your skills and improve your character.

11. Good financial management. How you manage your money will make you or break you. You may have lots of clients, but if you don’t spend, invest, or save your money wisely you’ll be broke in no time.

12. Lastly, believe in yourself. Be confident about your skills. No one else can do it but you. Show your clients that you have what it takes to get the job done.

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