Five Reasons Why You Should Not Be Advertising Your Business

Yes, I just warned you to not advertise your business. Stash the dollars you were planning to use on Pay Per Click advertising somewhere else. Hire a freelance blogger with the amount or grab yourself a few cups of cappuccino and sit next to your computer writing blog posts till your fingers itch and they develop blisters and you cannot write anymore because if you have neglected content marketing, there is no way your extensive advertising budget is going to give you durable results.

What I am going to show you will make you feel like an idiot who’s been on the receiving end of advertising scams.

The metrics are overturned and the clever merchants are no longer spending their hard earned profits running banner ads, Pay per click ads or print ads! The realization that content is king has transformed the way businesses promote their content. We are seeing a trend where businesses are more and more sold to producing content for their blogs and social media accounts.

The big question lies with us as Kenyan small business owners; are we doing all that is there to do to make sure that blogs are the new imperial marketing king?

If, as a Kenyan business owner, you are not yet sold to the idea of producing content for your blog, here are five top reasons to make you change your mind:

  1. Search      engines fall in love with blogs

No. That’s not frankly true. Search engines adore regularly updated blogs. Let me give you a hypothetical instance, I used to run a blog which I kept regularly updated and every time I would search for a keyword that I had used in my blog, I would find my blog posts among the top search engine result pages(SERPs). This went on until I decided that the blog had run its course and it was time to stop pampering it with content. Guess what happened when I revisited my keywords a few months later. I was nowhere in the SERPs! During this time that I did not update my blog, my pageviews had dropped from a glorious 2k per day to slightly over 60 pageviews!

What this means to you as a Kenyan businessperson is that you have to keep your blogs up-to-date with relevant information if you want to reap the juicy fruits of content marketing.

  1. Users      will love your content

This should read more like “your audience will share your blog posts in social media without coercing them to do it.” if you have taken time to make sure that the content on your blog is stellar, unique and informational, there is no reason why the audience on your blog won’t love to share it with their friends and relatives in the social media.

  1. That      Permalink on your blog is reason to hire a blogger

I didn’t want this to sound like my grade school paper otherwise I would have said it point blank. Blog posts are more durable than any form of ads. Think of a print ad for example, for how long will it run before it starts browning. Think of a PPC ad unit, will anyone bookmark it for later reference? No sir, the moment they navigate from it, that is it. Kwaheri. Bye bye. Blog posts on the other hand come with what we call a permalink-users can bookmark them. You can have cookies on your site….

  1. Blogs      Educate your Leads

Today’s consumer cannot be compared with yesterday’s. Yesterday’s consumer was relegated to passively absorbing promotional messages from old skul media. Today’s consumer is more interested in mining information first. The first shop that they hit before they chuck out their credit cards to purchase your service and commodities is Google.

Blogs will let you to educate your leads and prep them for the sale. Quality and informative content that is not salesy will cultivate customer loyalty.

  1. you have      it, loyalty

What would keep a client coming back into your website time and again? Is it the display of your products and services? I thought so too. It is stellar content on your blog that creates engagement with your leads. Stellar content prompts your audience to leave comments on your blog….comments are good for blogs

I can think of a thousand other reasons why you should stash those ads you are using in PPC advertising. The above are just examples. Blogging is ultimately the most cost-effective and effective promotional tool that you have for your business.


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Patrick Mahinge

Patrick Mahinge is a prolific digital marketer and "serial webpreneur". He runs multiple profitable niche websites and blogs monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising. Patrick generously shares his expertise in affiliate marketing, blogging, and online business through his Facebook group of over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

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