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The Great College Scam

Over the past few years, there has been an explosive supply of college education. Newsrooms, politician’s speeches and television programmes are shouting it the loudest they can. “It is absolutely essential for the younger population to attend college and study towards a promised brighter future,” they say.

This demand and pressure has since created a stigma that if any young adult does not go to college they are doomed to a future of minimum waged employment and a lower class lifestyle.

Today’s blog post has been created to prove such stigmas are false and that they are unwarranted in today’s global village. I will show you exactly how college is a scam and who perpetuates it.

Ditching the College Scam

Advancements in the internet and technology have made it easier than ever to learn outside of a college atmosphere. The internet is a bubbling and ever evolving hub of information that can be accessed by millions of people all over the world for not even a fraction of the price that one year of college demands.

College is a Scam

College loans put millions of young adults into a drowning pool of debt for many years after they have left the institution. This debt is a heavy weight that is forced on the young adults shoulders, usually before they have an understanding of the enormous amounts of stress being in debt can cause.

Many people are forced to take these loans out of desperation to become what they are promised to become if they attend college by various authority figures in their lives. The for-profit college loan industry promises to loan these hopeful wide-eyed individuals thousands of dollars but neglect to inform them that they will become their property for years to come. The interests generated on these loans are so excessive that the college loan industry is sitting on a bigger bubble than both the tech bubble and the housing bubble combined.

Society is constantly pressurizing the young folk of today to choose what they want to study and go straight to college as soon as they have finished high school.  They are then promised employment, financial gain and security and all the frills and thrills that one must have in order to live a happy and successful life.

The time has come to take a stand against the great college scam. The time has come for self enlightenment and self empowerment through the spread of information on the internet. Do not become the victim of a lie that promises you the world and delivers you a back breaking debt.

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