Can You Really Dominate Odesk? Reviews Damian Derby

A lot of accomplished freelancers have always looked down on oDesk as another sweatshop where stingy clients and incompetent third-world providers converge to take advantage of each other. I personally tried to launch my freelance writing career on oDesk a few years ago but had to give up after constantly being underbid by the lowballers who throng the platform. There was just no way I could win Odesk bids at the prices that were being bid there, or so I thought.

Anyone who has ever been in my shoes will understand just how difficult it is to compete for jobs with Indians, most of who it is rumored, will offer to do freelance work for free if they are promised 5-star reviews! It is so easy to stop bothering yourself with a site freelance website like that one, and that is what I did with Odesk. As a result, my Odesk account has been lying dormant for the past one year. Then, all of a sudden and quite from the blues comes Damien Darby with her equivocally written Odesk Domination, the Age of Freelance Begins!

The first time I saw the title being marketed on Facebook, I thought it was a big joke. The cover image and the preposterous title will certainly you think that. I am not sure what drove me to check the reviews of the fairly priced Odesk Domination on Amazon… Needless to say, whatever I read somehow hooked me up, and without knowing it I was hastily whipping out my credit card ready to make the purchase. It was a move that I will never regret. 2 weeks after reading the Odesk Domination, my fairly priced odesk bids are gaining attention and I have a feeling it will only be a matter of time before I also start cashing in $50,000 per month like Damian did!

About the Book- Chapters and Price

Apart from the weird cover that truly belies the value of the book, Damian Derby has done a good job at dissecting Odesk. The way he describes Odesk inside out leaves you with little doubt that he knows his way around the platform.

Odesk Domination is divided into 5 easy chapters that will teach you everything you ever wanted to know in order to be successful on Odesk. Surprisingly, the tips in the book are not Odesk specific. I have cross-applied the tips in every other freelance websites that I have a presence and the results are just spectacular after 2 weeks only!

The book is available in Kindle. Grab your copy right now.

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