Tired of Bidding For Freelance Writing Jobs? Make Clients Come to You Now

I get tired of bidding for freelance writing jobs that are never awarded. I get angered when I see what I call Native-Bias Phenomenon being dished out on African and Indian freelance writers in hefty measures. It makes me want to simply call it quits. In fact, I don’t recall when the last time I placed a proposal in Elance was. I don’t remember the last time I logged into Freelancer. My account in Odesk got hacked and I don’t care. I am tired of bidding for writing jobs! I need jobs to come to me! I am a professional and don’t have to keep requesting begging clients to give me a chance to prove myself! If you need me, you’ll simply have to come find me. Fullstop.

Does the above paragraph describe you? Do you get tired of bidding for freelance writing jobs?

I have not met a freelance writer who has not admitted to being bogged down by bidding for freelance writing jobs, and the resulting rejection emails. Rejections are not only frustrating but also detrimental to you and your freelance writing career. They can totally ruin your self-confidence. A few rejections can turn you into an asskisser who is willing to lick whatever comes his way, which should not be the case. Remember you are a professional. Professionals are highly valued and never have to sell themselves short. Fortunately, you can avoid bidding for freelance writing jobs and still make clients come your way if you really want to. You can start feeling like a professional again!

How You Can Passively Sell Your Freelance Writing Services

  1. 1.      Using Fiverr And Other Similar Websites

The first way is to use Fiverr and other sites that are similar and work the same way like Fiverr. I will explain about this in a minute. If you have not yet opened an account in Fiverr, head there and make one. Create a few gigs too. I will show you how Fiverr allows you to passively sell your services without bidding for freelance writing jobs in a minute.

  1. 2.      Start a Freelance Writing Agency

The second way is by running your own writing agency (which by all means could be a simple blog like Walter Akolo runs in FreelancerKenya).

These two methods will make sure that you never have to write another letter of introduction, that you’ll never have to bid for freelance writing jobs again, yet you’ll be earning from your writing the pros and Native-English writers do.

How to Passively Sell Your Freelance Writing Services in Fiverr

Fiverr allows you to create gigs that clients/buyers, purchase. You simply create the gig and buyers stream in. if they like what you are selling, they will buy. You do not have to bid for jobs. You do not even have to monitor your gig. Simply create it, get the link and promote it like hell in social media, online forums such as the Warrior Forum and in emails. Believe me, if you are doing it right, promotion of Fiverr gigs is a lot more fun that placing bids in Elance.

You can sell everything in Fiverr, and you will get better rates for your services. As an example, here is my profile displaying some of the gigs that I sell in Fiverr.

Passively Selling By Creating a Writing Agency

What you create will probably be a one man’s show that does not merit to be called a writing agency, but who cares as long as you are winning clients! The only thing that matters right now to you is that you create a system that will bring clients to you.

Fortunately, free CMS systems such as WordPress have made creating a website very easy. Getting a custom domain name and getting it hosted has also become cheaper than it was a few years ago. I personally use ipage hosting. They have so far proved to be excellent, and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to launch a professional website the easy way. Their rates can be as cheaper as $1.00/pm and they offer one free domain registration.

After you have achieved the above preliminary steps, the next step is to fill your website with informational and stellar quality content (You can write about anything in the blog. I for example have a blog that is dedicated to writing about mobile applications and use it to target developers and programmers who want reviews, descriptions or press releases for their new apps). Don’t forget to include a “Hire Me” page on your blog. This is what tells your web visitors that you are in business. The last step is to promote your content to the right markets and you soon have a client-base loyal to you.

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